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Remembering The Departed Iraqi And Kurdish Blogs And Bloggers

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Update 3

Remembering The Departed Iraqi and Kurdish blogs and bloggers who have said farewell, told us bye-bye, given up the ghost, or gone on hiatus for whatever reasons. We remember as many of them as possible here...

Saif al-Yassin of the Day to Day blog seems to be the first Iraqi blogger we semi-officially know of, who was killed in Iraq's Post War violence. As the Iraqi Konfused Kid states: ...he is one of the four friends of mine who were killed in a double-car explosion June 11, 2006.

Before his sad passing, Saif said the following in his blog, since removed from Blogger, but Iraqi Blog Count has the snippet:

I made this blog to talk about my soul "BAGHDAD", Baghdad is my country where i borned in it so i like to talk on every thing happend and will happen bad or good specially these days. but i will not make it news paper i will add every thing nice and funny.................. good luck for me.

I don't know what to say, Young hopes shattered, his luck did not hold out. It's ironic how life and death is like that sometimes.

Dear Raed, Salam Pax's seminal blog which kick-started the Iraqi Blogosphere in to existence went on hiatus for good, Saturday, April 10, 2004, with Salam telling us:

I think Hiatus is the word. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.

G. in Baghdad:
The blog of the famed photographer, hobnobber with Muqti al-Sadr's Mahdi Militia, and lesser known as a Christian, Ghaith flashes off wondering where his friend Salam is:

Saturday, September 20, 2003
anyone have seen my friend salam....would you tell him that G is still in Baghdad, its been 3 weeks since he left and he hasn't even sent me an email.

G. in Baghdad, Ghaith's short-lived photo blog breathes its last August 17, 2003. Ghaith went on to bigger and better things including the book, The Unembedded, which contains a large selection of his Iraqi photography.

Summer 2006: With Disappointment and Disillusionment cradled in his mind, over the difficulties present in modern day Iraq, Ali Fadhil has had enough and terminates his blog, Free Iraqi.

Where has our friend Akba of Iraq Rising -- whose name I could never spell right -- gone off to? He hasn't posted since March 12 of this year, when he lightly took Hammorabi to task and suggested a more balanced composition of the Iraqi government:

Habibi Hammorabi (3ashet el-assami), as an Iraqi I have a 1000 times more respect for you and your opinion. I just beg of you to see the point from our side ( I mean the non supporters of UIA side). We really are not asking for much, 2 simple requests;

1- find someone other than Mr. Jafari, I mean whats wrong with Adle Abd ilmehdi or someone else from UIA… It’s not as if we are demanding the PMs position for ourselves..

2- That the ministries of interior and defence be run by individuals who have no connection with militia groups. As you are perfectly aware, there have been operations carried out by people inside these ministries that can only be described as sectarian assassinations.. We as Iraqis cannot accept a police and defence force that operate on sectarian grounds.. these forces belong to all Iraq and should protect every Iraqi regardless of his or hers back round.. IS this also such a hard request.

Iraqi blogger I Was There, faced a horrifying situation in April of this year, and had to end his blogging, apparently leaving Iraq with his family, when men came in to his home looking to kidnap his daughters:

While the marionettes were throwing political balls into each other courts and wooing the US ambassador at Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's residence, gangsters broke into my house looking for my daughters.

My wife called me around 2 pm last Wednesday while I was working in my office and said with miff, "Your daughters just called me asking if I have sent some one to the house; three men opened the house door and took two cocking gas cylinders as Um 'Y' our next door neighbor said, but I did not send any body."

We thought that they were no more than normal thieves looking for $40 worth gas cylinder to sell them.

"You better come back home, I do not think that those men were after the cocking gas cylinders, they were in the house and asked Um 'Y' about our daughters", my wife said that bitterly when she called me again from the house after she talked to my neighbor.

My daughters were not at home at that time because their minibus broke down at that day so they had to walk back home and this is why they were late, "They should be home by now", one of the gangsters told my neighbor with an interjection when she told him that the girls still at school replying for his question about them.

My fear rushed with me to the house, it was striking hard on my head and making me so meager while it was growing and growing, it filled the car that I was driving in the dusk through the useless police checkpoints in a bumpy road that was not paved since Saddam era.

