Monday, November 28, 2005

The Cat T View: Fay And Sami: Cool Iraqi-Canadian Cats For Democracy

The Iraqi-Canadian Cats (counterclockwise): Fay, Sami, Fay, Fay - Courtesy of Tiki's Imagination

A New Trend is sweeping across North America: Naming Cats after Iraqi/Kurdish Bloggers. And that's the case, appropriately enough, with Fay
and Sami, the new Canadian Feline Sensations, who recently emigrated to Canada from Iraq, thanks to Operation Happy Collar and the Canadian Justice Department. The Canadian-Iraqi Cat Tandem sat down with IBC's Mister Ghost recently and shared their thoughts on a wide variety of subjects dear to their Kitty Hearts.

It's The Cat T View: Fay And Sami: Cool Iraqi-Canadian Cats For Democracy

MG: Fay and Sami, How are you two frisky felines doing?

Fay & Sami: We're doing so well Mister Ghost in our new Canadian home, we won't scratch your eyes out.

MG: That is good to hear. Is it okay to pet you two?

Fay: Did you wash your hands?

Sami: Let me sniff your behind before I trust you to pet me.

MG: Being Iraqis yourself, which Iraqi Blogger(s) would you like to be petted by?

Fay: Definitely my namesake Fay. Everbody Loves Fay. Didn't they name a TV show after her?

Sami: Sam from Hammorabi. He likes to smack Cock-a-rooches and so do I.

MG: What's the major difference between living in Canada and living in Iraq?

Fay: People here in Canada are always hugging
Maple Trees. We don't have Maple Trees in Iraq,
just date trees, and if you try to hug them, the dates will fall on your head.

Sami: The rats are bigger here. They call them Moose or something.

MG: What do you Miss most about Iraq?

Sami: The nice Litterbox Sand. Iraq has the nicest sand. The whole country is a Giant Litterbox. You can't top that.

Fay: My Mother.

Sami; Yes, and our Mother.

MG: Tell me about your Mother? You are Orphans, is the Loss Painful?

Fay & Sami: She was the greatest. She use to bring us mice and masgoof, which is barbecued fish. Yummy. We could drink her milk all day. Then it was all taken away. She was on her way home from the kindly Grocer in Ninawah, Mosul who left out food for her every day, and then a Mean Terrorist blew up an IED. Mom was caught in the explosion. She dragged herself home to say goodbye to us and then she was gone.

Mom's last words to us were, "Behave and Be Good Kitties. Make your Mama Proud of You." Then, we were in shock, and homeless, out on the streets by ourselves. It was a rough life. We were lucky that a kind woman from a Canadian NGO in Mosul found us, and 3 months later we were in peaceful Canada.

MG: Will there ever be Peace in Iraq and would you like to go back?

Fay & Sami: Some day, we hope we can return to see our Cousins in Baghdad and Mosul. We have quite a few of them. We hope they are okay and not playing with the scorpions. Our cousins, if you're reading this Cat T View: "Don't Play With the Scorpions!" That's what Mom always use to tell us.

MG: Let's talk a little Geo-Politics, How would you Contain an Expansionist Totalitarian Regime
in Iran?

Sami: Bomb them with catnip.

Fay: I'd teach all the Iranian cats the proper way to use a litter box. Good Litter Box Etiquette works wonders for your morale.

MG: What does Love Mean to you two?

Fay: Love means never having to return a flea collar. They're like an engagement ring in the
cat world.

Sami: Yuck, Love Yuck, that's girly kitty stuff. Give me one of them Big Canadian Moose Rats to hunt
any day.

MG: They say that "All Dogs Go To Heaven." Does that mean all cats go to Hell?

Fay: That's Dog Propaganda.

Sami: Cat's go to heaven and boss around the dogs. Sometimes we kick them out of heaven and laugh as their tails get singed in Hell. "Ha ha ha evil stupid dog, your tail is on fire."

MG: Is there a God?

Fay & Sami: Yes the All Powerful Cat is watching down upon us all from his Giant Scratching Post
in the Sky

MG: Is there a Devil?

Fay: There is a Devil Dog.

Sami: Yes, the Devil Dog lives in the Dog House of Hell. That's why most Cats are so well behaved, because you don't want to end up in that Dog House. That's for sure.

MG: Why do Canadian Cats Sleep so much?

Fay & Sami: In Canada, everyone has a big cup of Cocoa at 9 PM and falls asleep. So we wouldn't want to disturb them by playing around. Good Kitties are well mannered.

MG: What is your Favorite Food these days?

Sami: Turkey & Giblets, but hold the cranberry sauce.

Fay: A Big Ol' Can of Tuna Fish in olive oil. It helps keep my fur shiny and tastes yummy.

MG: Fay & Sami, Where can we learn more about you two?

Fay & Sami: You can learn more about us -- if Mr. Tiki ever updates his Blog -- at Tiki's Imagination.

MG: Thanks very much Fay and Sami for a Nice
Cat T View and Final Question: Have you two ever seen a Ghost?

Fay & Sami; We see ghosts all the time. We're animals. We have a Sixth Sense. Evil Kitties and Dogs have 666 senses. Lololol.

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