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Super Sexy Iraqi And Kurdish Bloggers Had Election Fever

Spooky Polling Place, Fallujah, Iraq By MG & DC

Super Sexy Iraqi And Kurdish Bloggers Had Election Fever

Well you can tell by the way I cast my Vote, I'm An Iraqi/Kurd, No time to smoke.

Voting Proud and Issues Long, We've battled back from all our wrongs.

And now the Election's here, it seems fair,
we're not going to disappear...

Election Fever - The Iraqis and Kurds Caught It

And Remember Voting Is Sexy. Ahhh, So Sexy.

I'm too Sexy for my Vote.
Too Sexy for my Vote.
I'm an Iraqi and Kurd who likes to smoke.

SuperSexy Iraqi Blogger Fay detailed her family's and friend enthusiasm to Get Out The Vote mainly for the Secular Lists:

I just finished talking to my friend in Sydney. She's going to vote for Allawi. BTW, she's Chaldean. That's a good indication on how most Iraqis are voting this time. They aren't voting for candidates based on their ethnic group.

So, Fay's friend Shook Her Kumquats for Allawi. Meanwhile's Fay's Super Sexy Dad Shook His Kumquats for Allawi too, though that may have changed:

My parents voted today in Michigan. When I talked to my dad last weekend, he was going to vote for Allawi. I'm not sure if he has changed his mind and voted for another candidate.

Fay's Super Sexy Sister debated whom to vote for:

I talked to my sister in Michigan last night. She was trying to choose between Mithal Al-Alusi and Allawi. Either one is good.

However, Fay was saddened by the fact, that she didn't have the chance to Shake Her Kumquats for anyone, because there were no polling stations open in Texas. Must be some way to integrate Iraqi Voting and Longhorn Cattle in Texas - that would open plenty of stations.

Super Sexy Dayez Shook His Kumquats for the Seculars:

In case you're wondering.. I voted for the seculars. Always do. Not that I like any of them. Most of them are either thieves or drunken buffoons. But rather a drunken buffoon than a headbanging mulla with a black turban.

Amidst a day of dreaming about sucking his girlfriend's toes, Dayez highlighted a voting flaw:

Something that bugs me whenever I vote is that no one checks my finger to see if I'd already voted. What's worse is that you can find your name in every room at the polling station. So theoretically, one can vote in several rooms, although I never tried that personally.

Not Super Sexy Attawie wanted no part of Shaking His/Her Kumquats on Election Day, because the election, this blogger revealed, wasn't a legitimate one:

I'm not going to vote. If someone is going to take part in this election (with my respect to many people I know who are going to do so) it means this someone is admitting legitimately to this process, while it's not as long as it's under the occupation forces. I didn't even take a look at the lists nor bothered myself with the false and fake promises they made.

Well, I guess they'd be much happier to be one
of the 98 percent of the voters who Shook Their Kumquats for Saddam in previous elections, which were apparently more legitimate in their eyes.

Super Sexy Alaa of The Mesopotamian was greatly excited by the significance of the Iraqis Shaking Their Kumquats for a wide variety of candidates:

Today was a tremendous moment of our history, a turning point and a real milestone. Say what you like; things are not perfect; there are countless problems; the "insurgency" is not going to disappear; the reconstruction effort is in shambles; there is corruption and thieving everywhere; errors and mistakes in everything. Yet despite all that, the political process is proceeding like a dream and the tree of freedom is taking roots, and that tree will continue to grow and grow and grow. The Iraqis are again confounding all the "pundits" and "experts". But some just cannot understand the true soul of a people. That this most profound revolution initiated by an act of liberation, by the daring praxis of the Americans, driven by some mysterious hand of the Providence, has touched the innermost womb of a nation, and that the present agonies of this nation are those of giving birth and new life. Oh no, that they cannot understand. Well then, let them witness surprise after nasty surprise that will confound their logic and demolish their arguments. But the word mongers will always find something to say, as wild dogs are always wont to bark all the more hysterically as they are irked.

The Super Sexy Guy Spinning the Iraqi Roulette Wheel Shook His Kumquats on Voting Day, but isn't as happy as Alaa with the results:

All Iraqis are watching with astonishment on local and Arabic channels reports about the unprecedented success of list 555, people dancing up and down holding portraits of religious leaders celebrating the victory ! . And worse of all, our very own Condoleeza Rice i.e. Mowafaq al Rubai is popping in and out of these channels talking about forming a government since they have won indisputably! , He said - we will contact the ( small parties) and offer our vision of the future, we have the right now to appoint our own PM !. Now this is terrorizing , also reports say that they have been terrorizing voters especially in southern and middle governorates, where the power of religion is present and simple people are made to think that they are disobeying God if they do not vote properly...It is likely that the Party is over and every one is going to roll their sleeves up now and get on with the cleaning up... Poor poor us!!