It took me 45 minutes in a 15-minute road to reach my house because of those police checkpoints and the 150-meter distance that we should maintain between our cars and the US military Hummers that were patrolling the street so slow, we can not pass them even if it was an emergency other wise they will shoot us so I was driving slowly following them while I was boiling deep inside trying to get home as fast as possible.

I can not call the police because I do not trust them and I can not ask for help to protect my daughters, what shall I do? I remembered what that guy said in his comment about Iraqis should help themselves and do not expect every thing from the Americans but how can I help myself in this case to protect my daughters.

The house was dark when I reached there because there was no electricity as it comes on for one hour and goes off for 8, and the public generator that supplies our block with electricity broke down two days ago and no one fixed it because its mechanic was killed last week because he was Shiite.

I walked inside the dark house stumbling with things on the floor that I couldn't see because of the darkness; my wife and my daughters were all sitting in the living room motionless with awe.

I sat by my daughter who was squatting on the sofa and told them, "I am going to take you all outside Iraq, it is not the place that you can stay in any more, let us leave this country for those marionettes and the gangsters."

Ahmed in Iraq at Ahmed's Blog lasted for all of two posts, checking out on April 26, 2004.

How can we forget the very amiable and personable Ahmad from Iraqi Expat in London? Ahmad signed off on August 12, 2005 with the following words:

On a Break

Dear friends,
I am very sorry for disappearing without notice. It wasn't planned. I had to take a break. I needed the break because I got sick and tired of many things, and because I was - and I am still - preoccupied with some issues, among other reasons.

So I think I will stay away for a while until I clear my mind.

Thank you for all your messages, I am fine.

ahlanwasahlan greetings from Baghdad seemed to have resided more in England and Jordan than Baghdad. Their last post was May 04, 2004.

Ishtar Talking: Nawar translating for Ishtar, who was in Basra, not the most jovial of places beckoning with mirth and good tidings these days, offers her memories in a last -- August, 2003 -- post about the Basra Hilton:

Every time I pass near it my eyes keep looking at the open windows showing the rooms and walkways on the upper floors. The quick glimpses and the rest that was filled out by my imagination made me have such a strong wish to spend there a couple f days when I get married. Even if I was given the choice to spend some time on the moon I would have chosen this special place with a special person.

It was one of the very few beautiful places in Basra. The big spaces, the beautifully designed wooden façade and the gorgeous gardens. The big festivities halls. And the many cafes where you can have a cappuccino and enjoy the view of the river which is right in front of it.

But unfortunately it has been destroyed by the hands of people like many other things which if they have survived destruction thru military attacks were destroyed by people.

How strange, how could someone not only have the nerve steal and loot but to let the fire eat these places for days. I often thought that these people were not sane.

Is Something Burning, Riverbend's ephemeral cooking blog departs December 6, 2003 with a recipe for Tepsi Baytinijan - Hope she was a better cook than a propagandist.

Baghdadi at the Iraqi-American last posted on
February 23, 2006 saying: Hi Everyone; I miss Blogging and I will do my best to write again.

Alaasmary from Sun Of Iraq blogs his last thoughts on May 7, 2005 asking: Do we need USA longer? And answering:

I witnessed the change in Iraq since the beginning and my opinion is not prediction of should or should not. It is merely the true that I concluded it from my work side by side with the coalition and Iraq government.

Yes, we need the U.S. for longer time or we shall fail. They helped us to start the change but the changes happen in steps and we just started in Iraq. Even if there are many complains about instability within these two years. Iraq community is so difficult and needs more than these years to re-communicate with each other without privilege of one ethnicity to the other.

Sarmad Zangna from Road Of A Nation went on hiatus November 1, 2004 wishing that GWB would be reelected and America would stay the course:

Iraq, this is the most part id like, what I and many and many of my people Waite to see, a free liberated country, and that will never be happened if we waited the mercy of the great friends of the exit regime, or by our self's, if we find them .look to Iraq and how he is walking with confidant steps towards what he want ,yes we got a lots of enemies and we got a long time to go, but only it start with a sense and then turn to a feel and then to a wish and then to act, and that what we dot together with our friends and only the real friends, yes I support GWB because I see in him what I didn't see in any modern leaders able to lead free nations .

I thing GWB did in 4 years what no one did, from fighting the terrorist and help the nations to be free, and he got the courage to go to the lands and fight them.

There for I wish that he be reelected, so he accomplish what he start.

The Iraqi Agora, Liminal's screed that says I suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome went Aloha means Goodbye on the 20th of March, 2004.

