Sunday, July 30, 2006

The In T View: Israeli Bloggers On The Israeli - Hezb'allah/Lebanon Conflict: Mr "Dry Bones", Yaakov Kirschen

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Millions of words have been written by bloggers on the conflict between Israel and Hezb'allah/Lebanon. But what do people really know? Those in the United States, protected by the geographical barriers of two great oceans, lack from the immediacy of this war. To know a conflict is to truly grasp its immediacy and intimacy.

Thus we sought out, through a series of varying questions, the opinions of those affected by this war, the Israeli bloggers, their homeland subjected to uncontrolled missile attacks and barrages, damage and destruction, lives lost, innocents dead, and a Israeli response to the Hezb'allah threat by bombings and incursions into Lebanon to seek out the purveyors of this latest round of Mideast madness.

In this In T View we present Yaakov Kirschen aka Mr. Dry Bones, who has had a distinguished career as an Illustrator/Artist with Cracked Magazine and Playboy, the author of The Green Testament Book, and a Cartoonist, whose popular strip Dry Bones appears in the Jerusalem Post. Mr. Kirschen or "Bones" as he likes to be called, moved to Israel in 1971 and blogs at the Dry Bones Blog, winner of several awards including Best Jewish/Israeli blog.

MG: Could you tell us what sustains you during these times of crisis in Israel?

Yaakov Kirschen: I am sustained by the fact that the country is unified, divisions between left and right have disappeared and we have drawn together as we fight for our survival. This is a just and righteous action.

MG: How does your routine or perception change during an event like this? Do you become a news junky, call frequently to check on your family members and friends, worry a lot, spend more time with your loved ones?

Yaakov Kirschen: I get a lot of info from blogs etc. watch the constant TV coverage, etc.

MG: What would you as an Israeli like to say to the world about the necessity of this war?

Yaakov Kirschen: If you don't understand by now, then you probably never will.

MG: So what's your biggest complaint with the Omert government's handling of this crisis?

Yaakov Kirschen: I don't have any complaints. Politics and debate are for after it's over. Right now we're fighting or sitting in bomb shelters or watching those who are on TV.

MG: One thing Israel would seem to need is a good anti-missile system. Should the Israeli government have made the acqusition of such a system a stronger priority before this confict?

Yaakov Kirschen: The War was thrust upon us. We could not wait.

MG: If you had the chance to watch any of the international coverage of the war like CNN, BBC, or Fox, do you think their coverage has been fair and objective?

Yaakov Kirschen: I am not watching the usually anti-Israel biased TV news media. I do listen to U.S. radio talk shows (over the internet)

MG says: Our thanks go out to Yaakov.

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