Sunday, November 13, 2005

Allbritton Beaten Up by "Peace Activists"!

Christopher Allbritton, a journalist/blogger currently working in Iraq, has recently had a bull's-eye painted on his back for the BDS crowd to take aim at. To the utter horror of the Pilgrims of CindyWorld, Allbritton not only embedded himself with the US military but then refused to portray them as bloodthirsty baby-killers. The piece that he wrote for Time about Fallujah was simply an even-handed, critical, and honest article.

After linking to the article on his website, Christopher Allbritton soon found out that the rabid BDS crowd no longer accepted his liberal credentials and that he was quickly demoted to persona non grata in CindyWorld.

Allbritton fired back:
Now, as for me being a shameful excuse for a human being — and I’m talking to you, “Susan” — get over yourself. My story was hardly cheerleading and I’m sick and tired of people who think any coverage of the military is somehow being complicit with war crimes. The Marines I met committed no crimes, wanted to get home and realized they were doing an often pointless task, a feeling I tried to convey in my story. If my reporting doesn’t fit your preconceived notions of what’s happening, tough. I’m right and you’re not. Referencing Dahr Jamal, who came over here with an agenda to “document atrocities,” is not journalism — it’s activism. And if that’s what you want, go to another damn blog.
Well, as you can imagine, the comments page over at Allbritton's began to seethe and roil as they called for his head on a platter.


Meanwhile, over on Khalid Jarrar's comments page, Khalid himself comes out swinging, laying into none other than the Ur-blogger of the Iraqi blogosphere, Salam Pax. It looks like the family feud between the Jarrars and the Paxes is now out in the open for all to see. Khalid sneers:
Poor salam, his father was in the government of Saddam chearing for Saddam, and now in the Iraqi government chearing for the Americans, those people are color-less, they take the best color to survive everyday.

anyways, at least you get from his post that Jordanians and egyptians do understand the reason behind the resistance, while he can't, i share his frostration about jordanians loving Saddam, grr..thats annoying but its because they only listened to his speeches and didnt live in Iraq during his time so they think that he does what he says. and regarding the issue of the Jordanian that bombed himself among iraqis and the Jordanian newspaper calling him a hero, well i dont knwo if salam knows about this -well i hope not, otherwise he would be a fatter liar-, that the newspaper thought that the jordanian bombed himself among Americans troops and killed 143 or so, i read that newspaper myself calling the guy a hero for killing 143 American-occupation troops, not because he killed Iraqis, and i posted about it back when it happened, till now no one knows if the jordanian guy was the one responsible for the Hilla explosion or not, but its irrilevant since the celebration of Jordanians were at the time when they all believed that those who were killed were American occupying soldiers and not Iraqis, and this is the point.

Salam is trying to tell the world exactly what the American adminstration is saying, which is that Terrorists are brain-less crazy men that just wake up one day feeling like bombing themselves and killing others, and you can think that and it makes your life easier, but the truth is that till you try to understand the reason behind all that huge ammount of anger and frostration and helplessness and lack of other sollutions that leads them to do that, till you try to understand that and try to deal with it to solve it, you wont be helping at all in stopping them. and you will understand that it's true that they push button of the explosion, but we all, (and speacially the governments of many countries in the world that helped boiling that anger), helped in building it.
Read this one very closely, folks.


Mad Canuck, using an electron microscope, measures the intelligence of the Stupid Terrorists.
According to their statements, al-Qaeda launched this attack against "enemies of the faith, Jews and crusaders." So, let's tally up the score and see how well these idiots did against their intended targets:

* They blew up a Muslim wedding reception in a hotel that is owned by Jordanian Palestinians, and is part of a Scandinavian hotel chain.

* Almost all (or perhaps even ALL) of the victims of their attacks were fellow Muslims.

* 27 of the victims killed in the attack were Palestinians with roots in the West Bank, including 17 members of the Akhras clan (the family of the groom in the wedding).

* They killed a Hollywood producer who was in the middle of producing a movie about an Islamic hero.

* They only killed 3 Americans (two of whom were the aformentioned Hollywood producer and his daughter).

So, to summarize, these idiots launched a grand attack against "enemies of the faith, Jews, and crusaders" but managed to kill none of those folks. Instead, they killed 57 fellow Muslims and managed to piss off a whole lot of people in Jordan and the Palestinian territories who might have otherwise been behind them.


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