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Jebel al Madhbah, Jordan: The Mountain of Moses or Mount Sinai - Oil on Board by MG


In an Irony of Ironies, the Amman Hotel Bombings were allegedly carried out by four Iraqis. Usually, it's been the other way around, as the Jordanian Jihadis have inflicted much suffering on their Mideast Brethren, but this time the Iraqis struck back: (via Rantburg):

Four Iraqis, including a husband and wife, carried out the triple suicide bombings against luxury hotels in the Jordanian capital, Al-Qaeda's branch in Iraq said in an internet statement today.

"The group charged with planning, preparing and implementing (the attacks) was made up of three men: commanders Abu Khabib, Abu Muaz and Abu Omaira. Their fourth was the venerable sister Om Omaira," said the statement.

"All the members of the group were Iraqis," said the statement, whose authenticity could not be verified, adding: "Om Omaira chose to follow her husband, Abu Omaira, on the path of a martyr."

Ahhhh, A regular Romantic Terrorist Couple they were. That Exploding Twosome is going to have to acquire a Much Larger Marital Bed in Hell, what with those 144 Virgin Imps and their extra sharp pitchforks to share it with.

They are now gone to their dreary fate. We remain to ask the question: SHOULD WE GRIEVE FOR THE JORDANIANS?

Of course we should feel sorry for them, but there's part of me that says: "A Ha. More than 60 percent of you Jordanians in a recent poll approved of suicide bombings, and you Jordanians regularly carry out such attacks in Iraq. Now that the Islamofascist Chickens have come home to roost among you, you reap what you sow."

The other part of me, however, feels bad that it happened and hopes it serves as a wake up call for the Jordanians, who were so quick to embrace or not speak out against terror when it was inflicted by them or others on Iraq, the U.S., or Israel.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that wake-up call has been received yet. There are Palestinians in Jordan who seem, somewhat disappointed that the bombings didn't take out any of the non-believers, especially those Jewish or American nonbelievers (via LGF):

Such condemnations were widespread Thursday, but many Palestinians seemed most upset that the victims in Amman were Muslim. Some hinted that attacks against Israeli or American targets could still be acceptable.

Isn't that heartwarming to those of us in the West. Meanwhile, NostraSamus, aka Hammorabi Sam who predicted the attacks on Jordan, is pretty POed at the hypocricy of these Jordanians:

Jordanians were involved in killing many Iraqis by many suicidal attacks like (Albanna) who killed many innocent Iraqis in Al-Hilla few months ago and of course Abomusaab Zarqawi who enjoyed open support from many Jordanians about what he is doing in Iraq. Indeed when the Jordanian terrorist killed many Iraqis in Al-Hilla his tribe and friends celebrated with happiness. They did for him wedding ceremony! One of the Jordanian MPs who was asked yesterday by Alarabyiah TV, he condemned the hotel attacks and dreadfully on the same time supported the terrorist attacks in Iraq by saying that such attacks are different (justified) in countries under occupation! He means they are OK in Iraq and Israel! The Arab media including these three countries manipulate and lie about the facts in Iraq. They tell their people how victorious are the (Mujahdeen) against the infidels and their Iraqi supporters. They show the attacks against the restaurants, hotels, and other civilians in Iraq as heroic attacks against the infidels. It is a double standard which is also experienced by some of the Western media like the BBC, the CNN, the Sky News, the CBC and the others. None of these media mention the role of the theologies of the Wahabism in SA or Jordan.

Sam's fellow Iraqi Blogger, Omar at ITM weighs in with some equal dissolution :

Terror attacks in Jordan!
The people pay for their governments' and media's denial and simple and as sad as that.

The Greta Garbo of the Iraqi Bloggers: Healing Iraq's Zeyad via Mental Mayhem takes a more concilatory approach:

Natasha, please accept my heartfelt condolences for this trajedy. I always regard Amman as a second home next to my Baghdad.
Nothing in the world can justify attacks against civilians, whether they be Jordanian, Iraqi, Palestinian or from any other country, race or creed in the world.
I see tragedies like these everyday in my hometown, to the point that it ceases to be shocking any more. Amman will be fine again like it used to be.

The Jordanian Bloggers themselves are taking the death and explosions on the homefront hard, and some appear to get it. Jordanian Blogger Banzeen understands the dichotomy of supporting terrorism:

Nothing to say. Keep your head up high. I wonder if 60% of Jordanians still support attacks on civilians in the name of Islam.

