Thursday, October 12, 2006

The In T View: Somalian Blogger Somali Thinker On Somalia

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Somalia: Ancient land of Punt, a modern land divided. A throbbing beat of Islam, ethnic clans, warlords, poverty, and the Somali people seeking a peaceful means of existence. Because of the Somalian conflict, I thought it would be interesting to ask questions of a Somalian blogger or two and gather their opinions and thoughts about their conflicted homeland to learn more about Somalia and its culture, though there doesn't appear to be any Somalian bloggers left in Somalia proper these days. They are scattered across the planet, another diaspora of souls, but the memory of their native land remains strong in their hearts.

In this In T View, we have Somali Thinker from the Somalithinker blog and we thank him for his participation.

MG: Could you tell us the role of Somali women in your culture?

Somali Thinker: The role of the Somali women in my culture is essential one because through out history, Somali women were the backbone of the Somali society.

MG: You Somalians are the Scatterlings of Africa . Can you tell us what your heart yearns for?

Somali Thinker: Peace, Peace, Peace.

MG: Do you have friends and relatives still in Somalia ? Are you concerned about their safety?

Somali Thinker: I am concerned about the plight and safety of all Somalis.

MG: Would you consider returning to Somalia , if the country is ever at peace?

Somali Thinker: Absolutely.

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MG: How has the diaspora been for you? Was it a tough adjustment to leave Somalia and adapt to a foreign country?

Somali Thinker: I have had great experience living in abroad and at the same time it is always hard to adapt to a foreign land

MG: What can America or the West do for Somalia and the Somalian people?

Somali Thinker: America and west should support all peace initiatives and give the material and financial support that country needs.

MG: Do you have a favorite Somalian artist or song?

Somali Thinker: My favorite Somali artist is Maryan Mursal.

MG: Would you welcome the US staging an Afghan-like invasion of Somalia and removing the Supreme Islamic Courts Council which seems to be consolidating its power?

Somali Thinker: NO! Supreme Islamic Courts Council are not Taliban or Al-Qaeda, after all, these guys are willing to negotiate with who ever wants to talk to them in that case, I should say diplomacy is the best approach

The Ladies (Pretty Somalian Women) by Justin - Flickr

MG: Could you share with us your thoughts on Ayaan Hersi Ali, since she is the most prominent Somalian expatriate at the moment?

Somali Thinker: I am not sure if she is the "MOST prominent Somalian expatriate at the moment" Ayan might have a legitimate questions about the treatment of women in Islam, but she is the wrong answer to those questions. She chooses to tackle the issue from a radical point of view which alienated many people. She could have done better

MG: What do you miss most about Somalia ?

Somali Thinker: People and places.

MG: Tell me something nice about Somalia - What is it that Somalia possesses, that no other place on the Earth has?

Somali Thinker: Somalis are known to posses a unique culture of sharing things with each other.

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