Friday, May 12, 2006

Al-Qaeda's Next Plan For Iraq

This is sort of related to yesterday's post regarding Salam Pax's report on Shi'a oppression in Al-Ameryiah of Baghdad. Mikal is reporting that when the pro-Iraqi forces found tape of Zarqo the Psycho bumbling with his weapon, they also found a letter by a senior Al-Qaeda operative on their plans for Baghdad.

Essentially, the plan comes down to this: Wherever in Baghdad Sunni Arabs are the majority, drive out the Shi'a Arabs.

Until now, the Iraqi Arabs have proven way too easy for the nihilists --the Takfirs and Saddam's Orphans-- to manipulate. Two years ago they declared a plan to start a civil war. Today, they to some extent have it. Now they plan to ethnic cleanse Shi'a. Will Sunni Baghdadis let it happen? They just might.

Too bad for them. When those neighborhood's contain nothing but compliant Sunni Arabs, there will be little impetus against the government turning the screws on those neighborhoods.

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