Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Support For Nazar

Two years ago (March 29th, 2004), Nazar, the 37 year old son of the Iraqi blogger, Najeeb Hanoudi, was seriously injured in a shooting accident in the Green Zone. According to Najeeb:

He was working with an American military unit in Baghdad as a contractor since the end of the war and was always very friendly and much loved by this group.

He was shot by an American soldier, although the precise details have not been made clear to Najeeb's satisfaction.

Since that time, Nazar has been in a persistant vegitative state and requires constant care. Najeeb and his wife have moved to Amman, Jordan to get him better care. However, the costs are breaking them. A friend has opened a PayPal account for them.

Go by and drop some money in the till.

Egyptian Sandmonkey Thrashes Hypocritical Middle Eastern Bloggers

As'ad the Angry Arab, Raed Jarrar, and Niki Akhaven Jarrar receive the "Five Point Palm Exploding-Heart Technique".

Are you visiting here from Scandinavia? Welcome! But, just remember who wears the horned helmet around here.


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