Monday, October 16, 2006

Ali's Posts from Free Iraqi

Recently, Ali of Free Iraqi stopped blogging and closed his site (which was picked up by a pornographer for some reason).

This was disappointing to me for several reasons; foremost, because I considered Ali to be, syllable per syllable, the most worthwhile read in the whole of Bloghdad (even when compared to blogs that tickle similar pleasure centers such as Iraq the Model and IraqPundit).

Secondly, it was disappointing because I continuously referenced the good doctor's posts as the best window into the world-view of Shi'a and Sunni Arab Iraqis (he has been both). Even though he is not posting anymore, did he have to detract from the sum total of clear-eyed understanding about Iraq by closing his site??

He wrote with passion for an Iraq -- and a Near East -- of liberty and reason. Well, Ali says he has lost interest in blogging, but now you can still get the posts that were lost at his old blog. They now all at

Good blogging rules would dictate that I post some excerpts from Ali's blog, but alas they defy condensation. If you aren't already familiar with Ali's posts, get yourself an education following the link and reading every one of them. If you are, leave your favorite Ali quote in the comments. Until he gets his own syndicated column, this will have to do.

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