Super Sexy Caesar of Pentra was planning to Shake His Kumquats for a secular listee and explains why:

Canceling all the spiritual (religiuos) lists and picking out a secular one to mark over.
It is not the religion's blemish but the matter of fact that all the islamic parties here (whether was sunni or shiit) are exploiting Islam to verify something for their own with no link have to do with Islam. Besides, it must be detaching policy from religion. Regimes as Iran, KSA, Afghanstan (during Talaban's reign) and Sudan are such examples of that theory, I also wanna annex the current government of Iraq to that list.

Super Sexy Haneen the Girl With Love Shook Her Kumquats too on Election Day and has a Pic of her purple finger to prove it. Or could that be a stunt double's purple finger? A Clone of Haneen's purple finger? Or the Ayatollah Sistani's purple finger that has never touched a Christian or a Jew? What ever the case, there's a purple finger there, so someone voted. Haneen also provides great insight in to the Pre-Election Night Mosque's Don't Drink The Water, It's Poisoned False Rumor Stunt, that woke up half of Baghdad and left a lot of Iraqis cranky on voting day.

Super Sexy Nancy from Beth-Nahrain wanted to Shake
Her Kumquats for anyone on voting day, but the nearest polling place was hundreds of miles away,
so disappointingly she couldn't vote.

However, Nancy brings good news about the Christians in Northern Iraq, where as many as 200,000 of them weren't able to vote in the previous election, but were able to Shake Their Kumquats in this one:

(MG: Mike notes)
but I read this week a moving story about christians in a small christian town of 10,000 not far from Mosul where the people were NOT allowed to vote back in january.

Hi Mike,
This was in fact true (except the number was more like 200,000) and it had upset a lot of us and many Christian villages in Iraq went out on protests...but the situation was quickly dismissed as being a "technical error"! the link below is an article I had wrote for my college newspaper at the time about it...
Emory Wheel article nothing like this happened this time around though, which is certainly good to know:)

Not Super Sexy at all Ladybird exhibited her Arab Parallel Universe thinking as she exhorted Iraqis not to Shake Their Kumquats on Election Day and wasn't planning to vote herself:

As for myself I will not vote and I will not encourage anybody to vote because I don't want to be part of one of the two choices ( kissing Americans boots or Iranians boots).

So, amidst the hundreds of candidates, there wasn't any middle ground between the Iranians and Americans.

But wait, Ladybird found such a candidate (with a few flaws):

My advice (t)o Iraqis if they would like to participate in the election to choose Allawi not because he is a patriot Iraqi (he isn't) but because he is a corrupt-businessman and this type of persons will always blessed by the Americans.

Ahhh, the Americans always embrace those corrupt officials like Saddam Hussein.

And how will those Neocon Bushitler Americans go about endowing Allawi with the credentials of leadership:

Let's make this more clear: The Americans will try to create a hero from him, how they are going to manage this? Answer: Easy… They stop their support to the terrorists and take serious steps to control the Iraqi borders, out of the sudden the so called Zarqawi will be captured or killed, much important they will release the money for reconstruction and people will see a real improvements in daily life issues (security, electricity. Water).

So, the Americans will stop supporting the terrorists! Well, what can you say, but lets get this War On Terror started then. Shame on you George Bush for waiting this long. Hmmmm, Ladybird's Old Lobotomy doesn't appear to be taking.

Not Super Sexy Truth About Iraqis didn't Shake His Kumquats for Iraq from wherever he is, because he couldn't vote:

I didn't vote because expat voting wasn't available in my locale. Only 15 countries had it.

But, if he could, he'd Shake His Kumquats for Co-A.P.U. Member Ladybird's pick Allawi:

I would have voted for Allawi, a man I much despised exactly a year ago. I still think he is a brute of a man and thug in politics. But he is deeply secularist Shia. And a former Baathist. He has promised other Baathists some kind of deal.

Ahh, to think he couldn't vote and left Ladybird further in the clutches of her disappointment.

Not Super Sexy
as to be expected wasn't liking
the what the election had to offer:

The last press conference I watched of Hakim (MG: of List #555) was a few days ago. He was warning his followers of electoral fraud, which is slightly ironic considering his group has been accused of all sorts of fraud this last year. The audience was what caught my interest. The women were sitting on one side of the audience and the men were sitting on the other side, the sexes separated by a narrow aisle. The women all wore black abbayas and headscarves. It could have been a scene out of Teheran.

