Thursday, October 20, 2005

Throwing Down The Gauntlet with Khalid Jarrar

UPDATE 10/21

Still no response from Khalid, but the thought occurred to me just now that Khalid's defense before the judge:

"I was practicing my democratic right of viewing people's opinion about a certain topic on a site that people visit from all the countries around the world to give their opinions."* a tacit admission that Iraq IS a democracy and that it's government is not just puppet of foreign occupation.

* Khalid was recently picked up by the Iraqi police on suspicision of being an insurgent when he sat reading the Comments sections of his brother Raed's blog at an Internet cafe. Due to the outrageous anti-new Iraq nature of his posts, Raed's blog attracted the lowest denominator pro-insurgency, pro-jihadi, pro-Ba'athist commenters. Khalid was released after using this statement as his defense.

Also, I BELIEVE that Raed has deleted his snarky post at Salam Pax's site (Dec 2003? Jan 2004?) that mocked all the talk of how bad Saddam was. I can't seem to find it anymore and I've re-read the first two years. If so, I would guess this is part of his bid to become "a little Eichmann" of the The Great Satan (a.k.a the United States of America).

On the Comments page a Khalid Jarrar's site, I got into a back-and-forth with Khalid.

Khalid told me that there was NO REASON for Iraqis to fear blogging anything under Saddam.

So, I asked whether he considered it coincidental that all the Iraqi bloggers only appeared after Saddam was deposed. Then I noted that Salam Pax deleted his blog entries in November 2002 out of fear that Saddam's secret police were on to him. In a final barb, I said that KHALID on the other hand probably could have blogged without fear at the time since his blog would probably have been full of "poems of praise for all Saddam did for Iraq and asides about the evil US."

Khalid deleted that entry and responded:

"it has been one of the ugliest things the Occupation told the world: whoever is Anti occupation is pro Saddam, and that is completely wrong."

This was my response:

"Tell you what, Khalid. You say you don't miss the days of Saddam? Fine here's a challenge: Pick a day. On that day I will post a blog entry giving three reasons why I wish the US had not invaded Iraq to depose Saddam.

On that day YOU must post a blog entry here giving three reasons that make you happy Saddam is gone. You can't give cynical smart-alecky reasons. You can't say "I'm glad because now Bush can be humiliated." They have to be *real* honest reasons that affect you directly. You say you don't regret Saddam's passing? Prove it."

Well, let's see what happens.

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