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Thinker Burning By DC


The Moslem Riots of Paris have spread to more than 300 cities and towns. The Police Force is being targeted:

In addition 36 policemen were injured overnight - the worst figure to date - amid signs that rioters were deliberately seeking out clashes with the security forces.

At Grigny in the southern Paris suburbs two police officers were hospitalised after being hit by gun-shot in what colleagues said was an ambush set by a gang of youths.

"Their aim is to get us. It is to kill policemen," an officer who witnessed the incident told interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy who visited their headquarters overnight.

Ambushes! What are these, the Terrorist Insurgents of Iraq? Certainly, their methods seem similar and the cry of Baghdad has been invoked:

'Each night we turn this place into Baghdad', says one masked youth in Sevran near Paris.

Muslim Businesses and Mosques are being bypassed, Churches and Synagogues are endangered. They attacked a Protestant Church in Meulan:

Tonight the Protestant church in Meulan was attacked. The roof is completely destroyed. I do not yet know if the interior is completely destroyed or not. You can’t smoke in a mosque, but trashing a church is less serious.

And as Mark Steyn notes:

For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest. They seem to have lost that battle.

Yes, there's definitely an Ethnic or Racial Component to the Moslem Rioters ire (Hat Tip: LGF):

The fact...remains, according to many witnesses, that the rioters torch only “white” cars, meaning white owned cars, and spare “Islamic” or “black” ones. One way to discriminate between them is to look for ethnic signs like a sticker with Koranic verses or a picture of the Kaaba in Mekka or a stylized map of Africa. Further evidence of the animating influence in the riots lies with the French rap music to which the perpetrators listen. Such music obsessively describes White France as a sexual prey.

And what exactly is the problem or problems with these Rioting Moslems any ways? Dr. Jack Wheeler via Jihad Watch sums it up:

“The problem is not that these Moslem kids are unemployed, but that they are unemployable. They are illiterate, unskilled except in crime, don't speak French well, refuse to assimilate into French culture and think being Moslem is more important than being French. Worse, they are paid by the French welfare state not to work, living well off the dole (and crime). The problem was epitomized by these words of a young Moslem rioter to a French reporter: 'In the day we sleep, go see our girlfriends, and play video games. And in the evening we have a good time: we go and fight the police.'”

These Very Frisky Moslem Youths all seem to be wearing nice Designer Clothing and toting Cell Phones. A Commenter at LGF asks: Where is the money coming from for cellphones and labeled clothing? These are supposed to be undereducated, jobless youths. Why hasn't the media ask(ed) this?

Why indeed. Maybe I should start rioting. I don't have the money for a cell phone or designer clothing. And, as to why the Mainstream Media hasn't investigated the issue more clearly, is it because they're intimidated by Islam? Or that the Riots clearly demonstrate President Bush's War on Terror is the right path to take in the face of Ever-Expanding Islamist Aggression?

Meanwhile, the French, Bless their Little Socialist Hearts, have finally started to address the problem of their Rioting Moslem Youths by allowing Local Prefects to issue curfews. Even that unfortunately, is most likely an example of passing the buck by the Chirac government:

Earlier today Devillepanic stated that power would be given to mayors to take stern measures that they deem fit. There are numerous reasons why asswipe2 would say this:
1. He wants the mayors to do what the government cannot -- authorize violent measures against the protesters. We can't have the UN and the world MSM blaming Chirac and the official government for authorizing violence against unarmed protesters. This way the mayors do it, Chirac chastiezes them and tells the world this was an accident by local officials, and secretly breathes relief.
2. Simply, the government can't reach consensus and so is passing the buck.

Now, the question is whether the Muslim Youths will escalate their conflict. Perhaps not:

Belmont Club commenter Red River makes the interesting conjecture that rioting "youths" in Paris have confined their primary mode of attack to car burning as part of a deliberate brinkmanship. Car burning is spectacular, serious enough to get attention yet -- and this is the vital point -- not serious enough to provoke lethal force. By staying just shy of the threshold, the rioters can maximize their rate of propagation at minimum danger to themselves.

Whatever the case, the French government has been tardy in addressing the Rioting Issue. Rather than use the Maximum Amount of force at one time to cut short the conflict, to chop the head off of the Islamofascist Snake in one fell swoop, they've instead relied on the same methods that have seen: 28,000 car torchings in France this average of 70 torchings a day (21,000 / ~300 days) before the recent trouble. It doesn't sound as if French authorities have had control in the recent past...

No, it does not, and sadly the insanity has spread to the Blogging Community in France. According to Yahoo France - Hat Tip: No Pasaran!
three French bloggers have been arrested for Incitement, calling for Rioting on their Blogs.

I'd love to see both the Rioters and these Dopey Bloggers sent away for a long time, forced to participate in Chain Gangs escorted by French guards riding shotgun on horseback, and sent out to rebuild the communities they've ruined.

After all, no one forced these Rioters to exist in the squalor of their depleted lives,
as Chubby Vegan, LGF notes about these Rampaging Rioters:

"poor and disanfrachised"?!?!?!? I have such pity for them. I mean, before they left Africa their families were all upper middleclass. France made their families want to settle for menial labor jobs France made their families not want to better themselves France made their families not want better for their children Yeah...It's all France's fault...

Yes, the Personal Responsibility of both the Moslem Rioters and the French Authorities is clearly lacking these days.

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