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North Korea Goes Nuclear: The Largest Roundup With Commentary In The Blogosphere

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North Korea Goes Nuclear: The Largest Roundup With Commentary In The Blogosphere

North Korea has apparently tested a nuclear weapon of some sort. A Tyrannical State plunges the planet in to a brave new world or is it more the case of having to be braver to live in this new world?

The Blame Game is in full register, as to how the North Koreans were allowed to progress this far - plenty of criticisms to go around. Disappointment by some, perhaps many, that the Bush administration did not take a harder stance/bolder action against the Koreans. But could they, after the Clinton administration gift-wrapped a plethora of nuclear resources to the NK's?

And the UN -- more properly termed Useless Nations -- their miscalculations and mismanagement are on display for all of us to see once again. How can anyone have any faith that the situation in Iran will not turn out to be the same boondoggle?

And now, will Japan -Taiwan - South Korea become the Axis of Wanting to join the Nuclear Club? This could be. There are rumors that the Japanese could have a nuclear weapon built in less than 200 days, and all three nations could purchase nukes from the U.S., if the situation requires such action to take place in the future.

And The consequences of the North Koreans obtaining THE BOMB - A rogue state supplying every other rogue state and terrorist group with nuclear weapons is not a welcoming thought. Islamofascists and Islamists, Dictators and Tyrants, one stop shopping at the North Korean Quicky Nuclear Mart.

Does it matter now if the US or Israel takes out the Iranian Nuclear program, if they can just import them from the Koreans?

Are we all doomed? Or will that Missile Defense shield save us from all those Dong Missiles: Lo, No, and Ding -- the missile so snackable, you want to take a bite out of it -- which the NORKS seem to possess in abundant numbers.

But what of various Islamofascist terrorist groups trying to smuggle nuclear weapons in to Western Countries? How will that be stopped? Get that fence built along the Mexican border - tighten security - the sooner the better. But what of America's Ports and the multitude of Cargo Ships plying their trade along our coast? Wither hiding some sort of nuclear device in one of those vessels and detonating it?

And what of our Civil Liberties - the world's becoming an inherently more dangerous place in terms of the availability of weapons of mass destruction. And the protection of our rights and our culture could surely suffer from it. More security, less rights, but in all Wars we give up some rights, waiting then for the days of peace to reclaim them. It may be a long while before peace returns, however.

Discussing all these topics, ramifications, perambulations and personal reactions to the North Korean Nuclear Test is the Blogosphere, and here is a roundup, a very large roundup indeed:

LaShawn Barber's Corner seems nonplussed by the event, more worried about cultural decline: My annilation by nuclear bomb doesn't bother me nearly as much as day to day cultural decline. Strange, eh?

Neil Boortz says the U.S. will do nothing, and the Russians and members of the American Democratic Party will go in to appeasement mode: What will be North Korea's punishment? Absolutely nothing, and North Korea knows it. That's why The Gargoyle pushed the button...he knows there aren't any consequences. Oh sure...the U.S. says it will push for sanctions at the UN today. But North Korea is already under military and economic sanctions. Kim Jong-Il simply doesn't care. He knows we're not going to do anything, at least militarily. The most interesting reaction may be Russia's. Prior to the actual test the Russian leadership said that if North Korea does conduct such a test that would be a signal for the United States to enter two-party talks with North Korea. Well, that's exactly was North Korea has been asking for ... so that would make Russia's position one of appeasement. Ahhhhh ... appeasement. It makes you wonder just how long it will be today before the Democrats start making similar statements. My bet is that some leading Democrat will step forward and demand two-party talks before the sun goes down. I'm betting on either John Kerry or Al Gore. Maybe Hillary!

The Noisy Room blog linking to The Jerusalem Post takes a look at Israel's concern with the North Korean test: “Israel should be very concerned by North Korea’s nuclear test,” Uzi Eilam, former head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. According to Eilam, “The cause for concern is three-fold. First, as a world democracy, it should be concerned by the threat a North Korean nuclear capability poses to the entire world. Second, It is certainly possible that Pyongyang would share its nuclear know-how with Iran, in return for a sizeable financial reward. North Korea’s nuclear program is far more advanced than Iran’s. While Iran has only started to produce fissile material, North Korea has done so at least five years ago... Third, Syria, which is also under heavy international pressure, could look at the North Korean example and decide to actively push for its own nuclear capability, taking into account that it would be a great deterrent to alleviate the pressure and get the international community off its back,” Eilam said.

