Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Uday and Tookie, Together Again -- in Hell!

Raed Jarrar was very angry that the Americans toppled Saddam Hussein and he later complained when they so indecorously pulled Saddam out of his spiderhole.

Raed Jarrar cried, "But he was our NATIONAL LEADER!!!"

300,000 Iraqis were killed by Saddam and his henchmen.

No protests from Raed Jarrar. He simply explains: "It was his RIGHT because he was OUR NATIONAL LEADER."

As you all now know, Raed Jarrar married Niki Akhavan and is now living in Santa Cruz, California, as he waits for his Greencard interview with Homeland Security.

So guess what Raed Jarrar does when he learns that a convicted killer named Tookie, who would have been good pals with Uday Hussein, is about to be executed?

Yep. He goes to San Quentin and PROTESTS.

I kid you not.

Saddam orders the cold-blooded torture and murder of 300,000 Iraqis.

Raed Jarrar: "He is OUR NATIONAL LEADER. It's HIS RIGHT to do whatever he wants to do with his subjects."

Uday feeds the chicks he raped into his woodchipper.

No protests from Raed Jarrar. He tells us, "He is OUR NATIONAL LEADER'S son. He can do what he wants."

A convicted murderer is put to death and Raed Jarrar finally PROTESTS.

Raed Jarrar: I know I didn't mention this before, but I actually went to San Quentin prison in the middle of that disappointing night.

Raed Jarrar thinks that both Uday Hussein and Tookie were simply innocent, misunderstood victims of society.


Oh, by the way, Raed Jarrar has been in the United States for a couple months on his visa and already he's calling Arnold Schwarzenegger "our governor."
Our immigrant governor's speech sounded like a typical third-world speech where the big promises are about building schools and roads, as opposed to the more sophisticated issues one would expect from a Californian governor in the 21 century.


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