Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Most Beautiful Iraqi Blogs


Horses, Courtesy of Baghdad Artist

The Most Beautiful Iraqi Blogs

There is not a whole lot of beauty in Iraq or its blogs at the moment. But as Fay says, look for the light at the end of the tunnel, the lightness of being casting away the gloom. So, I chose to highlight for this post, some of the more lovely Iraqi blogs. Since beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, what's beautiful is a bit open-ended, but the following blogs tend to stand out from the crowd and please the eye.

These are a few of my favourite things... is a well put-together amateur Photo Blog in basic Blogger white and template, but containing nice pictures of nature, seemingly from the U.S., which may see an influx of Iraqi bloggers.

Philocrapy: Call him the Irish Iraqi, as his blog is in various shades of Kelly green with strong, large photos. So, it has a nice presence, just, there's two p's in Crappy.

Eye Raki: What Eye Raki has is well defined images and videos in the usual white Blogger template. A good job by him.

Nabil's Blog is very solid and open in shades of grey and white. Eminently readable, despite some skimpy content, mainly due to the time constraints of Nabil in college in Jordan.

Iraq The Model: The Banner and Logo are excellent, I wish they were larger in size. The black background contrasts nicely with the white and gray interior. The fact that you have to scroll down to read what the Brothers have to say and are greeted by a plethora of ads on the way is a slight drawback, but you see that in many of the more popular blogs. All in all, a well designed blog.

Iraq At A Glance, Ays' contribution to the blogosphere is solid and spread out with a nice logo/banner and an unprententious but accentuating white background. Very nice, Ays. Keep posting.

Baghdad Burning: It's hardly beautiful, but it is one of the more functional and easily readable of the Iraqi blogs. So for that, she deserves credit. The content, well, what can you say about Riverbend?

My Green Zone: Its strong point is its spaciousness, open white instead of claustrophobic black. Okay photos. The text font is pleasing to the eye.

Stamps & Money from Iraq: In expansionist white with nice pictures of Iraqi stamps and currency. Polychromatic Arab text gives it a bit of a jittery appearance and seems to be in hiatus at the moment, but it's a blog with future potential.

Ali Mohammed is a fun blog. It's beauteous in its joviality, jokes, and songs with a lot of eye candy doo-dads. Written by a young Iraqi blogger, kind of like Roadside Iraq, blog style.

HNK has designed herself a very nice blog in mellow tones of light green with an interesting Banner. Well done.

Little Snippet is nicely constructed, spacious, a fine banner, good photos. Too bad it's been out of commission since December 2005.


Nostalgia, Courtesy of Baghdad Artist

Attawie In claustrophobic black, but her text is easy to read and she has her lovely artwork over to the side, with larger images of them in her posts. Provides oneself with a sense of serenity among the chaos.

Raghda, formerly Baghdad Girl now UAE Girl: Who can resist the powers of the Middle East's Premiere Cat Blogger? If you like cute kittens, you will find this blog irresistable. Very nice, Raghda. Keep up the good work and sunny attitude.

Sunshine has a very nice blog, style wise with an emphasis on soft blues and a very readable text. Her links are good and strong, and the writing is heartfelt and superb. We wouldn't expect anything else from Sunshine.

The Hanoudi Letter from the very erudite Dr. Najeeb Hanoudi is very wide and spacious, along with one of the better logo/banners found in the Iraqi blogosphere. Dr. Hanoudi, as always provides a very classy treatment of sad subjects. He is looking for commenters, my suggestion would be for him to open up his comment section, rather than its present registration.

Hammorabi has one of the better looking Iraqi blogs. His banner is well done, neither too minimalistic or overpowering with Messoptamian motifs. Sam speaks his mind, we all know that, just, I wish he'd remove The Iraqi government should bring the criminals who attacked the Imam Shrine for justice soon.placard in bright yellow. There are other things to worry about, Sam, but you have yourself a nice blog.

Coloured Bubbles is by Dalia Mohammed,a young Iraqi blogger and Sunshine's cousin. This was a blog that really appealed to the younger generation with its Anime background and wide array of photos of appealing subjects like flowers, kittens, and date palms. It stood out amongst the Iraqi bogs, but is sadly in hiatus now.

Treasure of Baghdad Now in America, has a beautiful soft deep blue color, and a nice banner/logo of light shining down from heaven. Much needed in Iraq these days. There are strong, well placed photos and many of them. Baghdad Treasure has done a fine job designing his blog and it stands out with easy to read links - everything is soft on the eyes.

And The Most Beautiful Iraqi Blog Is....


Zubayda, Courtesy of Baghdad Artist

An Artist in Baghdad aka Baghdad Artist wins the coveted award as the Most Beautiful Iraqi Blog, not because of its design, with it's typical Blogger template and staid cream color. No, what makes her blog, the most beautiful Iraqi blog, is her truly many beautiful etheral -- occassionally haunting -- paintings which project a luminescence via a jumble of mythic efforts and effects. And her words speak of artistic poetry. She has transcended her environment with her art and endowed her blog with a righteous beauty. So, we thank you Baghdad Artist for your efforts.

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