Shape of Days says, the fact that Kim and North Korea would test a bomb in this political climate, means they are basically crazy and this should frighten us all (MG Says: That was the whole point of the test...): Nobody should be surprised by this test. Any nation, no matter how dirt-poor, can get its hands on the necessary raw materials and know-how to refine nuclear material and construct a bomb. Nuclear technology is practically a commodity now, thanks to Pakistani nuclear free-marketeer Abdul Qadeer Khan. The fact that the DPRK could build a bomb should be no more surprising than the fact that they can build a traffic signal. But there’s a big difference between building a bomb and detonating a bomb. That Kim decided to go ahead with the test in this political climate — with concerns about nuclear proliferation at an all-time high, an itchy-fingered American President in the White House and a ruling party in Congress desperate to bolster their reputations as strong leaders as opposed to dirty old men — is a testament to his madness. Anybody crazy enough to test a bomb in those circumstances might just be crazy enough to use a bomb. This should scare the living hell out of you.

Mover Mike has good Wikipedia info on the correlation between energy generated per TNT equivalence and seismic activity/Richter Scale reading.

Amsterdam Liberal Pam Spaulding at Pandagon asks: Now What? North Korea says nuclear test successful. Sanctions didn’t deter Kim Jong-Il from underground testing of actual weapons of mass destruction; I’m sure he’ll laugh at any dick-wagging threats by Dear Leader. According to The Guardian, punitive measures being considered are tighter economic sanctions (N. Korea’s already under these), naval stop-and-search operations and the withholding of development aid. I doubt any of these will be a deterrent to this madman...Countries/allies in the region would be wise not to rely on anything productive coming out of the U.S. in terms of a response.

Redneck Rants wants to bring North Korea's Kim to the U.S. and slap him around: North Korea has decided to try and become a nuclear power. Before that happens, we should bring them to the negotiating table. This is how the talks will go: Redneck: Kim, if you don’t stop now, we’ll have to bomb the crap out of you. We don’t want to but you’re not giving us any other choice. Please reconsider your pursuit to get a nuclear bomb. Kim: Screw you! We want nuclear power to kill all Zionist scum!!!11!!1! Redneck: I’m sorry to hear that Kim. In response to your defiance, we will have to kick you out of the US and give you a one-way ticket back to North Korea. We will talk more tomorrow… (Read the rest to find out what happens to NK...)

Atlas Shrugs has some fine coverage indeed on the crisis. I like the pictures of Kim myself, and there's video too.

The Bullwinkle Blog lays North Koreans obtaining THE BOMB on the shoulders of Clinton and Carter, and says to watch for the Blame Bush Brigade to start up...The NoKos are NuKos, all thanks to the dazzling diplomacy of former U.S. presidents Carter and Clinton. The Agreed Framework enabled North Korea to join the nuclear club. To attempt to lay the blame on anyone else would be disingenuous beyond belief — so look for the Democrats to really start pushing the story that it’s all President Bush’s fault. They’ve been working on it for a while, the big push is about to start.

Red State wants the U.S., China, and Russia to meet this week and have a very frank conversation about the Koreans: The only conversation that really matters this week is a frank and blunt three-way conversation between Russia, China and the United States. While Russia and China have not previously proven particularly helpful in this arena, it seems that this situation is a little different. A nuclear North Korea is not the same thing as a nuclear Iran, and could be somewhat inconvenient for Moscow and Beijing. There may well be room for productive negotiation here, but under no circumstances should such discussions include either the UN or North Korea. We need to find out exactly how far Russia and China prepared to let this situation go, and plan accordingly. All other concerns are, quite frankly, inconsequential.

He also sees an extreme danger in the portability of the NK Nuke:... the small size of the blast should cause the most concern--rather than a "doomsday" weapon, this would be the sort of portable nuke that could be delivered by fairly rudimentary missile technology, and that could be relatively easily transported and concealed. Such a weapon might well prove to be more insidiously difficult to track and detect than a larger nuclear arsenal along the lines of Russia's.

