Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fill In The Bubble

I was going to put something here, but I couldn't think of anything.
Any ideas?

It was just something that occurred to me when I saw the picture at Iraq the Model of prisoners voting Monday, and then when I heard about Purple Finger For Freedom website.

Vahal at The Iraqi Vote has a post today on Kurdish Talibani saying he won't re-up for the job of President of Iraq with the next government. Vahal does some supposing on why he's made that decision. This is the comment I left:

Isn't it more likely this has something to do with the firing of 13 high ranking Kurdish officers from the Defense Ministry and the demand by the Iraqi government that the peshmurgas surrender their heavy weapons?

Not that I don't see the point in having the militias surrender their weapons, but I think the SCIRI Badr Brigade and other Shi'a militias should be disarmed first since obviously the ruling party has less perceived need of them.

Dismantling the militias (which currently are as much or more the oppressors of their people as their defenders) is going to be a touchy subject in any case, but if the Shi'a-dominated parties intend to hold the country together, they should lead the way.


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