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Bleakness Among the Blogosphere: The Iraqi Bloggers Sound Off

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The denizens of the Iraqi blogosphere are a bleak bunch these days. Let's let the Bloggers express their feelings...

"I Was Attacked In My Own House By A Filthy Animal"

The Beautiful Miraj at Baghdad Chronicles: I was attacked in my own house by a filthy animal. I screamed, I fell ,I injured myself while running away cowardly , I cursed my life and shouted why me, I couldn’t sleep for weeks, I still cannot walk in the dark without turning around every second and I still cannot sleep in my dark room.


Hammorabi: This war exposed many hidden agenda that the USA supports in the Middle East. The USA is not trying to create democracy in this region but hate, war and destruction. This time it used the Israeli government as a tool to deliver its action. The other example is Iraq in which the USA deceived the Iraqis and the others more than 3 years ago that it came to create a model of democracy for the Middle East. Instead it created a state full with terrorism and on the verge of a civil war and division.>

Iraq, A Godforsaken Place

Miraj : I spent weeks and months under 50 centigrade degrees where is no electricity , where you feel your soul is struggling to get out of your body to feel relieved , where I had to suffer watching my old father begging for air at nights. I cried again, I felt sick, I thought I lost my faith.

The Superpower U.S. Will Go In To A Decline

Hammorabi: There are many other reasons indicates that the USA failed in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Indeed it becomes so evident now that the failure of the USSR was only the beginning of the failure and decline of America. The last three years showed how clearly is this happening especially in the region of the Middle East and lastly in Lebanon. It is started to move downward so clearly in the last few months. The spiral movement of this decline may not happen tomorrow or after few years but is happening without any slightest doubt.

The U.S. Has Failed In The Middle East And Against Terrorism

Hammorabi : There is no doubt that the USA failed in its Middle East and war against terrorism at least in Iraq. It is the reverse indeed that the terrorism increased and the USA in a big problem now. If they leave Iraq to the terrorists then the consequences are very well know for the region and the world. If the US stayed it is even worse because the terrorists are using the excuse to increase their bases in the region and to recruit for this from everywhere.

Yankees Go Home

Ishtar at Iraqi Screen: When US democracy knocked at the door of the Iraqis, women ran to get their Abayia.Men ran to get their guns. Others received it with beating sessions and clerics posters. Standing on the debirs of his house in Ramadi bombed by US forces a man was shouting on T.V “ Is this US democracy, I do not want democracy, I want to live, leave me alone.”

Yankees Go Home - II

Zappy at Where Date Palms Grow: We are in DEEEEP S... only God himself can get us out. and a small piece of advise to my naghbour Iranian's, don't get involved with America, all America did to my country is get it in a worse state than it was during the Tyrants Regime. you don't belive me look at Afghanistan.

Take The War On Terror To The U.S.

Nadia at Talking About Iraq : They have no right to scarify Iraqis this way. Iraqis mission in life is NOT to die for the American people. The war on terror is a war that should be fought on the US mainland. This is a vicious crime against the Iraqi people and one of the many proofs that in the eyes of US politicians and their supporters Iraqis lives are worth nothing to them. Its an even bigger proof of how spineless these U.S politicians and their supporters really are. So once again US politicians and the supporters who want the war, I demand of you to take your war out of Iraq, show some courage and invite your enemies to your country instead. Fight your war inside your own borders.

Close-Minded Americans

Faiza Jarrar: Did you ever meet a kind of person to whom you tell a story, or complain about some sort of problem, then look at him, only to find him absent minded in another world, then, he would turn to you to give you remarks and deductions which have nothing to do whatsoever with what you were talking about? This is how it is to talk with most of the American administration's members, and most of the American Congress members. They are people who live only in their closed, limited world, who have no wish, or mental ability, to listen to the Other.

It Was Better In The Old Days

Gilgamish, an Iraqi in Canada at Into The Sun :
Not so long go, women in Iraq used to wear mini skirts in their universities’ campuses, Iraq had the first female judge in the whole, wide Arab world and Middle East, and ages ago, Sunnis and Shi’as from the same social class had more in common with each other, than with their counterparts from the lower social strata.

It Was Better In The Old Days - II

Riverbend : For me, June marked the first month I don’t dare leave the house without a hijab, or headscarf. I don’t wear a hijab usually, but it’s no longer possible to drive around Baghdad without one. It’s just not a good idea. (Take note that when I say ‘drive’ I actually mean ‘sit in the back seat of the car’- I haven’t driven for the longest time.) Going around bare-headed in a car or in the street also puts the family members with you in danger. You risk hearing something you don’t want to hear and then the father or the brother or cousin or uncle can’t just sit by and let it happen. I haven’t driven for the longest time. If you’re a female, you risk being attacked.

Remembering The Silence Of Baghdad

Riot Starter at Thought Riot : Sometimes late at night before I retire to bed, I would just stare out of my window. Off the top of the hill where I live, I can see the whole city. Nothing disturbes the silence of night, maybe the music from distant clubs and discos. Then later on...complete silence. How I remember the silence in Baghdad back in time, before it all started. How long ago does that sound...and how long will it be till we ever be back there, and till we ever live that silence again...