Think Progress has a timeline of North Korea's Atomic March...

Dr. Sanity talks about how the Democrats will spin the north Korean Crisis: ...know that everything is Bush's fault! Or Cheney's. Or Rumsfeld's. That will be the Democratic Party line (I've already read it in several of the usual lefty blogs)--you can put money on it. The simple solution they will put forth is that if the American public gets rid of Bush and the evil Republicans, then everything will be wonderful again like it was in the Clinton years, hallejulah! Some American's will buy that line of crap very easily. The state of denial can be so blissful and peaceful-- and even politically and financially rewarding. Expect to hear the Democrats continue on their opportunistic way, intent only on achieving a majority in the House or Senate so they can focus on those really really important issues of our day--like impeaching Bush and trashing America's ability to respond to the threats of the 21st century. And peace. Don't forget peace. We've got to have peace at any price. Peace in our time. We can probably rest much more easily in our beds at night as senior Democratic leadership ensures that there will be no illegal listening in on NOKO conversations with anyone in this country; and as they dutifully protect everyone in the world's right to attack the U.S. with impunity. The "shrieking of American doves" will continue shrieking unabated (even louder!)...

The Good Doctor is on a roll...

Op For is talking Destabilization, although I tend to think it's more of a coming nuclear stabilization in the Pacific, perhaps even including Vietnam. Will the US be drawn back in to Vietnam, more so invited in?

Captain Ed at The Captain's Quarters thinks Rudy Guliani is the best candidate in 2008 to deal with terrorism and a Nucear Korea... (That may be two nuclear Koreas, the way things are going.)

Reformed Chicks Blabbing are thanking President Clinton for the NK mess: I think that it's safe to say that you might go down in history as one of our worst presidents ever. And what is the UN going to do about this? Rattle their saber? Get really tough and impose sanctions? That did a lot of good against Iraq and is really working against Cuba. The world just got a whole lot more dangerous.

The Counterterrorism Blog sees an Iran - North Korean link and implication for the North's successful test: This is another example of a major geopolitical situation for which policymakers were unprepared, and to which they don't have a good answer. Further, there are two immediate implications for the global war on terror. First, the Iranian nuclear program may be more advanced than previously believed. Second, past North Korean cooperation with Iran provides even more reason for concern. Iran likely has at its disposal the same technology and blueprints that North Korea possesses. Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan has admitted to supplying nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran, and Libya through a black market. His claim has been supported by international investigators, who found that Chinese nuclear designs that were probably supplied to Pakistan in the 1980s were later sold to Libya by Pakistani-led smugglers. Former UN arms inspector David Albright has been quoted as saying, "You have to almost conclude [that the Chinese design] went to Iran and . . . North Korea." Iran thus has blueprints for nuclear weapons technology that has been successful tested by two other countries, Pakistan and North Korea.

IMAO is the place for a humorous take on the Korean proceedings.

Wonkette doesn't have much on the topic, perhaps because it doesn't involve a Republican congressman and gay pages.

The Russian Journal discusses radiation levels in Motherland, after the Korean test: MOSCOW - Radiation levels in the Primorye Territory, in Russia’s Far East, are normal following an apparently successful North Korean nuclear test, a spokeswoman for the local Emergencies Ministry said Monday. Radiation levels in the region are reported to be within norms. “The situation is under control, and there is no danger to the local population,” the spokeswoman said.

Pundit Guy says life as we know it could be changed over the next 48 hours: The world response over the next 48-hours could change life as we know it. This is no time to play a war of words. Severe action must be taken against the DPRK government. If not, Iran will consider this event their green light to proceed with nuclear weapon development.

Austin Bay has something to say (that rhymes) - unfortunately his blog won't load for me.

Live from South Korea, it's the Marmot's Hole with the American Expat reaction to events in the peninsula.

Outside The Beltway has a nice synopsis of opinions.

The Left Coaster is criticizing Bush. The Left and criticism of Bush: El Shockerooo right there: Keep in mind that their nuclear capabilities were greatly assisted by Bush’s best ally in the war on terror Pakistan and their rogue national hero A. Q. Khan. North Korea is led by a leader who saw his country branded a member of the “Axis of Evil” by this administration, and they noticed what happened to the one member of that axis that didn’t have an active nuclear program. I am not excusing what Pyongyang did here, and I know that this administration’s actions in 2001-2003 bear a large degree of responsibility for this outcome...