Some of Allawi's campaign posters show himself and Safiya Al-Suhail. I can only guess Safiya being used in his campaign posters is meant as a gesture to Iraqi women who have felt more oppressed this year than ever. The problem is that if there's one woman Iraqi females can't relate to- it's Safiya Suhail. She's the daughter of some tribal leader who was assassinated abroad in the eighties or seventies- I'm not sure. She was raised in Lebanon and when she's on TV she comes across as arrogant, huffy and awkward with her Iraqi accent tainted with the Lebanese dialect...

More people are going to elect this time around- not because Iraqis suddenly believe in American-imposed democracy under occupation, but because the situation this last year has been intolerable. Hakim and Ja'affari and their minions have managed to botch things up so badly, Allawi is actually looking acceptable in the eyes of many. I still can't stand him

It is not known whether Riverbend Shook Her Kumquats on Election Day, but since she hated everyone not named Saddam, who would she have voted for?

Super Sexy Sunshine's
Super Sexiest Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma all Shook Their Kumquats Election Day and went off to vote. Sunshine, of course, was too young to participate, but if she could, she would have Shook Her Kumquats for a now familar name:

If I could vote , I would vote for Allawy (731), but this is my OWN opinion , some people may agree with me , & some may disagree , I think that Allway is an educated & courageous man , & that what we need ….again this is my opinion & I might be wrong !

And be sure to check out the Pic of the entire Sunshine Clan's Blue Fingers.

Super Sexy Sanyora of a Smile To Your Life was another one of the young Iraqi Bloggers too young to Shake Her Kumquats in the election, but her Super Sexiest Parents participated:

Hello friends..
As you know, today is the election day,it is an important day for all Iraqis..... From this morning everybody went to the election's centers to vote for someone. My parents also went this morning to vote, everything was going on correctly. The policemen were everwhere trying to protect people & ensure their safety. Even they put barbwires infront of our house to ansure that no car could reach the nearest center.
Infact all Iraqi people were waiting for this day , it is the day of the big elections so we all pray that every Iraqi could participate in it peacefully & we wish that the coming government will be the beginning for a bright future.

Not Super Sexy Faiza Jarrar did Shake Her Kumquats on Voting Day for someone. I'm sure she was fantasizing, what if My Sweet Saddam could run in this election -- the Sweet Saddam that gave me the Three Mercedes and Two Homes -- but Explodes with Anger after seeing a Reuters Photo of an Iraqi Jew voting:

But this morning, a picture in the newspapers, by Reuters, attracted my attention; it was the picture of an Israeli man, carrying his identity papers and passport, holding up his blue ink- stained finger in front the camera, happy that he also voted with the Iraqis in one of the voting centers in Amman.
I do not know how?
Was his father borne in Baghdad, for example? So he obtained this right?
And how did this right come to be? Where from?
Does it mean that if an Indian, Pakistani, French or Dutch person came along, who was borne in Baghdad for whatever reason; would he be a citizen with the right to vote?
Isn't this a comedy?
Who put these extraordinary rules?

But wait, the Feisty Faiza isn't done exhibiting all the usual Jarrar Family Anti-Jew/Israel Hatred:

If this was justice, well then; I agree So, let all the Palestinians who were born in Haifa, Yafa, Akk'a, and all the other Palestinian towns and villages ,that were stolen by Israel and given to Jews to live in, let all the people of those towns have the right to vote in the next Israeli elections, and let them have the right to decide the fate of Israel's policy and its future, otherwise, why would that right be given to an Israeli to vote, like any other Iraqi with Iraqi parents who live in Iraq since hundreds of years?

Fly to Israel, Faiza Honey, and change the Voting Laws there, if it bothers you that much.
Faiza goes on to express more of what's on her alleged mind:

If the Jews of Iraq remained in Iraq, and didn't immigrate to Palestine, if they hadn't permitted themselves to live in houses which their government extorted from the Palestinian residents, if the Jews of Iraq had remained in Iraq; then, yes, they would've had the full right of citizenship like any other Iraqi.

Now, I wonder why the Jews of Iraq moved to Israel? Hmmmm, could it be they were suffering from the same intolerance that Faiza is showcasing? Could the conditions in Israel be better for the Jews? Could they live in a place, where they wouldn't be treated as second class citizens as many non-Muslims are in countries where Islam is the predominate faith?

I do find it funny though, Faiza talking about "full right of citizenship", when she and her family were endowed under the previous regime with many more rights than the Average Iraqi. And, if you don't like the Iraqi policy regarding Expatriate Iraqis and their descendants, Faiza, move back to Baghdad from your Palatial Estate in Amman (Club Med for Baathists) and lobby for a change in voting eligibility.

Faiza with a Head of Steam of Jew Hatred throttles forward with her grievances:

But they went there, and participated in creating an unjust state that built its existence on the ruin, devastation, killing, and dislodgement of another nation, whose people are still scattered in various places around the world. Where is justice?