Liminal showcasing even more of her BDS stops posting at Shlonkom Bakazay? on January 9, 2006 with a final Chomsky anti-Israel screed.

Ferid the Great, the dentist to be, whom I did an In T View with, apparently had it with the Iraqi version of Democracy, hanging it up on August 27, 2005, and told a sad tale in one of his previous posts:

one of our mates in the college and was a close friend to me, killed by the U.S forces while he was returning to his house during the examination, the story was quite brief; he was in a public transport vehicle sitting next to the driver, as they approached a mobile check point of a U.S army the driver might not responded or was too fast (this is our conclusions) and one of the soldiers opened fire at the vehicle, he took one shot in his trachea, which didn't kill him immediately, he made a call with his mobile to his friend, not to his family as if he thought he would survive; the time his friend and the family came to hospital they found him dead…

Yes, I think the poor security situation has curtailed a lot of the Iraqi blogs. We hope Ferid is alright these days and returns to blogging.

Ays at Iraq at a Glance stopped posting in December 22, 2005, worried about Iraq becoming an Islamic Republic:

Well, today I think I have less than an hour to speak about what is inside of me cause I feel that I really need to speak about it and draw some expected lines of Iraq's future which is unfortunately will be the Islamic Republic of Iraq! and with the lovely neighbor Islamic Republic of Iran within the coming few years we'll get a wonderful Islamic Republic of Iranq! with the new dictators like AlJa'fari, Alhakeem and some other Sunni beards (who will rule the west part) in addition to AhmadiNajat and other stupid Islamists in the region.

Crystal Light From Baghdad apparently gave up her blog, because it's become porno heavy from the US. Crystal, a young Iraqi blogger was a cousin of Najma and Sunshine, etc.

The same thing seems to have happened to Sanyora.

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Maithem Al Anbari was an Iraqi expatriate, living in Johannesburg, South Africa, who covered the Iraqi sports scene at Iraqi Sport. Apparently the games stopped being fun for him, because he stopped posting in October of 2004.

He came, he saw, he decided to not post again: My Life's Othman Qasim gave it his all in his one post on his blog on September 12, 2004:

I'm Othman Qasim from Iraq . I live in Mosul in the north of Iraq . I borned in 13 \ 10 \ 1988 . My hobbies ( reading , football , swimming , ping pong , internet , singing ) . I'm funny any i like jokes . I'm in the secondary school . I hope u all have a good time in my bloge .

Little Snippet tells us in his last post,December 3, 2005 that he is:

Too busy

Between teaching and work I have no time to post for a while.... Talk to everyone much later

Hasan from Iraq's last post on September 15, 2004 was a grim one:

yesterday 17\9\2004 in mosul . I was playing football with my friends near my house . after we started the game we hear some bombs and we saw the fire . Then we saw three cars and there drivers was driving so fast they went to the hospital . we saw a dead men after they gone we all couldn't countinued the game and we standing with out talking for moment thinking about this bad five minites . then we all go home . in the night on the tv in news they saide : it was folt they shoot thoise peaple becaus they thought one of them was having a gun . I really couldn't sleep that night and i was remeber those dead men and the blood on there bodys. It was so bad.

Ahmed from Life in Baghdad is the husband of Rose, Uncle of Sunshine, relative of Dr Truth Teller, and stopped blogging in May of 2005, when Rose, his daughter and he moved to the UAE.

Abu Khaleel at US Mistakes In Iraq counted up and detailed the errors the US made with Iraq and the Iraqis. Apparently, there weren't too many, because he ended his posting at Mistake 11 in August of 2004. Or maybe, the list was so vast in his opinion, that he just gave up.

And That's how the Story goes on ... was a creative writing blog involving Ladybird, Faisa, and Najma, where they wrote a post, and the readers were expected to continue the story in the comment section. Unfortunately, a good concept lacking contributors, and thus discontinued in July of 2005.

Husayn at Democracy in Iraq was happy for Democracy in Iraq in his last post, which was on December 18, 2005. Is he still happy or beaten down by events?

He talked about Hidden Messages in Water and then went in to hiding himself. Free Writer from Mosul was last with us on October 25 of 2005. I In T Viewed Free Writer, so I always wondered what happened to him.