Transbuddha says the Pompador has the bomb and he has the heebee jeebees.

Stop The ACLU has a nice blog round up of opinions concerning the text.

Noted Mystery Writer Roger L. Simon, now a political bon vivant talks Pacific Rim Nuclear politics: Meanwhile, the most important part of the North Korean situation to me, so far, is that the Chinese are taking it very seriously, calling it a "brazen" act. Will this precipitate a kind of realignment of states with a vested interest in the global economy? The Japanese have set up a "task force." Any bets on how long it would take Japan to go nuclear, if they haven't already? About as long as it takes them to get out the latest Sony Vaio, I would think. In the end, this is probably a good development. A strong Japan is going to be very necessary. The South Koreans themselves will not be far behind, I would imagine. I'd bet my Samsung monitor on it.

Pajama Media has much good material on the North Korean crisis, incuding many links, not as many as moi, but not bad.

The Instapundit as you would expect has many links and quips.

Bryan from Hot Air believes the nuclear test will transform Japan back in to a regional military force, a nuclear one at that with South Korea and Taiwan seeking the same protection. He also chides China for not keeping the North under control: In the medium term, Japan will undoubtedly return to being a military power. That won’t take long. Japan will probably become a more assertive power in the Asian sphere, which will have the beneficial effect of providing a counter to the Chinese. Japan’s return to military power will scare the hell out of several countries in the region including China, so we can reasonably expect an arms race to kick off in the next year or so. Japan will go nuclear, followed by South Korea. Others in the region including Taiwan will follow as quickly as they can, unless North Korea is strongly punished and is no longer seen as a threat. Tonight’s test puts China in the spotlight, as North Korea’s chief enabler and benefactor. Outside North Korea itself, the country most responsible for this turn of events is China for failing to rein North Korea in years ago.

The Daily Kos seems to be just reporting the facts at the moment. I'm sure the Koz Kids are spinning it against Bush... whoops I see a Mark Foley mention... never mind.

Robert Gale gives you his view from Wales on the situation.

The Leftys at My DD are of course blaming Bush and calling for a new direction: Well it looks like North Korea has conducted a nuclear test. This is directly due to Bush's inept diplomacy. We desperately need a change in direction. Desperately.

The Blog Herald says the World Changed Today, we just don't realize it. I felt a cold chill myself after hearing about the test.

The Guardian Blog notes China must restrain Pyongyang, and then lets its readers comment. And some of them are a scary bunch, voila: Pyongyang? Nah. China must restrain Washington, or else we will see a detonation from Tehran. And it wont be a fart. Threatning behaviour from Republicans is making the mullahs nervous. They might move ahead full speed and build the atomic bombs. It was aggressive posture that led to Korea becoming a nuclear power. The same loose tongue from the cowboy may well lead to Ayatollahs to declare the nukes halal. Presently a fatwa bans their development. Lets not push them.

Oh Lordy, I hope the above is a spoof...

The Shangaiist has the view from Shanghai.

Lefty blog Hullabaloo is calling it a Bush F*** Up. Well, what did you expect from the Leftys? Bill Cinton giving NK a nuclear plant to exploit had nothing to do with the situation I suppose?

Boing Boing has the official north Korean text on their test. I'm not much on the Democrats, you may gather that from reading my various comments, but I love the editorial cartoon they have of Kim.

MSM journalist Don Surber takes aim at the liberals perception of Evil: But in the Alter Net universe where true libs live, there was no Axis of Evil: "Any suggestion that Iraq, Iran and North Korea are allied against America is preposterous and the nuclear and biological arms threat they pose is better addressed without war rhetoric." Sure, pal, whatever. Let's not upset Saddam, Kim il-Jung or the ayatollahs by calling them what they are: Evil. After all, to the Truly Liberal, our only nemesis is Osama bin Laden. North Korea's nuclear armament did not begin this weekend. The long road began shortly after Clinton took office, when North Korea defied its previous agreements. Front Page magazine recalled in 2003...

Chicago Ray wants the West to stop F'n around (as he says) with NK.

