Saturday, December 03, 2005

Slap-Dash Posters, Election Fever, and the Coalition Numbers

Hassan over at Average Iraqi offers us a snapshot of the ramped-up election fever boiling in Iraq right now.
When I go out these days. I see no empty wall. They are all covered in posters. Sometimes there would be layers of them. As competition rises. No empty spot is left. So posters are being put above others. The fever has reached the TV and radio too. As the commercials between shows and songs are being filled up by election commercials. Right now the different candidates and organizations have allied with each other. Creating what is called here "Coalitions". Reducing the number of candidates from a couple of hundreds to only nineteen. We will vote for these coalitions. Each one of them has a vote number. If I want to vote for a certain coalition. I would write the vote number of that coalition on the ballot sheet. You will find below a list of all these coalitions and the names of the different organizations they consist of.
Also check out the list of coalitions and their respective list numbers that Hassan provides.

Or, if you prefer, go over over to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq, find "Political Entities" under "Candidates" and click for an English and Arabic "final list of coalitions."


The ITM brothers also have an update today on election fever and all the political moves being made as the 15th approaches.


For those of you who have been following Baghdad Treasure's blog and his entries about his upcoming trip to the US, we have good news.

Baghdad Treasure has arrived safely in Boston!

Welcome to the US!


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