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Roll Call: Iraqi Bloggers Sound Off On The Constitution And Voting: Update II

Four Shop By MG

Iraq Was A Mess To Begin With

Iraq...was horrible under Saddam Hussein. It was only slightly less horrible during the period since the 1958 coup of Qassem, and then the counter-coups. It was not pleasant for Jews in 1948, when they began to be dispossessed and leave Baghdad in large numbers -- a city that in 1920 had been 1/3 Jewish. It was not pleasant for the Assyrians or the Chaldeans (I have right on my desk the magazine "Nineveh" with some touching accounts), not ever, and certainly not during the massacres of the early 1930s. It was not pleasant when Gertrude Bell wrote of the impossible Iraqis (though she had a real soft spot for Faisal), who noted the resentment of Shi'a tribes at the imposition of Sunni rule. Iraq has been a violent and unpleasant place, as has much of the Muslim Middle East, for a long time.
( Hugh Fitzgerald - Jihad Watch)

That's right Folks, Iraq was One Stinking Hellhole.
Not a nice place to live or one of the top tourist destinations on the planet to visit. And it still may reek to High Heaven even with a New Constitution.


At least with a New Constitution in place, the ability to amend it, and the emergence of a Democratic System, there is some hope for Iraq and the Iraqi People. At the very worst, the country will be broken again, which up until this point,
has been the usual state of affairs for the Iraqis.

Thus it's time to check in on the various Iraqi Bloggers for their thoughts on the New Constitution and the reasons for their vote.

Zeyad of Healing Iraq fame returns briefly from his Mysterious Hiatus to tell us he voted No:

I voted against.

Nabil, Zeyad's brother likes the New Constitution:

congratulations Iraq
I just want to congratulate the Iraqis for the New document which we will have questionary on it in Friday 15 oct. 2005, I thank God that the Sunni Parties agreed to this constitution because if the didn't we would had more violence, but I think when all the Iraqis approve this document, that will put an end to this severe violence. And about the next elections, as i said before we will go with Allawi because he is the BEST.

Of course everyone's favorite Baathi Broad Riverbend doesn't like the New Constitution:

Most educated Iraqis want to vote against the constitution.

See, it's just those ignorant uneducated masses
that will vote for the Constitution, the ones easily led by religous leaders and tribal sheiks:

Iraqis are going to be voting according to religious clerics and, in some areas, tribal sheikhs. They aren't going to be voting according to their convictions or their understanding of what is supposed to be a document that will set the stage for Iraqi laws and regulations

Fie, fie, fie on those Ignorant Iraqis, too stupid to determine things for themselves, thinks Riverbend.

Salam Pax gives the New Charter a Conditional Yes:

After a lot of soul searching and nail biting I have made up my mind about the draft.

I don’t like it. I believe we should have done better. And I am especially angry about the US administration for jumping around and cheering about how great this document is, just stop it.


I am also scared of the prospect of having to go through the whole process again, of stopping the ball rolling. Like a cartoon character that has just ran off a cliff I am afraid that if I stop my feet from running and look down I will plunge into an abyss.

I don’t have enough faith in us to say let’s scrap this and start with another transitional government. I feel exhausted.


If the vote were tomorrow I would vote YES and hope that the next elected National Assembly won’t have as much of a religious majority as the current one. I have opted for the ‘optimistic idiot’ option again; I know I will be disappointed.

Our favorite Iraqi Communista and Moonbat who wants to go back in time to bear Che Guevara's child:

Says Vote "NO!

Be a patriot and vote “NO”
Before you go to vote tomorrow, put this in your mind:

1- Every country on earth wrote their constitution after independence including the US itself.
2- Do you vote “yes” for constitutions that seize women rights?
3- Do you vote “yes” for a constitution that blessed by the scarecrow Sistani, and give religious clerics the might?.
4- Do you vote “yes” and occupiers are killing your brothers and sisters, insulting your neighbors and friends?.
5- Do you vote “yes” while most of Iraq is without Electricity and water?
6- Do you vote “yes” and half of Iraq’s cities are been destroyed?

I didn't know half of the Iraqi Cities had been destroyed? Evidentally Ladybird has Satellite Imaging there in the Netherlands and has surveyed all of Iraq. And I think those "Occupiers"
are the ones responsible for a Constitutional Vote
occurring in the First Place, Ladysweetie.

Miss Jr. Jihadi Najma's parents (Dr. Truth Teller & Mom) turned the Charter down:

My parents voted against too.

Sooni votes Yes and has nice pictures of the Iraqis voting:

As a secular living in Iraq I don't agree with too many religion (Islamic) based articles imbedded in the constitution that will lead it away from human rights and for this reason I wanted to say NO. But on the other hand the constitution is a very important step in the political process and a big slam for terrorism and dictatorship everywhere.

