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Is An Iraqi Jihadist Coming To A Nice American Neighborhood Near You?

American Sheep... Led To Slaughter? - 2004 Photo by MG

Is an Iraqi Jihadist coming to a nice American neighborhood near you? Read on, to find out...

The outspoken and erudite Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad Watch let loose with some strong thoughts about Iraq and Islam in an article he wrote back in June entitled, Concede victory.

Hugh argued the following:

We won in Iraq; we've inadvertently created a situation which will inevitably lead to demoralization and division within the Camp of Islam. If only we have the good sense to recognize it and stop trying to prevent the result that is devoutly to be wished.

Forget about the Iraqis, for god's sake, stop talking and stop thinking about "what's good for the Iraqis." Stop being influenced by the handful of plausible, nice, heartwarming "Iraqis" you have had contact with in Iraq -- many of those "Iraqis" serving as the staff (cooks, waiters, cleaners) in the Green Zone, or as translators, are the completely atypical Christians.

For Infidels, the permanent instability within Iraq, and the worry that has created in both Iran and Saudi Arabia (and other Arab states) is a welcome, and to the Bush Administration still uncomprehended, unappreciated, development...

Some deplore the idea of civil war. Why? Wasn't the Iran-Iraq War a good thing from the viewpoint of Infidels? Wasn't the Egypt-Saudi Arabia proxy war in the Yemen? The hostilities over Polisario between Morocco and Algeria? The dislike of Khaddafy for Egypt, and the expulsion from Libya of all those Egyptians? The brief Syrian incursion into Jordan? (...)

But there it is: the Shi'a have the power, the Sunnis will never accept it, the Kurds are drilling for oil and appropriating, as they have every right to do so, the oil of Kirkuk and Kirkuk itself. Concede Victory, and get out...

If we leave, the right result -- those sectarian and ethnic divisions -- will start to work their magic. And it will be magic as far as we, the Infidels, are concerned, even if the result does not please even those very nice, very plausible, Shi'a Muslims whose interests diverge from ours...

Hugh's thoughts have somewhat, but not entirely paralleled mine, since the Iraqi Constitution mirrored democracy with Sharia Law. I am much more sympathetic to the plight and loss of the Iraqis than Hugh is, and would rather not see innocent people be hurt or killed, but I can see where Hugh is coming from. He is arguing that a Proxy War is ongoing in Iraq between the minions of Iran, the Shia Militias and Death Squads and the al Qaeda-Sunni groups funded by the Saudis, and that is good for the United States.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are indeed the two biggest official and unofficial state sponsors of terrorism. Iran does it through their State-sponsored totalitarinism, Militant activities around the globe, as well as their support for Hezb'allah and other terrorist groups. The Saudis, weave their Religious Apartheid across the planet, through their exportation of Wahabbist philosophies, funding of Madrassas and Mosques, along with Islamic charity donations, which are siphoned off or given wholehardly in some cases to terrorist groups. If those two Nations are using their petrol dollars in Iraq to combat each other's influences, there is less wealth around to fund Radical Islam against us.

And this would not be the first time a Proxy War has benefitted the interests of the United States. After all the US supplied and funded the Mujahdeen in Afghanistan against the Soviets, and I don't recall many saying it was a bad thing, despite whatever casualties the Soviets inflicted on the Afghani citizenry in the course of their battles.

And we need to stop talking PC nonsense. We are not in a War Against Terror, or even waging a War Against Islamo-fascists, athough we are certainly warring with them, for sure. No let's be honest, we L'Etats Unis are at war with the many facets of Islam, which are in collision with the precepts of Western Democracy, pure and simple, because Islam has been waging a vicious campaign against the West and its freedoms for the last 1400 years of its conquering ways.

The War in Iraq has indeed been won. Saddam Hussein is defeated and the Iraqi military has been mitigated. Iraq can no longer do us or anyone else any harm.

So, my thinking was along the lines of, now is the time to remove American troops from Iraq proper and set up American bases in Kurdistan - it would be just as easy to take care of the Iranians from Kurdistan, since most of the combat will be conducted by the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf fleets, than it is to have forces in Iraq, subject to Iranian reprisals, perhaps even WMD reprisals.

But then I saw this letter in the New York Times by Robert Lockwood, a former councel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and changed my mind:

Keeping Terrorists Out

Published: September 11, 2006
To the Editor:
"Iraq's Endangered Journalists," by Ali Fadhil (Op-Ed, Sept. 6), evokes a third-rail issue that receives little public attention: the accommodation of refugees and asylum seekers who are victims of political upheavals, including civil war. These are grounds under United States statutes for the resettlement of as many as two million Iraqi refugees who are associated with American operations in Iraq...

Mark Krikorian writing at the National Review has a clarification of Lockwood's letter with even more chilling news:

From a letter by a former congressional staffer in yesterday's NY Times: "These are grounds under United States statutes for the resettlement of as many as two million Iraqi refugees who are associated with American operations in Iraq."

Actually, the number that could be admitted is unlimited. And, practically speaking, the majority would be Sunni, because if things fall apart and we hightail it out of Mesopotamia, the Shia will take over and start slaughtering the Sunnis. In other words, if we don't "win" in Iraq, whatever that might mean, we'll end up taking in huge numbers of people who supported (and still support) our enemies.

An Unlimited Number Of Iraqi Refugees, The Majority Sunni. That is not a good thing at all. We are in a War with the fundamentals of Islam. We can not absorb millions of Muslims into our country at this time, and effectively fight a war against the principles of very people, we would be taking in.

Millions of Raed Jarrar types or worse, American-hating Jihadists and Islamists entering the U.S. Think, even if only a small percentage of those Iraqi Sunnis, who resettled in this country, say 15 to 30 percent of the total Sunni population are Islamists, we are still talking about hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of Islamic radicals for the government to deal with and we American citizens to face the Lethal Consequences of this mass importation of Democracy deniers.

Baby, we really need to win that war in Iraq, for the Iraqis, and most importantly, for us Americans.

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