Thursday, November 03, 2005

In Riverbend's World . . .

In Riverbend's World the Iraqis have not voted on the constitutional referendum yet.

In Riverbend's World the Shia Scum are trying to RULE IRAQ.

In Riverbend's World Raed Jarrar's MEIN FUEHRER Saddam Hussein is still BIG DADDY.

In Riverbend's World the electrictiy always goes out every two hours.

In Riverbend's World the assorted car thieves, shake-down artists, kidnap experts, Islamic head-slicers, and other assorted vermin are all BRAVE FALLUJANS fighting in the GLORIOUS RESISTANCE.

In Riverbend's World the door to her BA'ATHIST BAT CAVE is always CLOSED.

In Riverbend's World . . .

Anyone wanna try?



Another Jeffrey Holmes Mystery: The Strange Case of Asmar Ahmad.

As I re-read "The Strange Case of Asmar Ahmad" this morning in my office, I realized that I have often been far too lenient with my dear Watson. In that case, I should have monitored his email correspondence more carefully. As you know, Watson is a man of strong and intemperate emotions and this case once again proves that his behavior demands my constant vigilance.


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