Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blue Now, Hope For Later, Or Better Understanding The Iraqis

Blue Now, Hope For Later - Oil on Board By MG

We are, we are,
We are but your children,
Finding our way around indecision,
We are, we are
We are ever helpless,
Take us forever,
A whisper to a scream.

Birds Fly (A Whisper To A Scream) - Icicle Works

Hello Everyone,
I am back.
Hope you all are well.

Do Iraqis ever want to scream, they must, they must, because I know I do at times.

Never have I suffered as much anguish and pain, as in recent days. Some days I don't eat, I've lost weight, the pain and hurt filling my mind, remorseless at times. I know my feet are developing calluses from pacing around the house. Soon I will be able to firewalk through gasoline.


A few weeks ago I was burning brush in the backyard, a raging fire going, smoke galore, when the wind changed and I was engulfed in an acrid haze, a big dose of smoke sucked in to my lungs, which had me reeling away for a clear spot and fresh air.

It was at that instant I was given insight in to what someone trapped in a fire might feel.

And now with the big and little hurts coalescing inside me, I have a greater sense of empathy
for the Iraqi people and what they are going through.

True, there are no bombs exploding in my neighborhood, electricity is constant, and I don't have to worry about being kidnapped, if they do, they're not going to receive much of a ransom, but hurt and pain and a sense of forlorness and doubt are universal conditions, shared by all in times of sadness.

In those respects, I think I am turning in to an Iraqi.

Like our friend Sam of Hammorabi.

Once he welcomed the U.S. as saviours, now he is strongly asking that they leave. You can tell from his writings, that he is in a lot of pain. Sam was one of the biggest victims under the Saddam regime, as he lost fifteeen or so members of his family to Saddam's cruelties. A heavy price for any person to bear. We hope he can find peace.

And our frends Omar and Mohammed. More than a hint of sadness and resignation in their latest posts. I wonder what keeps them in Iraq? Is it loyalty, family ties, hope, perseverance, or courage?

Whatever the case, the two of them have put up the good fight and if it is time for them to leave,
they can walk away proudly.

And their brother Ali? Has he already left the country? We wish Ali good tidings and future hope wherever he may be.

And Sunshine and Momma, there in Mosul, we hope for the best for Sunshine's future, and that Momma has her operation.

And the rest of the Iraqi bloggers in Iraq, who are doing thier best to survive, and the Iraqi expatriates like our friend Fay, worrying on the outside, seeking every glimmer of good news in
Iraq, trying to keep the candles lit against the darkness.

We say to Fay, light more candles and chase the darkness away.

To all the Iraqi Bloggers, we send along our good wishes for a brighter future.

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