Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Palestinians in Iraq

In a recent blog entry, Iraqpundit takes up the issue of Palestinians living in Iraq:
During some of the most viscious fighting in Baghdad, the U.S. soldiers called Haifa Street something like "street of death" and "purple heart boulevard." What outsiders don't know is that most of the residents of that street are Palestinians. Becuase so many had lived in Iraq, they sound like locals. Saddam was a great fan of Palestinians and put up many of them there. He gave them money, paid for the education and, of course, paid for the suicide bombers in Israel. But the media portrayed those fighters as Iraqis.

Iraqis support Palestinian rights. But we also want their terrorists to take their fight elsewhere and stop killing us for your cause.


Over at Ladybird's Arab Crackpot Conspiracy-Theory Clearinghouse, two of the fellas from Iraqi Bloggers Central have commented on Scorcese's recently released Dylan documentary called "No Direction Home."

Ladybird wrote:
Last week on the BBC was “Bob Dylan” week aired some documentaries and movies about Dylan, among these was last Martin Scorsese’s “No Direction Home: Bob Dylan”.

Watching the 2 parts movie makes me wonder where is the spirit and the motives of 60’s and 70’s. Where are the demonstrations and protests? At the same time when the movie was on the BBC, the “March for Peace” started (coincidence??), then I just realized that it’s still there but there and we can’t blame them,

It does not matter if it’s the 60’s, 70’s or 2005, there are always those minority sheeps who slavishly follow their herder and the majority are still marching for peace, better world and without lies.

Jeffrey commented:

You’ve missed one of the main themes of the documentary. Bob Dylan was unwilling to follow ANYONE’S ORTHODOXY. He played both on acoustic guitar and on electric guitar. He felt both could be used to express his songs. Pete Seeger, however, a FOLKIE FANATIC, wanted to take an ax and chop the cords to the electric guitars and amplifiers at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 when the Paul Butterfield Blues Band joined Dylan on stage. My God, who could deny the cutting beauty of Paul Butterfield’s guitar work? Who? FOLKIE FANATIC Pete Seeger, that’s who. Even years later, Pete Seeger’s face was flushed red with anger as he recounted how much he hated Bob Dylan for picking up an electric guitar. His rage was Stalin-esque.

Bob Dylan was and is many things. But one thing he was not was a PROTEST FANATIC like Joan Baez. Do you recall how Baez said that in London that she was angry at Dylan because he went drinking with his friends instead of staying trapped in a room with the “poetic protestor” Joan Baez?

Joan Baez and Pete Seeger turned out to be musical fascists. Either you play folk the way they do or you get burned at the stake.

You want REAL fascists? Check out Peter, Paul, and Mary.

And then CMAR II responded:
I love Dylan.

He wasn’t/isn’t interested in protests. He was interested in writing and singing songs. That’s all.

“I never wanted to be a prophet or a savior. Elvis maybe. I could see myself becoming him. But prophet? No.”

“My stuff … (they) were songs … they weren’t sermons,” he said. “If you examine the songs I don’t believe you’re going find anything in there that says that I’m a spokesman for anybody or anything really…[Those who think he is] must not have heard the songs.”

Asked (in the documentary) which of the two he considered himself: “a prophet or a poet”, he answered:
“Oh, I think of myself more as a song and dance man, you know.”

There’s a lesson in all that for “protesters” but I’m not going to tell them what it is.

On the other hand, he was asked in the early eighties about the value of art and said,
“I think art can lead you to God.” He was asked if that were art’s purpose and said:
“I think so. I think that’s everything’s purpose. I mean, if it’s not doing that, it’s leading you the other way. It’s certainly not leading you nowhere.”

“You’re on your own, you always were,
In a land of wolves and theives.
Don’t put your hope in ungodly men
Or be a slave to what somebody else believes.”
~ Bob Dylan (”Trust Yourself”)

PS Jeffrey touched pretty close to the true essence of Pete Seeger, except that his fascism is not limited to music.

CMAR II's link has all the skinny on Pete "Red" Seeger.


Any comments on "No Direction Home"?


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