Sunday, December 18, 2005

Voting Age for Iraqis

Zeyad's younger brother, Nabil, reports that as an 18-year-old Iraqi he has just voted in his first election.
I woke up today at 11:30 am, and i had a little breakfast while I was checking the internet, then at 12:00 pm, I went down my street and found some of my friends, so I went with them to our pool station, and we voted, I voted for Ayad Allawi as I said before....

I felt very happy when I voted because its the first time that I actually vote, I love being 18 because it gives you alot of things....... loooooooool

ALLAWI is going to be the new iraqi PM......YEAAAAAAAAH
And Husayn somehow missed the Iraq-MUST-be-a-failure memo from the Mooronic Fringe of the Democratic Party.
Despite the questioning put forth by so many people about my nation, about what we could do, we continue to move forward. Those of you who e-mailed me, those of you who have questioned this entire episode in history - the sands of time are proving you to be WRONG.

I am happy to say that the current elections are going on without any problems, it is strange that we have no violence during elections though, if anything - it shows me that our security forces are growing in strength and that is another signal that we are moving forward.

What else can I say - except to say to the naysayers that you must stop your nonsense, and realize that Iraq will be built in a democratic fashion - and that it will happen. Despite all the violence, carnage, and negativity, the Iraqi people continue on the path to freedom.
Iraq Pundit rebuts the defeatist arguments made by Helena Cobban, Juan Cole, and then Angry Arab.
Even Angry Arab, who should know better, insists that this democracy is being imposed on a reluctant population. He overlooks the fact that more than 11 million people defied the terrorists and walked to voting stations because they wanted to. But why would he think about us?

None of these people has any use for ordinary Iraqis. They cannot see us as equal human beings. To them, we are just charming, colourful people to study in a classroom. The Coles and Cobbans skip over the reports of people being moved to tears because they were able to vote for the first time.

They prefer to say many Iraqis hate the United States. They fail to understand that the point is to elect leaders who will serve the Iraqi people. The point is not to vote for leaders who are pro-American. The goal is democracy. But then that would mean that Angry Arab, Cobban and Cole thought about Iraqi people. They're too busy waiting for Iraq to go down the drain.

It must be nice to feel so self-imporant to dismiss an entire population just like that. I can tell Angry Arab, Cobban and Cole that your opinion means nothing to the Iraqis. We are not going to allow Iraq to go down the drain just to please you. To the contrary, we plan to continue to disappoint you every day.

Mark Steyn reviews the latest twitchings of the Surrender Monkey Democrats.
Well, that old Iraqi quagmire just keeps getting worse and worse, if only for the Democratic Party. What was the straw they were clutching at back in January? Oh, yeah, sure, gazillions of Kurds and Shiites might have gone to the polls, but where were the Sunni? As some of us said at the time, the Sunni'll come out tomorrow. And so they did. On Thursday, they voted in record numbers, leaving Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats frantically scrambling for another disaffected Iraqi minority group they could use as proof that the whole crazy neocon war-for-oil scam was a bust.

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any disaffected Iraqi minority groups left. Oh, wait, there's Ahmed at 37 Sword of the Infidel Slayer Gardens in Ramadi. Apparently, he's still rejecting the new constitution. Maybe, if we're lucky, he's got a brother who's mildly irked. Whoops, sorry, they just went off to vote, too.
The Democratic Party have contrived to get themselves into a situation where bad news from Iraq is good for them and good news from Iraq is bad for them. And as there's a lot more good news than bad these days, that puts them, politically, in a tough spot -- even with a fawning media that, faced with Kerry and Murtha talking what in any objective sense is drivel, decline to call for the men with white coats but instead nod solemnly and wonder whether Bush is living "in a bubble."

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