Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hey Iraqi Sunnis, it's called BLOWBACK!!!

For the last three years the Iraqi Sunnis in their Triangle have housed, aided, and provided valuable logistical support to the foreign terrorists in their joint attacks on the Multinational Forces. But Zarqawi and his Al Qaeda in Iraq, of course, were always playing a double game. His ultimate goal was to bring civil war to Iraq, and yesterday his group scored a direct hit.

There would be no Al Qaeda in Iraq without the support of the Sunnis in the Triangle. And now, my dear lovelies, comes the BLOWBACK.

The Sunnis are a minority in Iraq and for thirty years they and their NATIONAL LEADER Saddam Hussein have repressed and tortured and killed the Shia of the south. On top of that, for the last three years the Sunnis have been killing the Shia with the help of Al Qaeda in Iraq, whose hatred of the Shia was spelled out in no uncertain terms by Zarqawi. So how long did you expect the Shia to take it lying down? There's no question now that the Shia have put together hit-squads to take out Sunnis.

Will there be a civil war? Maybe. Ali at Free Iraqi suggests that in fact a limited bloodletting might be a good thing. Let people face the reality of their actions. It might just sober them up. Others like TAI are crapping in their pants, which brings a smile to my face.

If ever Iraq needed leaders to step up and provide real leadership and guidance, it is now.

Meanwhile, the Kurds must be simply shaking their heads. Personally, I would love to see the Kurds finally get their own country due to a Zarqawi-sparked sectarian war among the Arabs. To me, that would be poetic justice.


Hey, everyone! Guess what?! A REAL debate between two Iraqis currently living in Iraq has just begun! And by two very well-known Iraqi bloggers, 24 Steps and one of the first Iraqi bloggers, Zeyad.

They disagree on how the media has been covering the aftermath of the mosque destruction. 24 Steps writes:
I was amazed how only the provocative and civil-war-style quotes were published today in the newspapers. Almost no newspaper showed how great, it appeared to us, the solidarity among Iraqis was yesterday. It is true that Sunni mosques were attacked by unknown men yesterday, and some Sunnis were killed. But that wasn’t the only thing happened as a reaction. Newspapers should have been neutral, as we were taught, and show both sides. Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Arabs, Christians, Sabians, Turkumans, and others publicly condemned the attack, but no one wanted to show the truth. I am not saying there will be no riots in Iraq to react to the shrine attack. I am not saying there weren't mosques that were attacked yesterday and burned down. I am not saying that Shiites and Sunnis kissed and hugged after the attack yesterday. All what I am saying is that the news made Iraqis look like if they were fighting each other widely in the streets, which is not true. The news only made Iraqis sound like barbarians killing each other. There are barbarian Iraqis, like other people in the world, I am not saying all Iraqis are perfect and compete with angels in their manners. But why when anything good happens, they show the bad side of it too in their stories, but when any bad thing to happen, they only write about it and not the good sides around it?

Zeyad responds:
24 Steps, What country are you living in? The press is doing what they should be doing: reporting things on the ground, events in the street. Why should anyone care about hypocritical and complimentary statements from politicians trapped in the Green Zone who first, have no idea on what is going on, and second, have no real power to control the street.

Also, you seem to ignore the inflammatory statements by the same politicians you quote. Tariq Al-Hashimi threatened reprisals against reprisals and mosque attacks. Al-Hakim called for more powers to his Badr militia, and also said Khalilzad was to blame for the Samarra bombing. Sistani called for 'groups of the faithful' (militias) to demonstrate and to protect holy sites if the government is unable to. The Accord front suspended all negotiations on forming the new government and refused to meet with UIA representatives today. The Association of Muslim Scholars are blaming Sadrists (their former allies) for the attacks against mosques, and implied that the government was behind the Samarra bombing.

These are all very dangerous and troubling statements. The press has a grip on reality, you seem not to have one.
Stop over at 24 Steps' place and join the fun. It isn't every day that two Iraqi bloggers actually debate one another.


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