Charles at LGF has posted a slew of Nuclear North Korea topics. Just scroll around and pick out your favorite one and take in what the commenters at LGF, known as The Lizardoids have to say.

Hugh Hewitt has silver linings resulting from the North's test. Hugh, Baby, you the man. It's a good wakeup call for the U.S., but especially the Pacific Rim nations.

Scripting News has a round up of news articles on the test.

Suburban Guerilla, another Blame Bush Lefty does so in fact: North Korea wanted 1) talks with the U.S. and 2) aid in exchange for not developing nuclear weapons. To show how “tough” we are, we did nothing. Thanks to Our Leader, North Korea is now a nuclear power. Nice going, Bubble Boy.

Maybe Bush should have put on a Che T-Shirt and sent Dear Leader a bouquet of roses.That would have made things all nice and dandy, I suppose?

Asher Abrams had early coverage of the crisis.

Northeast Intelligence Network - Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst says a second test in North Korea may have occurred : A second blast, this time appearing to be much less in magnitude, perhaps in the sub-kiloton range, was detected in North Korea. The exact time of the blast was not known, although it was being reported at approximately 0300 hours local time. Meanwhile, Kim Seung-Gyu, head of South Korea's spy agency, said that activity involving vehicles and as many as 40 people was under way at Punggyeri in the north-eastern county of Kilju. According to Seung-Gyu, there has been unusual movements seen at Punggyeri where the first blast was thought to have occurred. South Korea is closely monitoring the situation to determine if North Korea is moving to conduct a series of tests as India and Pakistan did.

Check out Infidel Bloggers Alliance for lots of coverage and interesting photos of the NK situation.

Chester from The Adventures of Chester asks, Was the nuke test a hoax?
And then discusses various oddities and inconclucivities suggesting it may be a possibility. Chester, I think after decades of development, the Nuke is likely the real deal, but the insular North Koreans do excel at deception. Feeding their own people, that's a bit difficult, but secrecy and security, they're good at.

Omar, our Iraqi friend from Iraq The Model has some interesting thoughts about North Korea: Meanwhile and far away from Baghdad, our old friend from the axis of evil tested his first nuke. I read on the news that the power of the explosion was little more than half a kiloton which sounds like a very small device compared to the multi-megaton devices owned by the US or Russia but I'm very interested to know the dimensions and mass of the device and I hope experts and intelligence can reveal some information about that because the smaller the device the easier it becomes to transport and deploy it. I can't believe the world leaders let this happen!

Now the world is under the mercy of a crazy man and his oppressive communist regime who wanted the bomb so badly that they let their people starve in this crazy pursuit for power.What's going to be next? Will the world move to disarm North Korea? Will there be measures to stop it from sharing the bomb with terrorists? I don't even want to think of it because looking at how our world works today I can see headlines coming two or three years from now telling us that Iran tested a bomb…well I think we'll be lucky if we got to read the news instead of being part of it.

Ace of Spades is discussing whether the North Korean test was a dud, even if it was, he says it's not very reassuring: If the Nork bomb was a dud, it's because they engineered it poorly and primatively and could only manage a very small amount of actual fissioning. Mistiming might have caused just one side of the bomb to explode or something like that. But even if it is a dud, it's not terribly reassuring. They can always improve. And they have 60 years of scientific papers on atomic bombs to help guide them.

Professor R.J. Rummel at Democratic Peace suggests because of political and military difficulties in addressing the disarmament and restructuring of North Korea, that assassination of Kim II Jung be tried. He says, There are millions of souls of his victims that I'm sure would cheer. However, in our reluctance to use torture even to save American lives, unwillingness to prosecute treason, and our mothering of terrorists we capture and imprison, I doubt that we have the [insert your own word] to do what is necessary.

Misha writing at The Anti Idiotarian Rotwieller says there are basically two options now with North Korea: Basically, there are two options now: Ignore them or wipe them off the face of the planet. Given their close aforementioned ties to the Mad Mullahs of Tehran, the latter doesn’t sound near as much out of the question as it might have in the past. No, Ding-Dong isn’t insane enough to launch a nuke himself, he knows good and well that it’d be the definitive end of him and his shitty little turd world country, but his insane butt-buddy Ahmadinnerjacket isn’t thusly encumbered by rational thought processes.

Patrick at Clarity and Resolve lends his thoughts on the Norks.

