Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Muqtada Al-Sadr and Unrequited Love

Ali at Free Iraqi examines the latest statements issued by the Shia Chubby Cheeker, Muqtada Al-Sadr.
In an interview on Al Iraqiya with Ambassador Khalil Zada, the host asked the ambassador about Sadr continuous verbal attack and accusations against US policy. He replied "I want to remind Sadr that Saddam killed his father and that the US toppled Saddam. Without the efforts of the US Saddam would have been in power now and most likely would be followed by his sons and grandsons. He owes us his gratitude for what the American people have done and without us I believe his life would have been in danger. This is the message"

Well at least one man can say stuff like this to Sadr which made me feel some relief. It's unbelievable how a scum and an idiot like Sadr can destroy the hopes and dreams not only of Millions of Iraqis but also the whole region, the US and the world in building a peaceful democratic nation in this disturbed region.

Meanwhile, Caesar of Pentra offers consolation to his brother who had just been shot down by a girl he had fallen in love with at school.
After all, who is she? Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera or Paris Hilton? Why he is got to suffer cuz of her? Does he have to try again and cringe himself before her to win her heart? Well, he said that he still love her! Excuse me, bro! But this is not love, it is a mothafucka pain! You don’t have to suffer and care about a person doesn’t give a fuck about you! You mustn’t live with that illusion and punishing yourelf like that!Obsession is defined by one sided love, you should know that!I had passed through all this and my scar is a live evidence for that insanity.


Attawie talks about sleepless nights.
Sleepless nights are the best for writing poems. I sometime neglect the thoughts and try to sleep and say tomorrow I'll write them down. Tomorrow comes and I have no idea about what I wanted to write. Last month I went to a store to buy a notebook so I would write before I sleep or when I am trying to sleep. And it worked. I wrote many things ever since.

The worst thing during these sleepless nights is when all the brilliant ideas come and once you switch on the light it means staying up more hours. Plus, I hate it when I wake up late next morning.


The other day on Anarki-13's comments page, when he complained about his poor eyesight, I made a reference to Mr. Magoo. I wondered whether a reference to a cartoon that first aired in the US back in the 1960s was perhaps a stretch. I know these young Iraqi bloggers are hip and savvy, but would they know Mr. Magoo? To my surprise, this young Iraqi born in 1982 knew exactly who Mr. Magoo was! Later, I asked him how that was possible. Today he replied:
Jeffrey: i know EVERYTHING..

actually i'm lucky if i know anything at all! :D

i like Leslie Nielsen Movies, a few years back (before 2000 i guess) i had jaw-bone surgery, i was stiched up and sent home the same day to recuperate, my parents thought a good movie would make me feel better, so they went out and rented the movie "Mr.Magoo" by Nielsen, it had scenes from the cartoon in the beginning, middle and end, i watched it, halfway through i popped a stitch in my mouth and had to be dragged back to get stitched up again, i was laughing with blood coming out of my mouth for about ten minutes! it was a very very silly movie, but i guess i was still under the influence of painkillers.. when i got out i tried to find more bout the blind guy, eventually finding some episodes here and there..
I know I shouldn't laugh about Anarki-13 being carted back into surgery after busting a stitch due to Leslie Nielsen and Mr. Magoo, but I can't help it. Heh heh.


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