Duraid Munajim, an Iraqi Kurd and Cinematographer living in Canada had the Iraq Election Blog, which sort of morphed in to a cinematography blog. He was last heard from at this blog, on Prince Edward Island on April 28, 2005, where he wrote:

On a shoot with Red Apple ( ). The show is called "Opening Soon", and we are shooting the first day on two episodes. The director on the two episodes is Rina Barone.

An Iraqi In The West lasted for exactly two posts in April of 2005. Has he moved east?

Nooon, The Nice Boy posted nice photoshopped images in his blog, then moved on after December 19, 2004.

Our List Of Human Waste and Theomania may have belonged to Zan I think, now they are yet more of these porno-themed blogs.

Medical student Dr Humanity last wrote about a sandstorm in August of 2005 and then disappeared like it from the blogosphere. We hope he is alright. But, how would we know? I know people have tried to contact him via email and never heard back from him.

Postcolonial Iraq was Jelloul's blog that strived to look at: genuine Iraqi self-determination; a post-fundamentalist and post-liberal watch for consociational patriotism and a confessionalism beyond religious as well as secular sectarianism. Perhaps, he went on to Pre-Independent Iraq, because his posts ended December 26, 2005.

She was ony around for two months in April and May of 2005, but the famous Baghdad Mistress certainly used her limited time to harangue Zeyad:

One of the main Iraqi male hypocrites who was attacking me constantly under different nicknames on this blog and on the IraqBlogCount for the type of the job I do, would be rather stunned that the new rulers are soon legalizing "Mistress"ing jobs in Iraq... Perhaps I should have ignored him and his childish comments. Because as he says on his profile, "My hobbies include reading, PC and console gaming, watching movies, and most recently blogging!" needs several more years to understand that life is not the same as the console games that he plays.

Allahkareem was one of many of Khalid Jarrar's blog. As Khalid told us there: I am pro God, I am pro life, I am pro humanity, I am pro truth, and when the American goverment choses to be against all that then damn it: i AM anti American-goverment. Perhaps he ran out of Anti-American steam, because he stopped posting there April 30, 2005.

Daez, the Iraqi Rebel was one of the most promising young Iraqi bloggers to come along in recent times, but apparently it got to be too much for him, as he declared in his last very prophetic post on December 20, 2005:

Can somebody tell me what the hell just happened? I seriously feel that someone hit me hard on the head with an aluminum baseball bat.

There has never been such tension in Baghdad since April 2004. Something tells me that all hell is going to break loose very soon.

How can it be??? How could those Iranian mullahs win those votes? Even higher than last january when his excellency grand Shitheadstani himself ordered people to vote for them?

It just doesn't add up. It defies logic and reason. No way Iraqis are such brainwashed fools.

The Junior Bushra, an Egyptian-Iraqi who lives in the US, and just graduated from CSUF in California, hasn't posted since he graduated in January of this year:

Did some one say Graduation...
True...This happened, I got an email for my professor saying that I am a college graduate. That is scary... I guess here I come real world... More to come.

Stamps & Money From Iraq which dealt with Iraqi coins and stamps went silent in January of this year. which hosted quite a few Iraqi blogs seems to be offline or perhaps out of commission these days too.

Kurdo's World , the premiere Kurdish blog crumbled on December 29, 2005, as Kurdo was reacting to the increase repression of personal freedoms in Kurdistan, known to some as "Commiestan", thanks to the overreaching policies of the two Kurdish political groups, the PUK and the KDP, of whom the latter according to Kurdo, had ...Dr. Kamal Saeed Qadir... put in prison for 2 articles he wrote against the KDP. Kurdo goes on to tell us:

KDP's tribal mentality are not fit for today's democratic life...The best thing we can do is zip our lips otherwise we will be also put into prison for swearing AKA criticising the Kurdistan government.

And thus he was silenced sadly.

Small-Shadows-Creep by Ghostbones - Flickr

Kurdish blogger Karda from Land of the Karda didn't last past September 25, 2004, where he posted about an Arab writer who writes about Kurds and Jews:

The writer is Jasim el-Mutir. He is an Iraqi Arabic writer. He is actually a very good friend of Kurds and Jews, especially the Iraqi Jews. He has been captured by the Saddam’s government because of his stories which he wrote. He is the first Arabic writer who wrote a book about Halabja, the Kurdish city which has been bombed with chemical weapon by Saddam Hussein. The book called “Shiren” and it is one of his best stories that he wrote. “Shiren” has been translated in more than 15 languages, including Kurds and Chinese. He is also the writer of the first book about the Jewish tragedy in the ME. It’s called “The two lovers of Mesopotamia”. It is an amazing book about two Iraqi Jews who separated from each other because of war.

