Thursday, June 08, 2006


IF SO, this is the best news for Iraqis and for all of us.

The American troops called him Z-man, this stinky creature was one of the ugliest Iraqis and the rest of the world had to deal with. He was not a man, he was worst than any small brain animal, he was a deadly microbe. Let's hope we can finally get the champagne out and celebrate the wonderful news!

Iraq PM says Zarqawi killed: TV
Jun 8, 2006

Al-Qaeda's Iraq chief al-Zarqawi killedAssociated Press
BAGHDAD — For the Globe and Mail, Jun 8, 2006

Iraqi PM: Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed
Forbes -
Associated Press By PATRICK QUINN , Jun 8, 2006

Al-Zarqawi killed, says Iraqi PM
Times Online and agencies in Baghdad, Jun 8, 2006

Iraqi PM: Al-Zarqawi killed in US air raid
Irish Examiner, Jun 8, 2006

Zarqawi killed in Iraq air raid
June 8, 2006

For all the hurt he caused, may he burn in hell with his other pigs and the 72 dry raisins!


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