Kim at Wizbang is heavily in to the test was a dud meme.

Wretchard from The Belmont Club asks a provocative question: Was North Korea testing a suitcase nuke? Now, that is a scary thought in this age of global terrorism.

Jaeger at Small Dead Animals thinks the era of nuclear-armed terrorist groups may be dawning: North Korea having a bomb is bad enough, but we all have to realize it won't stop there. Iran has been working with North Korea on missile technology, and we have to assume they've been cooperating on nuclear developments as well.

Gay Patriot puts the blame for the nuclear test on Liberal solutions and the International approach: This event is the result of the Clinton Adminstration's "solution" with the Korean dictator as well as President Bush perusing the "international test" of John Kerry by taking the Democrat's "Let the World Solve It" approach. Once again, as Bill Clinton admitted to Chris Wallace, the liberal policies of tackling terrorism have "failed."

The North Korean government choice bombs not food says No Pasaran: The irony is that the NorKs are among the very few people on earth who have had to make a choice between food and bombs, and reflecting on the fact that their ineptness has brought them poverty and were no meaningful threat to anyone, they chose bombs as far back as 1992, and have let their population starve even more since.

Ray D. at Medienkritik gives us the Media's view from Germany: North Korea just detonated an atomic bomb and guess what: "Stern" magazine is more upset with George W. Bush than it is with Kim Jong Il. It is more upset at the supposed impotence of the United States than with the near total irrelevance and impotence of Germany and Europe in confronting dictators worldwide. Once again the old formula holds in the German media: It's all Bush's fault. World-Scapegoat-USA is to blame

Tim Blair has a nice summation of Australian views about the crisis.

Abu Aardvark is doing something interesting. He's tracking how the Arab Media is covering the North Korean crisis. He provides us with the view from Al-Quds al-Arabi's lead editorial: Al-Quds argues that while North Korean nuclear capability surprised nobody, the real surprise was North Korean disregard for all of America's threats and warnings. Al-Quds is most impressed with the absence of viable American options against North Korea - sanctions won't matter to its insular economy, there's no real military option, and American military power is anyway tied down in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also makes the obligatory point about the hypocritical difference between American agitation over North Korean nukes and total silence about Israeli nukes.

Tammy Bruce is caling for strong action from President Bush against the Koreans. She wants a complete blockade: A Nork nuclear test is a reflection of the failure of the Bush policy ever since he declared them to be a part of the Axis of Evil. More talk, more meetings at the U.N. will not only accomplish nothing, it will be a win for the Norks. Now is the time for President Bush and Secretary Rice to actually take action against the Norks, including a complete blockade, isolating them from the world, making sure any further nuke technology doesn't get into anyone else's hands (Iran, aQ), and assists in the collapse of the Kim Jong-il genocidal regime.

David T at Harry's Place looks at the views of an English anti-nuke activist in light of the Korean test.

Winds Of Change says to forget NK and to observe the real puppet master, China: ...Forget North Korea. No proposal involving their government, from idiotic talk of sanctions (what, we're going to cut Kim out of the movie remake?) to even dumber and more craven responses around "rewards" (read: appeasement and a license to keep cheating) is worth even 10 seconds of your time. Search and boarding activities for ships from North Korea may be helpful, and preparations for that have been underway for a while, but ultimately this doesn't solve the problem and raises risks whenever used. If you want to fix the problem, you have to see and understand the lever. The truth is that North Korea is an irrelevant bit player in this whole drama. The real player here is China. They have helped North Korea at every step, and North Korea's regime cannot survive at all without their ongoing food and fuel aid. Kim Jong-Il's nuclear plans may be slightly inconvenient to the Chinese - just not not inconvenient enough to derail a strategy that still promises net plusses to those pursuing it within China's dictatorship.

The major flaw I see in this line of reasoning is does China really want a nuclear-armed Japan, South Korea, and especially Taiwan, which may very well result from the Norks actions? Having those three countries go nuclear is an advantage to the U.S. since it tends to checkmate China's expansionist designs in the Pacific, as well as being a nice bonus for the weapons contractors in the U.S and worldwide, who can take advantage of burgeoning arms race. And whoa Baby, I'd love to have some Missile Defense stock at this time, too.

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