Kurdish blogger Heja departed August 9,2002.

Diyako, which seemed to have been a collaborative Kurdish effort, saw its last post on May 30, 2003.

Kurdish blog Hajirstony got taken over by the Porno people.

Kurdish blog Hemereng stopped with new posts on May 1, 2003.

Postings were no more after January 12, 2004 for Kurdish blog,

The Kurdish blog Mehmudkan saw no further action after February 18, 2004.

Kurdish blog wasn't updated after March 13, 2003.

The Kurdish Language blog ceased speaking Kurdish on May 24, 2003.

Medya Daily, which revealed life as experienced by an Iranian Kurd in Iran, was another blogger yet silenced by the Iranian authorities, and last heard from in his own blogs in 2005. We miss the outspoken Medya and hope he is well and still taking photographs.

The rambunctious Xosh 7al, a Kurd living in England, who always used to get in to verbal tussels with Medya, was last heard from at Beardie's World Of Crap on November 28, 2005.

Kurdistan Youngs, Yad's blog departed with a nice photojournalism piece on the plight of Kurdistan children, February 20, 2005.

Piling, aka Sandrine Alexie, a nice French woman who covered Kurdistan and the Kurds in her blog, Incoherent Thoughts, last posted there, February 5, 2005.

The Kurdistan Bloggers Union, which contained a collection of Kurdish and other bloggers interested in Kurdistan and the Kurds, fell victim to infighting and apathy among its members, circa February 2006. As Delal noted in her last post there:

Death is a difficult event to handle whether it be quick or slow and painful such as the demise of this particular blog. The life of a blog depends on its authors, and the authors of this one have moved on to their own individual projects. The legacy of KBU has come to an end. It served as a place where we could all gather to find strength, and in that end the Kurdistan Bloggers Union has been enormously successful. Now life continues onward.

The lovely Emmunah, a Kurdish Jew from the Peshmerga Women blog, suffered a torn rotator cuff in 2005, needs to have another operation she can't afford, and is in a lot of pain. Her blog, which covered Kurdish Women, has been in hiatus since March of this year.

Kawa Arts featured caricatures, cartoons from Kurdistan parodying world issues. It was last updated on December 4, 2004.

5 Hours north of Baghdad: A Muslim-American Women's narrative of her travels to Kurdistan in the fall of 2003 ended in the fall of 2005, but not before a nice photographic look at Kurdistan.

Aljazeera Against Kurds , was blog dedicated to detailing the abuses of the Pan Arabic Television of Aljazeera Against the Kurdish Minority of Iraq. It seems to have run out of abuses as of December 21, 2004.

Darbaz, a Kurd in London at the Back to Home with Iraqi Airways blog may have flown back to Iraq, as they stopped posting on January 6 of this year.

Swara was in charge of Kurdish Thoughts, a blog that looked at all relevant issues affecting Kurds and Kurdistan. His last post, which featured Jalal Talabani, was on April 10, 2005.

Timsa 7 of Ups & downs of a London Kurd was another Kurd who blogged from London -- seems like there's a sizeable Kurdish population there -- and in their final words on April 30, 2005, they expressed their angry thoughts about a post by Khalid Jarrar. Hard to believe the Jarrars would make anyone angry...

Kardox from Kardox - The Kurdish View, a 32 year old Kurd living in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan said goodbye with a rather prophetic post from December 5, 2004:

New Shiite group hunts Sunni Arabs

The Anger Bridge is a new Shiite group that has one main goal, to hunt down and kill as many Sunni extremists as possible. They want to revenge the death of their sons whom lost their life in the violence by terrorists.

USA has done as much as they can, they have tried everything. It seems it never stops. The killing, the bombings, the beheading, the still go one. It's like cancer!

I wonder how long it will take until Kurds create a own group, there is a growing number in of families seeking revenge for the killings of civilians in Mosul and Kerkuk. I think many of their families will gladly join them.

The signs of civil war are getting bigger for every day.

His mother was in and out of hospitals at the time of his last post, so that may explain his absence.

Phew, a long list and I missed some, but hopefully I've provided you with a nice rememberance of the departed blogs and bloggers in the Iraqi and Kurdish blogospheres.

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