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Happy Thanksgiving, It's November's Part II of the Largest Iraqi-Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere

Sassafras: The Herbal Tea of The Wampanoags and Pilgrims This Thanksgiving Day - Photo & Manipulation by MG

Happy Thanksgiving, It's November's Part II of the Largest Iraqi-Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere

has not departed the Blogosphere. She's still posting at Iraqi in America and recently
had Thanksgiving Dinner (lots of photos) with the Alabama-Coushatta Indians, a tribe of Indians that
originally lived in Baghdad under Saddam's Big Wigwam and moved to Texas, when Saddam revoked their Gambling and Gaming licence to run the Big Ziggaraut Casino on the Tigris. Well, maybe not.

MEDYA NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS. I'm not sure I can discuss more of this, but Medya could use your Well Wishes of Good Luck, because if things go right, he could be making a big move to a Happier and Freer Place. So, Good Luck to Medya, who with Piling have formed the new Kurdish Blog:
Roj Bash! which means Good Morning in Kurdish.

And Medya is in the news again at the KBU , as Kurdo charges Medya with sending him and other KBU members an Angry E Mail:

Medya sent me an email full of "swearing" and shameful words. I am sure if you also receive such an email you would not want to be part of that...the email was at the same time sent to all the members of KBU..if you want send me an email I will forwad it for you to so that you decide yourself :)

Sadly, there has been a split at KBU and Kurdo details it:

Taking this opportunity, I would like to announce that the Kurdistan Bloggers Union has acheived its goals in the Northern Iraq Project and we no later support this project. This is an official announcement.

The KBU breakaways are Medya, Piling, and I think Delal and have created their new blog which we warmly accept and wish them success.
Delal described the blog as a "rival", I don't know if there is the need of using this term because we at the KBU do not compete with anyone else. We help others and not compete.

Delal goes on to say "the infighting between the two projects is lamentable", I was quite surprised at this sentence. There is no infighting in KBU. We all agree on respect and especially the respect of others opinions and identities. If a Kurd wants to be recognised as an Iraqi that is his or her choice, and vice versa.

We all agree on respect, but what we don't agree on is that members sending emails to others starting with "boil to your a double s" and finishing with "shame on your dignity". We do not accept attacking follow Kurdish bloggers because they call themsleves "Iraqis". This is their right. Anyone wishing to join this path of disrespect and ultra-natoinalism and neofacism are welcomed to leave this blog and anyone wishing to be treated with respect are welcomed to stay.

Delal takes issue with Kurdo's comments:

To be honest I was completely shocked by this post. I have not chosen to leave KBU and I resent the implication that I have. In fact in the emails sent between the leadership of this blog, I have ALWAYS been supportive of the continued collaborative effort found here.

As to my comments/article on Global Voices, my purpose there is to objectively cover the postings of other Kurdish bloggers...I would like to ask how exactly would you cover the recent events on this blog? I believe that my comments were as objective and truthful as possible, and I do not appreiciate you twisting my words to make it sound as if I am promoting hate or infighting within this group.

As regards US - Kurdish relations, which sometimes generates a bit of criticism in Kurdish blogs such as Kurdo's and the KBU, Charles Chapman suggests to the Kurds to not bite the hand that feeds them:

Fourthly, and I mean this to be a positive suggestion, please don't "bite the hand that feeds you." Yes, the U.S. wants to maintain the territorial integrity of Iraq as a buttress to Iran and to prevent Shiite Iraq from joining Iran in a larger, theocratic Shiite state (which I don't think would be good for the Kurds in the long run). However, I don't think it is fair to refer to the U.S. as a "colonial power." The bottom line is that the U.S. established the no-fly zone and eventually, if belatedly, overthrew Sadam. Without the U.S. there would be no autonomous region in Iraqi Kurdistan. We're spending a lot of money, and losing a lot of people, and people are beginning to ask, "for what?" The great advantage the Kurds have right now is that U.S. citizens believe that out of all the groups in Iraq the Kurds actually like us, appreciate what we did, want to be our allies, and want to be our friends. (In contrast, the perception is we liberated the Shiites only to be unappreciated and disrespected.) Don't risk that that good will. In that regard the current ad campaign is very smart.

As you're reading this, Iraqi Journalist Baghdad Treasure will have already departed Baghdad for a Big Journey across Four Continents before touching down in the United States, where he'll conduct a Sit Down Interview in a Hot Tub with Hillary Clinton, our Next President after Hell freezes over and the Devil goes ice skating.