The High Cost Of Living

Najma : The price of gazoline has arisen to 1.5$/liter which is 40 times the price before the war. Dad is spending his whole salary on gasoline. The neighborhood generator's keepers are barely turning them on at all.


Hala S at In Love With Iraq : Later I learned that her husband made over a million dollar sub-contracting in Iraq in less than a year! “Sub-contracting for what?” I asked. “Imaginary projects and useless ventures, this is how they make money these days in Iraq if you have the right connections inside the Green zone.”


Alaa from the Mesoptamian : It is no longer safe to stay in the neighborhood where my house and all our property is situated. So I am rather uprooted these days. Otherwise things are more or less under control as far as my personal life is concerned. I thank God for giving me the means to survive. Many of my close relatives have left the country already. I am grieved at this situation in Baghdad, but it is something that I fully expected and warned of years ago.

"This Dinosaurian Bureacracy"

Al Tarrar at Baghdad Connect : When the Cabinet met this week the Secretariat of the Board found out that the Prime Minister was in Iran, the two numbers of VP of the PM - the Kurdish and Arab, were traveling overseas, and the two numbers Vice President of the Republic were voyaging too in foreign lands. Finally, the Secretariat of the Board realized that ‘to his surprise’ 22 of the total 31 ministers (men and women) were also scattered outside our country and consequently they meeting was postponed!!

Fight Against The Oppressors

Little Penguin at Iraqi Signor in London : Diplomacy is defeat. Hizbollah didn't opt for 'diplomatic negotiations' with Olmert's bullies; it chose to fight fire with fire and they emerged victorious. Every oppressed nation needs to learn one valuable lesson from Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and other examples in history: When someone slaps you, you don't keep quiet and offer the other cheek.. you punch! Diplomacy can sod off when you're capable of retalliating.

Prepare The Way For The Mahdi

Little Penguin : I was at a conference yesterday where the subject of Imam Al Mehdi, the 12th Imam in Islam, and I learned, amongst other things, a single concept: We have to pave the way for his re-appearance so that he comes and leads the revolt, resulting in a true utopian world.

"The Good People in Iraq Are Gone"

Nabil : As for the Iraqis, they made an invation in Jordan.. there are like about million and a half of a million Iraqis are now in Jordan, 3/4 of them are living here.. and the rest quarter are here for the vacation... you know.. it's like nobody is left in Iraq except for the ignorants and the bad people, and most of those bad people are from Al-Sadir city, because they're like zombies, they are criminals, they don't care for the security to be made in Iraq, they don't even care about Iraq... their only goal is to steal and steal and steal money from the people by killing them or kidnapping them and ask for money to let them go... so I just wanna say that all the good people in Iraq are gone.. they are either dead or left the country... and thanks for the Iraqi government and the Iraqi troops and the coaltion troops for that...

Iraqi Beauty in Exile

Fay : Sharm Al-Sheik, Egypt hosted the Miss Arab World 2006 beauty pageant. The title was initially awarded to Amira Bin Yousif from Tunisia. Iraqi beauty Claudia Hanna received the first runner-up title. Dina Dalal from Egypt received the second runner-up title. Amira Bin Yousif failed to fulfill her Miss Arab World 2006's duties as stated by the pageant's rules. So, the title went to the Iraqi beauty Claudia Hanna. Of course, such a win comes with a deadly prize for any Iraqi beauty. Death threats have already been issued against her... God forbids an Iraqi woman shows some bare skin in public. So, she's not planning to return to Iraq.

I Love Syria

HNK : I love Syria because I can see the night, I can see the black sky which BTW I didn't like it before. I love Syria because in Syria you can see many people walking in the street with no fears and guess What?? They are smiling too.I love Syria Because in Syria the policemen are not show their arms and if they show them,they put them down. I love Syria because in Syria the people know what freedom mean. I love Syria because in Syria there are green trees and happy children and moreover a real life. I love Syria because in Syria there are a simple family, live a simple life far from violents.

I'd Rather Live In The World Of The Fundamentalists

Nayj, a Michigan-based Iraqi at Aramaic Carpenter Reel: Fundamentalists are scary people even when they are feminists, anarchist, secularists, atheists; however, I'd still rather live in a world of these fundamentalists than Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish extremists. I'd rather function under their reign than Bush's economic and political reign of terror.

Condemning Israel And/Or The U.S.

Ali from England at Al Thawra : We at Al Thawra strongly condemn the on-going massacre of Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, as well as the indiscriminate destruction of their infrastructure perpetrated by the Zionist and American forces. In this time of difficulty we pray to Allah for unity in the Muslim community, justice to be done, and patience to deal with this unfolding tragedy.

The U.S. Is Responsible For al Qaeda and Bin Laden

Hammorabi : The USA failed in its war against terrorism which is indeed its own make at the first instance such as Osama Bin Laden and Alqaeda that created by the USA

Not a happy gathering of Bloggers, but such is the nature of Iraqi Reality these days...

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