Monday, June 12, 2006

Bloggers on the Anti-Iraq Media

IraqPundit keeps an eye on Juan Cole's contortions who has expressed doubts that Zarqawi ever existed but was certain that if he did exist, he didn't have any association with Al-Qaeda.

And now, back to The Juan Cole Show. Cole and his media celebrity have provided us all with a richly entertaining spectacle, and I for one am grateful...As recently as last fall, Cole was uncertain that there was a Zarqawi...In the wake of the news that Zarqawi had been killed, something that everybody on all sides agreed was accurate, Cole seem to have decided that previous to his death, Zarqawi must have existed after all. To mark this epiphany, the professor wrote this week that it didn't matter.

There is no evidence of operational links between his Salafi Jihadis in Iraq and the real al-Qaeda"

....Yeah, yeah. And I don't expect Cole's steady blast of nonsense to subside any time soon, either.

Meanwhile Black Iris is thrashing....

You know what I hate about Aljazeera? Its constant anti-Jordanian sentiment. In a recent article entitled “Jordan Detains Islamist Deputies” it had the following to say about Zarqawi:

Jordan brands al-Zarqawi as a terrorist and says he is the mastermind behind the triple hotel bombings that killed 60 civilians last November.

First of all, he is a terrorist with or without Jordanian “branding”. Second of all Jordan didn’t say he masterminded the bombings ZARQAWI SAID that he masterminded the attacks!

To Martin Patience who wrote this article on the BBC with the most absurd title I’ve read in a long time. Interviewing one Sheik who calls Zarqawi a hero”, a Salafi sheik no less, and then placing “City of Martyrs Salutes Zarqawi” as the title of the article is such an absurd and misleading statement. [If] you conducted interviews with every person in Salt to get their opinion I think you’d find many would disagree with you saying that they salute Zarqawi. Gimmie a break.

…and anyone else this may concern.

Zarqawi was a terrorist, simple as that. I don’t know what else I can say. I’m thinking of making diagrams and flash cards to spell it out for the people who just don’t get it. If you are mourning him or calling him a martyr then you have lost your mind. To put “martyr” and “Zarqawi” in the same sentence is something I find offensive as a Muslim first and a Jordanian second. It is offensive to the lives of the hundreds of people he slaughtered in cold blood, people who prayed in mosques, people who were getting treatments in hospitals, people who were celebrating weddings and people attending funerals. These were all his victims and there’s no dancing around it. ...And don’t tell me “he was there to fight/stand up to Americans”…the overwhelming majority of those he targeted and killed were Arabs, Iraqis, Muslims who had absolutely nothing to do with the occupation. And don’t tell me “he didn’t do those things, it’s an American conspiracy”…the mofo (proudly) claimed responsibility for all those actions! It is offensive to label him as a martyr. It is offensive to my religion and it is offensive to the families of everyone he brutally slaughtered. ...It is an insult and it is a crime and it is treasonous. And I wouldn’t mind locking up people who thought otherwise.

And I don’t care about Hamas calling him a martyr. I care when IAF deputies in Jordan go to his funeral and call him a “Mujahid”, someone fighting for the “Islamic” cause. Those deputies should be removed from their seats. I would try them for treason if I could.

Update has reprinted yesterday's post by Mohammed of Iraq the Model as he vented his ire at the non-Iraqi Arabs and Muslims mourning Zarqawi's death (h/t Jeffrey):

Hamas's reaction to the death of Zarqawi caused the contempt of so many Iraqis. The printed and watched Iraqi media lashed out vigorously on Hamas, politicians and ordinary people on the streets are just equally angered by some Arabic official and media reactions which spoke of the criminal as if he were a hero. It is totally unimaginable why someone would describe the head chopping, children murdering terrorist as a hero. It's disgusting and infuriating beyond words.

...To say I was angry is the least I can say to describe how I felt reading the comments from Arabs (in Arabic) on a BBC forum. There was no surprise that all Iraqi commentators were pleased that we got rid of that vicious terrorists but on the other hand there was probably 90% of non-Iraqi Arab commentators who mourned him as a martyr.

...if you are sane, come celebrate the moment with us, but if not, get prepared to mourn more demons.

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