Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Day in the Life

What are the Iraqi bloggers doing today?

Salam Pax is probably sitting at home listening to tunes on his i-Pod, waiting for the craziness to die down.

Living in California now, Raed Jarrar is walking around quiet neighborhoods in the Bay Area, knocking on doors and asking people to write letters to their congressmen and congresswomen.

Faiza Jarrar, after a long trip to the US, where she was heckled by other Iraqis for being a Baathist, is back in Amman, Jordan, trying to figure out if she needs to increase her daily medication.

Omar and Mohammed are reading their daily allotments of Iraqi newspapers and getting ready to update us on the political moves in progress over the last twenty-four hours.

TAI, the half-Iraqi/half-Austrian hyper-patriot, is sitting in ... Bahrain ... and fantasizing about some mythical land of Arab Uber-Heroes.

Baghdad Treasure is deciding whether to join the "brave Iraqi resistance" or not.

24 Steps is trying to dissuade Baghdad Treasure from doing so.

Riverbend, the Baleful Baathist of Baghdad, is sitting at home on the couch, her Doc Martens up on the coffee table, wondering what to write for her ONE BLOG ENTRY for the month of April. Later she'll walk down to the vegetable seller and call him a frikking murdering Shiite bastard. In the old days under UNCLE SADDAM, she tells him, his fingernails would have been pulled out by her friends.


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