Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Muslims Speaking Out Against The Cartoon Protests

IraqPundit says:

Lebanon's prime minister called for calm. Some Lebanese students spoke out against the rioting. A group Muslims in Denmark have apologised for the violence. In Iraq, Sistani decried the cartoons but did not call for protests, according to the Associated Press, which said "He referred to "misguided and oppressive" segments of the Muslim community and said their actions "projected a distorted and dark image of the faith of justice, love and brotherhood." And, on the Web, Muslim Wake-Up reminds fellow Muslims that the Prophet endured many insults but never reacted to the provocations.

Are their any other unambiguously observant Muslims who are revolted by this phony scandal and the behavior of some Muslims to it? Yes, our own very observant Alaa at The Mesopotamian (once again mentioning Sistani):

In this respect I would like to draw attention to the statement issued by the venerable Al-Sistani, who while deprecating the blasphemous sacrilege, nevertheless clearly lays the blame on the extremists and Takfiris for the harm done to the image of Islam in the World, and need I remind you of the religious status of Al-Sistani. The rage of the Islamic world would be far more appropriate if it is directed against those who blow up mosques during prayer time, kidnap murder and torture innocent travelers, and all the other repertoire of atrocities committed in the name of Islam. It is this that is the real blasphemy and real affront to the name and reputation of our religion and its great founder the Prohpet (PBU), and not some silly cartoons in an obscure Danish paper that nobody would have noticed were it not for this artificial uproar of which the real agenda and purpose is all too apparent.

Amen, Alaa.

Check them both out.

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