Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One Iraqi Said to the Other

Iraqi bloggers generally resist commenting about their fellow Iraqi bloggers. Still, there have been a few occasions when they have addressed issues directly to particular colleagues in the Iraqi blogosphere. You may recall both the ITM brothers and Salam Pax blogging about specific comments that had been made by other fellow Iraqis. But, in general, the Iraqi bloggers have refrained from discussing remarks made by other Iraqis.

Today, however, IraqiPundit has posted a very moderate, even-handed blog entry called Sister Riverbend, in which he speaks directly to several fellow Iraqi bloggers, one of them being the Doleful Dame of Baghdad, Riverbend.
My Iraqi sister, Riverbend, disappoints me when she discusses the current situation in Iraq. I am saddened by her references to the ethnic and religious divisions in the country. Why point out what sect the victims of killings are? It gives the impression that she is more upset when the dead are Sunnis killed by Shiite thugs. I know that she is a good Iraqi and is equally upset when the victims are Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Kurds and so on, no matter who the killers are. But why would she fall into that pattern that the Westerners insist upon? I don't understand. Our country is known for its rich mix of peoples who respect each other. Why ignore our traditions now? Riverbend knows that Iraqis consider it impolite to discuss who is Sunni and who is Shiite.
For myself, I don't think the verb "disappoints" adequately captures what around two years of exposure to Riverbend's Saturnine orbit has done to me.


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