Somehow, the League of Nations didn't exactly
concur with Faiza's comprehension of the
situation, establishing the Nation of Israel
in 1948 under a British Mandate.

Unfortunately, you can't call the Jarrar's Anti-Semites, because they are Semitic themselves as Raed would tell you, but Anti-Jew and Loathing for Israel - Whooooo. Israel Rage. Jew Rage. Israel Rage. Jew Rage. Israel Rage. Jew Rage...Continues
from Faiza:

And the Israeli, what would he want? What is the horizon of his ambitions in Iraq?
Don't tell me he will die from sorrow and worry about Iraq, or that he wants welfare, a secure future, freedom, and independence for Iraq.

Oh, perhaps he wants to participate in building Iraq, by bringing in Israeli companies that are suffering from economical recession, those who want to work in rebuilding Iraq, and improve the economy of the poor Israeli state… my ,my, what noble, humanitarian intentions.

How soon before the Jarrars start denying the Holocaust? Not gracious at all, Faiza.

Much more gracious was Super Sexy Najma, who wished she could have Shaken Her Kumquats on election day and whose entire family turned out to Shake Their Kumquats in a good Patriotic Iraqi way:

I'm under 18, I can't vote, but my parents, my sister and her husband and the rest of the family went to vote..

Two lists have a popularity here, list number 618 (Tawafuq Iraqi front) and list number 731 (National Iraqi list). The first list was chosen by most of my relatives and neighbours in Mosul. A Christian neighbor, who's also a good friend of dad, decided to choose that too, since as the posters say, it's for clean hands -no crminal or suspicious records for the representatives-. But I did hear classmates talking about how their parents are voting for 731.

And Najma's wizened and loveable Super Sexiest Grandpa voted, with Proud Grandchild Najma showing the pic of Gramps holding his blue finger up.

Najma's Super Sexy cousin Hassan of An Average Iraqi tells us more about Grandpa's day at the polls:

This is my 85 year old grandfather. He was treated like a king there. He sat in a chair, and they brought the pen and ballot paper to him. He chose his list, gave it to them, they folded it, and put it in the box. Then they brought him the ink pot.

And Hassan has some nice election day photos from Baghdad. Meanwhile, Hassan's Uncle Super Sexy Dr. Turth Teller of a Citizen Of Mosul Shook His Kumquats, as Najma already told you, and explains the family's post-voting anxiety:

After the end of the voting, we stayed anxious for the results. The people responsible said that the result will be announced after 2 weeks.
Un official news leaked out, and every body claim that his list are winning. I count more than four groups each claim a great result. There seem to be no loser in this election.
I feel comfortable because the group I voted for, claims he get excellent result in several provinces including Nineveh.
The supervisor authorities said all the result announced till now are not official, and probably not correct.

On the Kurdish Front, Not Super Sexy Kurdo didn't Shake His Kumquats election day,
as he was apparently occupied with work, but he regained his Super Sexyness with lots of good Voting Coverage with many links from a Kurdish perspective, and he talks about electoral fraud:

Removable Ink ?!
I did not participate. But fraud and cheating was very wide across the whole of Iraq. My friend who works in Baghdad told me that he and his friends voted several times because the purple ink could be washed off with any cleaning liquid.
Another way to remove the ink was to dip your finger in oil (cooking oil, car oil etc) before entering the polling center, then washing your hands with soap was enough to get it off.

Strangely enough, the Not Super Sexy KBU had very little election coverage. But very little is a vast improvement over the Not Very Sexy Friends Of Democracy , which seems to have died out in October. Spirit of America what is
happening with your Friends of Democracy offshoot?

Super Sexy Kurdish Blogger Hiwa unlike FOD, has plenty of spirit and Love for a United Kurdistan.
He indeed Shook His Kumquats and tells us: I voted my flag, nothing else!

Super Sexy Iraqi-Kurd Bilal Wahab of the Better Kurdistan and Iraq blog was super enthused about the election. He, like his fellow Iraqi-Kurd counterpart Vahal, got to meet President Bush in
the Oval Office after Shaking His Kumquats, and tells us about it:

I had the pleasure of meeting President Bush in this historic day, December 15, 2005 in the Oval Office. He talked with and listened to us, Iraqi voters, for about an hour, took individual picture with us and gave us each a souvenir. He promised us that the US will not abandon Iraq this time.
He encouraged us to make a better future for Iraq because he believes we can. I was dressed up in my traditional Kurdish outfit, the second Kurdish suit after President Barzani's.
He was as enthusiastic as we were about the elections, took pride in our purple fingers and related to each of us. Knowing that he has a good sense of humor himself, I told him a joke about him and Saddam. He liked it.

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