Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Voices in the Iraqi Blogosphere

As many of you have already noticed, the Iraqi Blogosphere has started to hum again with new voices. Baghdad Treasure and 24 Steps to Liberty have joined the conversation and come to the debates as working journalists inside Iraq.

Today 24 Steps to Liberty interrupts posting another entry from his journal kept during a visit to the United States earlier this year to sound off blogger-style about terrorism in Iraq and the Middle East.

These two new Iraqi blogger/journalists have also attempted something that only Salam Pax himself has done in the past, offering detailed criticism of Riverbend's views on the situation in Iraq. Like many others, they respect Riverbend's ideas, but just the same they are willing to debate those areas where they think she is less than truthful.

Baghdad Treasure's Critical Analysis of Riverbend's Latest Blog Entry.

In the comments page for Baghdad Treasure's blog entry linked above, 24 Steps to Liberty posted a detailed email that he had sent to Riverbend. Along with Baghdad Treasure's comments, it is well worth reading.


Hassan over at An Average Iraqi posts a well-researched history of the Iraqi Blogosphere.



Mr. Peabody's Improbable History / Salam Pax, Raed Jarrar, and Gaith "G" Ahad.

You'll find a CLASSIC SALAM PAX blog entry inside the narrative frame!


Ambassador Fayrouz says goodbye.

I understand her reasons, but it's still hard to accept. Fay has been a moral guide for all of us in the Iraqi Blogosphere. I always looked to Fay for her clear judgment on so many matters.

Please stop by Fay's.


Responding to the news of the terrorist attacks in Amman, Jordan, Nadz rips "Zarcoward" a new one.


Baghdad Treasure blogs about reporting on the terrorist attack at a restaurant in Baghdad.


Say HELLO to Haneen, another new Iraqi voice in the blogosphere.


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