Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Vahal's Dream and the Iraqi Elections

Today Vahal talks about his hopes for Iraq in the future, now that voting has begun:
My dream is to see Iraq become a place where all of us, Kurds and Arabs, Jews and Assyrians, Turkomen and Yezedis, Sunni and Shi'a, Chaldean and Shabak in the diaspora would be welcomed to return if we so choose.
Vahal's website on the Iraqi election is just to the right on the sidebar. I suggest stopping by Vahal's for updates.


Meanwhile Haneen writes in her diary today about Baghdadis preparing for the election:
Everyone is counting down towards the elections' day. I'll go to vote, and I hope that all of the Iraqis will do just the same. People started to stay at home preparing for the elections since today. My Mother didn't go to her job, and my Father came back early saying that the roads are almost empty. I think that if I could go out today I would see nothing down the streets but the so many posters of the lists and the elections!

Something new happened in my neighborhood today. There were some men who were distributing plastic bags contain posters and some other stuff of the elections. And the way they distributed those plastic bags was kinda fun; they threw them into the houses over the fences! They didn't even knock on doors. My aunt who happens to live in my area called us to say not to freak out if we see a bag flying in our garage! Anyone might suspect it to be a bomb! So, Iwaited, but I got no bag!! My aunt got one with a poster of Iyad Allawi's list.
Later in her entry she announces which list she will be voting for.


Hassan looks at:

555 - Unified Iraqi Coalition
618 - Tawafoq Iraqi Front
731 - National Iraqi List
730 - Kurdistani Gathering


And not a PEEP out of Raed, Khalid, and Riverbend about the election.

I'm shocked! Shocked I say!

Oh, and as Iraqis become the first Arab-dominant Middle Eastern country to elect a representative government, TAI is talking about helicopters.

I kid you not.

So much for this chest-pounding half-Austrian/half-Iraqi "patriot," I guess.


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