Wednesday, March 22, 2006

3 Feet High and Rising?

Iraq Pundit has recently taken a look at two articles on the third anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. He first reviews an article from Al Quds Al Arabi by Abdul Bari Atwan. Atwan claims that before the war Iraq was a paradise but now, with the removal of Saddam, it is hell. "Atwan does acknowledge," Iraq Pundit adds, "that those who had political ambitions to unseat Saddam suffered the consequences, but otherwise Iraq was terrific." Iraq Pundit observes a double beat and then begins the next paragraph: "Iraq was indeed terrific -- if you were Baathist or Palestinian."

Iraq Pundit also examines Fareed Zakaria's even-handed article on the anniversay. "Unlike many critics," he writes, "Zakaria takes Iraqis into consideration when talking about Iraq. And that is exactly why he makes sense."


Mohammed at Iraq the Model views the current situation in Iraq as difficult and dangerous, but ultimately he sees the future optimistically.
Yes. We are facing enormous and dangerous challenges and this is not unexpected because the old will not easily step down and accept the loss; the old will fight back fiercely and the old here is not only Saddam and the Ba'ath, the old can be found among many of our current leaders and the mentality they carry that belong to the same generation that bred Saddam but I believe they will melt away as well because no one can go against the direction of time and the clock cannot be forced backwards.

The green bud looks weak and is buried in the dirt and surrounded by a tough shell but it will break through this covering, pierce the dirt and stand on its feet to announce a new era.

We will not be defeated and orphans of the dark past will get what they deserve and our sacrifices and the sacrifices of those who stand with us shall not go in vain, our sacrifices will pave an easier road for those want to follow us when they decide it's time for them to change.

And yes…Iraq will be the model.
Meanwhile, reflecting a view held by other Iraqis, Attawie thinks that the security of a totalitarian regime is better than the current freedom and chaos that Iraqis now experience.
A couple of months just before the war we were just fine. Yes, we were worried and scared from the unknown fate ahead. Yes, we all went through the boiling and stirring situation of the then approaching war. At least we knew where our fear was coming from.
Whatever, in the new Iraq, the free Iraq, I'm free to say I don't like the new president. I'm free to say it loudly. In such a free country, we are free to say publicly what we want to say. Oh, and this freedom gives the right to other free citizens to disagree with me. Therefore, they are free to attack me, bomb my car and even kill me.

I believe the chaos results from an overdose of freedom.

Freedom lost its meaning.
Both Mohammed and Attawie represent the views of large sections of the Iraqi populace. The future of Iraq hangs in the balance between these two positions.


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