Thursday, October 05, 2006

Looking For Good News From The Iraqi Bloggers

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Looking for good news in the Iraqi Blogosphere is not the easiest of tasks these days. Many of the Bloggers are in a depressed state, worn down by the reminiscences of the past and events of the present. Many have collectively fled Iraq and its sectarian violence for safer parts elsewhere, and who can blame them? The lives of their families and themselves are more important than clinging to what was. So, unhappy times generally do not make for many happy thoughts, and good news is in short supply, all reflected in the Bloggers writings. Therefor, it is a matter of finding the good in different ways, different venues, but there is some good news, happiness, and even optimism out there.

Sunshine, our favorite cheerful spirit in the Iraqi blogosphere gets us off a good start...

Hello friends
As you know my grandparents visited us tow weeks ago, I spent the most beautiful time ever, we visited our relatives that I didn't see for almost a year ( as you know we don't go out often because of the dire situation) . we also went to the north, my mom's uncle and his family came with us .we had so much fun and visited a gorgeous cave in Kurdistan called Anishkiy , there we celebrated my mom's cousin graduation , he graduated from electric engineering collage . I am so happy that we were allowed to enter Kurdistan , because many times the Kurds don't allow Arabs to inter their city Dhook , for security reasons.

Sunshine was also interviewed on NHK TV in Japan and is working on a book.

Najma announces that the Family in Mosul is publishing a book on her family and relatives Blogs. I assume that means Dr. Truth Teller, HNK, Baghdad Girl, Sunshine, Hassan, Rose, etc.

They already have a publisher, but Najma is looking for an editor. Volunteer, if you can help her. Despite the difficulties of war, the Iraqi Bloggers seem to have a good literary gig going with Salman Pax, Riverbend, and a few others having already written tomes. It won't surprise me, if Raed, the ITM Brothers, and Zeyad join the
literary field.

F.D. Rahman is expressing the good through his photography and presents, A Simple Baghdad Beauty, which enthralls the eyes and
lifts the spirit.

Gilgamish wants to unite the Iraqi Bloggers in to a kind of collective social activism:

The point is, there are many Iraqis that want to do something, and we just need collective efforts, and the will. But it should not be sudden, or abruptly, it should be gradually, I believe there should be social activism at first, which can definitely lead to be a political one. We need to bridge the distances between Iraq's different political views; we should hinder and halt any propaganda and their effects in making perceptions of the other, the other "group."

Fay at Chalden Thoughts relayed good new recently that Father Saad Sirop of the St. Jacob parish in Baghdad's Doura district who was kidnapped by (fill in the blank) was released by his abductors unharmed.

Ihath is dancing the Flamenco and proudly has it on video for you all to see her.

Eye Raki talks about Hope among the Hell:

The only difference between hell and Iraq, is that there is still hope in Iraq. Sometimes, I wonder if hope is the only thing that keeps Iraqis on their feet and keeps them going. Hope that maybe one day maybe things will change. Without hope, it is impossible for people to live in these conditions. Conditions that are unfit for animals, yet alone humans. God bless Iraq.

Rhodes scholar Morbid Smile successfully journeyed to the U.S. and is taking full advantage of her Rhodes Scholarship at her university. And she has a Taiwanese roomate.

Miriam from Pearls of Iraq is happy, her mom is visiting:

Mom is coming and I am very excited as we have not seen each other in almost two years.

And she's working on conducting a book drive for Kurdistani children:

This week has been spent picking up books and sorting them for a book drive I am conducting for Kurdistan children and youth

24 Steps To Liberty, who is studying in the U.S., recently got invited to a Jewish Center dinner by an Israeli friend in the U.S. So, what did 24 Steps as the lone Muslim dining among the Jews have to say about the event?

I ate their food. I drank their water and juice. I didn't feel they even cared that I was there. They just acted normal. Dozens of people were in the dining hall, why should they care about me. I was only their guest, who they should make sure was comfortable and fed. And they did.

Imagine an American Jew being treated the same kindly way in Saudi Arabia and other places in the Middle East...

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