Friday, November 17, 2006

Iraqi MOJO!! Yeah, Baby!

Iraqi Mojo is a new Iraqi blogger on the scene, an American-Iraqi who has been putting up some very interesting posts and whose comments pages are the best I've found in a while.

If you've ever wanted to hear Iraqis really arguing with each other, engaging in debate point by point, and occasionally knocking heads, go over to Iraqi Mojo's place now and meet the verbal gang.

Commenter Exil - Iraqi / gilgamesh X adds the following remarks on the page for Iraqi Mojo's entry Saddam and Rumsfeld:

I don't generalize and I acccept, of course, exceptions. It's not so that I try to press every Arab / Muslim in this schedule. But it's true that the ME has changed into a cruel, xenophobic, immorale and undeveloping place. And that's not only the result of foreign influences or disturbances, this situation is built on the accordance of the people over there on these methods and attitudes (as seen on Arab T.V.). This situation in general represents the grassroot situation in special (like in families, towns, etc.)

Second, especially because of this xenophobic / antisemite behaviour (you can also change jew with american or european) I think provocation as starting process to revise these attitudes can only be done in the same way. Appealing to reason is useless, so what hurts, must also heal (especially if a so - called arab Iraqi tells so).

Here are just two other exemples of provocation as starting process ('punk politics'):

1. Kurt Cobain in his diary: "Am I gay ? No way, but I wish I would be, only to shock homophob people"

2. Al-Jawahiri (one of Iraq's greatest arabic-speaking poets) and al-Husri (Arab Nationalist and Director of Education) in Iraq, out of his memories:

"I [Husri] told him: First, I want to know your nationality.
He replied without hesitation: I am an Iranian.
I said. In that case we cannot appoint you.
He said: Why ? Don't we have Syrian and Lebanese teachers ?"

Anyway, every man and woman has prejudices, and racial or ethnic prejudices. But insisting on these prejudices or pressing people in it, or not revising the own prejudices, that's what a racist or fascist or totalitarian minded person is.
This is just a taste of the wide-ranging debates going on over at Iraqi Mojo's place. They also have talked about how many Arabs are worth one Jew and why it is necessary to kick all Palestinians out of Iraq (Ouch, Raed! That's gotta hurt!).


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