Jordanian Blogger Oleander talks about the some Jordanians' Justification of Terrorism:

While I'm on the issue of justification, the other point I want to make is about a segment of the Jordanian society that, outwardly or inwardly, supported such actions when they took place around us. When it happened to the west, serves them right for what they did to our brethren in Palestine and Iraq. When it's happening in Iraq, that's legitimate resistance against occupation. Now that it sadly hit home I just pray that they'd see the light and realize that terror is NEVER a method, it's never the answer. I won't hold my breath for that though, I know that sadly many of them will echo similar rhetoric to that of Al Arabiya (Israelis and westerners), and Al Zarqawi (infidels). I just hope that every Jordanian will take a look deep down inside and realize what truly matters. Hopefully this will clip any wings extremist had in Jordan.

Others are a bit iffy on the concept of Truth and seem wlling to embrace Crazy
Conspiracy Theories, such as this one espoused by Firas at the I Love Amman blog:

I remember after the 9/11 occurred in NYC, there were many rumors spreading all over the internet that Jewish employees at the trade center, didn't go to work that day! Of course, no one believed such stupid things, except the naive Arabs! The rumors where exclusively posted on Arabic websites. The Pro-Israelis were craving over this. In almost every single TV debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you will hear this popping up, that Arabs are people who believe in the conspiracy theory and would believe any stupid thing, and they always blame Israel for anything that goes wrong!

MG: I think the Blame Israel folks include more than just the naive Arabs.

Again, when Arafat was ailing in France, he was pronounced dead like 20 times before he died, yet again no one knew who was spreading the conflicting reports to the media outlets!

MG: Oh oh, I think he's going to eventually enlighten us with who is spreading these rumors.

For no reason, the riots in France are now dubbed "Intifada" , though there are no much commons between the Palestinian Intifada and the French riots, the phrase has spread! And now people would think of Intifada, as savage people rioting and burning everything. Though I first encoutered the phrase "French Intifada", on the webpages posted below.

MG: Yeah, that Regular Intifada was just a Peace
and Love Movement.

Now, when terrorism has struck my beloved Amman, some websites reported that the Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from Radisson Sas hotel, just hours before the explosion. Now this goes in line with the same rumors of 9/11! How weird?! Of course, unfortunately many Jordanian would believe this, you know we are the people of the conspiracy theory, and when it comes to Israel we believe anything! But the question is, who has spread these rumors?

MG: Who, oh who, could be spreading these scurrilous rumors, Firas. I think he's going to tell us.

Well it was and still is ISRAEL! The Israeli newspaper Haaertz , defiantly published an article that the Jordanian security forces evacuated Israeli BEFORE the attacks happen. Now they have retracted these claims!

MG: The Evil Joooos working their magic against the Arab World once again. Hard to believe they haven't annexed the entire Middle East yet.

The damage has been done now! There is no way to convince Jordanians that this was not true! And of course the Pro-Israelis now would take advantage of this saying how Jordanians are accusing Israel for the bombings, and we are such a brainwashed nation who believes in rumors...

MG: Brainwashed. He's got that part right.

Please, please people don't believe such things!
I guess now we know who spreads such rumors and use them later!!
Before posting any article, please think twice before doing so!

These are bad, hateful websites to avoid!

Hard to believe he wouldn't like Jihad Watch or Defend Democracy. Charles at LGF should sue for not being on the list.

Then there's Liberal Jordanian-American Professor Linda of Discovering Life chastising her Fellow American Citizens
for what she calls cultural ignorance, and being
"ignorant, vengeful, unwilling to open up and co-exist with the other..."

...It is amazing what people, educated people mind you, will say. I was kind of surprised by some of the comments I heard from some of my students and colleagues when they were informed about the attacks in Amman. One said, “What is wrong with you Arabs?” Another said “That is so typical of all those Arabs to kill each other.” And one that disturbed me most, “Hey as long as they are not coming here and killing Americans, then who cares.”

I responded with a smile and a kind, “Well you have a wonderful day.”

These remarks made me think of the American coverage of these attacks and I have to say, there is something disturbing about this egocentric way of thinking in the States. I will always be proud to be an American and a Jordanian, but I am embarrassed of the cultural ignorance that exists in this country.

MG: Yet, somehow your family and you Professor, deigned to come to this country and settle amongst we culturally ignorant types.

As long as we stay ignorant, vengeful, unwilling to open up and co-exist with the other, we are always going to live in a world filled with hatred, violence and evilness.

Of course before the US arrived on the World Scene with the Liberal Professor's recitation of our flaws and frailties, the planet was just a happy, peachy keen place to live, with no evil, hatred, or violence, especially in her Arab World where Democracy overflowed and freedom was accorded to all. Ha! And I wonder what could have brought on such American vengenance? Perhaps a few planes crashing into some American skycrapers or something.

Sadly, the Professor is so blinded by her convictions, that she doesn't understand that most of the evil, ignorance, hate, and violence originates from without not within. But, it's a free country Professor, and if you don't like the way things are here, you can return to your beloved Jordan and the Middle East any time you want. Or maybe not...

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