Meanwhile, fellow Iraqi Reporter 24 Steps To Liberty continues to bring us his recollections of his own American Odyssey.

That Average Iraqi Hassan gives us three reasons why the US shouldn't leave Iraq just quite yet:

First: There are still many armed militias in Iraq. No country can prosper and grow with such militias in it. Like the Mahdi Army, Badr Brigade, Terrorist factions and even the Kurdish Besh Merga. . These militias have to be disbanded. Either peacefully or by means of arms. The US army would prove to be most useful in this I think. The Iraqi army may be trained well, but from what I have seen, they are way behind in equipment. They roam the cities in civilian pick-up trucks, and SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles, or as we call them 4WD in Iraq) that are not even bullet prove.

Second: With no powerful government in command. And the many disagreements and infighting between the Iraqi politicians. Civil war might stir up when there is no unchallengeable power force in Iraq. Like the US army. In which I hope we can replace by the Iraqi Army in the future. As there is no question that we cannot rely on the US army much longer. As probably it is the main reason all this violence has started in the first place.

Third: Iraqi is simply not ready yet.
What is done is done. It won't do anything to disscuss whether the American ivasion of Iraq was right or not. We can only go on from here, the question is how do we go on. I know many Iraqis are going to disagree, Najma will be the first, American liberals will too. I know I have objected to what the US is doing in Iraq now. But I will object too if they leave now, guess I am hard to satisfy after all.

I could call Faiza Jarrar a Stupid Old Cow, but let's let her own words convict her. And Jesus, she rambles on. Faiza, sum up your insanity in one paragraph please.

Soonie looks at the Political Parties in the upcoming Iraqi Election:

. Almost all the political powers will participate in the elections and this hopefully means a balanced National Assembly

· All the big entities came apart for smaller and I can say distinguished entities. Most of the liberals left the "United Alliance" (the biggest Shia bloc in the assembly) and this is what made the Alliance make a new partnership with Muqtada al-Sadir and its obvious that " the radicals becoming more radical". That was on the Shia side

· On the Sunni side there are good changes too since they are not all "Islamic" now and there is a new branch I can't say liberal "even if they acclaim so" but at least they are not a religious party and they will take a good share of the votes.

· The liberals are stronger this round and much more organized and they are trying a new concept that I will call "a flower from every garden", they have organized their slate to make room for everyone ( Shia, Sunni, communists even old Ba'ath members)

Morbid Smile has
nice pics of the Southern Iraqi Marsh Land and its people that convey a sense of Oriental Romanticism
of days gone by.

Sami speaks of the occlusionary (that may not
be a word) vision of the Arabic World after the Jordanian Bombings:

rhetoric that is going around in the arabic media and among the people......

Zionist/Imperialist plot to destroy the arabic world and arab nation one by one... palestine, iraq, lebanon and now jordan.

They look and talk to me like I am stupid, cause I don't believe in conspiracy theories. They don't realise that to me its not the race or the person that commits the crime that matters. Its finding them and punishing them. The fact that people blame certain races or people helps create this sense of anxiety and doesn't help.

The fact is that in my lifetime I doubt that people will in the Arabic world and by that I mean the majority, understand the threat of the people that exist among them with extreme views. Its no use blaming others for creating and aiding them in the past. Its a feeling of helplessnes to be honest. Thats why I haven't really been writing cause its not exactly positive when you have the sort of activities on going now in the part of the world you live in.

Pharmacist of the Future Nabil is busy with his college exams.

Ibn_ALRAFIDAIN last talked about the Jordanian Bombings.

Nancy from Beth-Nahrain who's into Mud Baths and Kinky Seven Foot Swedes with Mongolian Ferrets wishes all American Foot Fetishists a Happy Thanksgiving.

There may be some fictionalized material in the previous statement.

Dr. "Truth-Teller" was so very excited over the news of the US's alleged misuse of White Phosphorous in Fallujah.

Who's he kidding? He brushes his teeth every day with white phosphorous. He's got the cleanest pair of choppers in the entire Middle East and you can beam a laser off them and have it reach the moon.

Cats, Cats, Cats, and no Rats. It's Raghda.


Ays at Iraq at a glance hasn't been heard from since October 17.

Ferid missing in action since August 27.

Husayn at Democracy in Iraq has been gone since July 19.

Rose is AWOL since September 5th.

Is Zarqawi hiding out with HNK of the Jihad-Supporting Family in Mosul? Missing since October 22nd.

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