Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ladybird Says Goodbye - We Say Take Care

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(Update: Ladybird, like Joan Crawford has risen from the grave and is blogging again. Ladybird, how can we miss you, if you won't go away?)

Well, one of the more sui generis Iraqi Bloggers has called it quits, saying goodbye, in her own unique way:

This Is The End

Cyber-Life finished, Real-Life continues

I apologize if I said anything bad to anybody here.

These are the last words.

Bye all

Posted by LadyBird

Yes, Ladybird the blogger, is no more, and we say to her, "Take Care!"

I didn't often agree with Ladybird. Our political philosophies were radically different. I winced at her constant proliferation of posts critical of the United States. I totally disagreed with her about Israel, and there were a lot of times I thought some of her beliefs were right out of the Arab Parallel Universe.

But I always had a soft spot in my heart for Ladybird. She had high hopes for a better Iraq, and grew disappointed like many Iraqi bloggers, which may have fueled her distrust, along with the kidnapping and death of her friend and mentor Margaret Hassan.

And she suffered a lot in Old Iraq. Her family members and relatives were killed for their political beliefs, her parents were imprisoned, she had to flee the country for the West or face the same consequences as her forbearers.

And that Ladybird was a tough gal who made something out of her life as a member of the International Red Cross in Africa and parts beyond, helping a wide range of people. She survived wars, being shot at, snakebites, was kidnapped, I believe, more than once. Ahhhh, what a book she could write about her life and experiences.

So, we say Goodbye Ladybird and Take Care, Better Days, we hope are in store for you.

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