Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stop the Presses!

Sometimes we have to wait a long, long time for an admission from one's opponents of what seemed crystalline clear at the time. For the last couple of years TAI and his jolly ring of Iraqi "patriots" have maintained that the "glorious resistance" had never aided in any way Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Many of you here argued vigorously and in detail that in fact the Sunni tribes in the Anbar province not only offered them logistical support but even worked side-by-side with them when it served their purposes (killing innocent Shia, for example, standing in line to get jobs or going to pray in a mosque).

Today, finally, Baghdad Treasure has come out and acknowledged what we knew all along:
Where once tribal leaders in Anbar and western Iraq welcomed al-Qaeda, providing them with safe houses and other logistical support, there is now open war.
And here in a comment:
Well Bruno,
If the tribes are sincere in what they said, I think there would be some progress. I don't know! I have this feeling that the Anbar people are fed up with al-Qaeda and now regreted supporting them after the war.
Baghdad Treasure reports that the Anbar tribes have now banded together to hunt down and eliminate any Al Qaeda members in the area.

Better late than never, I guess.


Madtom has a link to a video in which Majid Jarrar admits working for the Baathist Iraqi Minister of Information back in January of 2003, several months before the war broke out. He talks about how as an "activist" he wanted to enlighten the Iraqis "in their country" -- a very telling slip.


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