Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ali Returns with Political Predictions

Ali has returned to blogging after a work-related hiatus. Thinking back to the elections in January, Ali writes, "I myself was very discouraged during that time and started having serious doubts that democracy would ever work in Iraq. My best thoughts in the beginning were that we needed a civil war." On the positive side for Ali, however, were two facts. The current government is doing a poor job and another election in imminent. He goes on to isolate three Iraqis who, he contends, will make a difference in the future of Iraq.
What I thought at that time and what I still think now is that there are three factors and three men in Iraq now who can influence and change the fate of Iraq more than others depending on their attitude towards this election. With other factors considered, I believe these three men have the greater effect and most of our hopes for the short term depend on how they handle these elections. These are in order of their role's significance are Allawi, Chalabi and Mithal Al Alousi.


Iraqi blogger/reporter Baghdad Treasure is quickly becoming essential reading in the Iraqi blogosphere. Today he offers us clips from an email that he sent to Riverbend after reading her blog entry on the Iran-Iraq War, its POWs, and the current influence of Iran inside Iraq.


Another Iraqi blogger/journalist, 24 Steps to Liberty, has started to post a journal he kept while participating in a journalism workshop for about a month here in the United States. Here are the first two journal entries:

Friday, March 18, 2005.

Thursday Mar 24, 2005.


Oh-oh! KURDO'S WILD WEST SALOON is now again open for business. I'm blogging from the bar right now, sitting next to Sheriff Lee C. The joint is already packed and it's hard to see through the cigarette smoke. Just like old times.

Evenin', Sheriff.

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