Few days ago I would have said NO but now after the agreement of shifting all "disputed among things" to the new Assembly which we wish will be more balanced and represents all Iraqis since most of Sunni Arabs are willing to participate in the coming elections, though the seculars may not have any seats in the new Assembly (because they are still afraid of nominating themselves that they might get killed) I switch to YES.

Faiza Jarrar is rambling on about Iraqi Constitutions. She's not in Iraq, Bloody Shock there, huh. Any ways she wants better leaders,
than the present Iraqi Politicians, before the Jarrars head back to Iraq.

Translation: Let's get back the system of graft we had going under Saddam, so we Jarrars can return and make a nice profit again in Iraq.

Hammorabi Sam is all for the Constitution

Historic Day in Iraq

Voting by Yes or No for the constitution is in progress now in all parts of Iraq. The number of voters exceeded the expected limits especially in areas like Mosel which had low turn out in the last election. Voting stations received large numbers in the Sunni areas including Ramadi, Falluja and Diyala.

No major problems until now and the voters are free to cast their votes.

This is the first time for the Iraqis to vote for their own constitution. It is indeed the first time in the Middle East especially the Arab countries.

We expect a big YES for the constitution possibly around 80%. This YES is a big bullet in the head of the terrorism.

This is a historic day and the political process moving forward in spite of the efforts of all of the evils to disable or delay it.

But if his beloved "Scarecrow" Sistani had said
No to it, would Sam still be so enthused?

Omar Says Yes

Just said my YES...Probably the worst thing today is the intense heat which was a little over 100f but that didn't stop the crowds from walking in the sun to the voting stations, I personally had to walk nearly 4 miles in total but it's definitely worth the effort. The presence of Iraqi army and police units is heavier than it was in January elections and I also noticed that no multinational forces were on the streets and the only sign for their presence was the helicopters that patrolled the skies. The turnout in our district looks quiet good and actually going to the voting office was a good opportunity to meet some friends I haven't seen in months. I met one friend on the way and when I asked him what would his vote be he said that he hasn't decided yet "if I voted yes I would be approving some articles that I don't agree with and if I voted no we would go back to where we started from…" he said and that was really refreshing because this guy who used to believe in conspiracy theories and stuff like "what America wants is what's going to happen" now feels that his vote can make a difference.

Honorary Iraqi Medya says No

Conclusion : Let not mix Sugar and Shit together .

Iraq has never been a country and will never be a country, everybody knows these two nation (Kurds and Arabs) cant not live together , they have nothing in common with each other . one wants to live in the century of 21th and enjoy the life and the other wants to live in 7th century and mourn all the time like morons.

As I said the new Iraq will be a liquid , which consist of sugar and shit .let not mix Shit and Sugar together , because we will loose both of them .
If a sugar be mixed with shit , it wont be useable again , and you cant mix it with tea next time .[please think about my sentence it is not just a childish swearing …it is full of meaning]
I hope this Iraq fail and it never be made , Kurds are already busy with building their lands and it is safe enough to continue without this stupid law …if Iraqi law is this , let it never be established , we can wait another year or even 10 year or 100 year until a suitable law be written .
Until that time we can continue building our homeland.

The Guy Spinning the Roulette Wheel ponders Constitutional Discrepancies.

Fay as an Iraqi Expat can't vote, but she symbolicly embraced the New Constitution:

Since I can't physically vote. I cast my imaginary vote on my blog. I vote "YES" because Iraq needs to move forward. Easy enough for everyone to understand whey I voted "YES."

or Okba or Akbar
, I can never figure out which name he is, tells Fay, he wants the sucker to go
down in defeat, faster than Cubs in the Playoffs:

hi Fay, hope you are well.
regarding constitution; sorry i vote 'No',
I think we can do much better and we should not accept a half way document just because we are afraid of the alternative.

I think we have waited for such a long time for a real iraqi constitution that we can afford to wait a few months more for a constitution written by all sections and constituants of iraqi society and not only by the present governing few.

Very Fine Young Iraqi Blogger and Najma's Cousin Sunshine from Mosul is too young to vote, but happy with the voting process:

The Referendum day ....
Hello friends.
Today was the big day , the referendum day.. That was really good day , my mom , dad , grandpa , grandma , my grandparents who live in Baghdad all my relatives who are older then 18 went & voted, I wish I was above 18 , to vote …
I kept looking through my window seeing the women , men , girls & boys walking together.
But every one has different opinion even in my family , some agreed with the new constitution & some disagreed , today I knew what the democracy mean.
I saw Nineveh TV , all the programs were about the constitution & the referendum. The people opinions were also dissimilar , I thought in the beginning that few people only will contribute in the referendum . but I didn't anticipate that huge number of contributors .
Although I can't vote , but I have my OWN opinion , I can share it with my family ...
May Iraq be free one day , & today when all the Iraqis went & voted .
That shows how Iraqis want to live in a peaceful country , & how they don't want for the terrorism to win , & how they are looking to re-build Iraq & have a forerunner country

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