Friday, October 21, 2005

On the Saddam Trial

Of course as you know, attorney Saadoun Sughaiyer Janabi, was abducted and has now been found dead.

He was the attorney for Awad Hamed Bader, the former head of Saddam's Revolutionary Court. Bader is currently being tried for unjustly convicting and sentencing to death Shi'ites in the town of Dujail.

If I were to take a trick from Doc Jually Cole's little bag, I would ponder "Who benefits from this?" and come to the obvious answer that Bader does! But secondarily, Saddam benefits, as well as the other defendants. I mean, in the case of Bader, his trial cannot go forward until he secures a new attorney. After all, this isn't Iraq under Saddam anymore. And how can evidence regarding Saddam's collusion in those convictions come out if Bader cannot be tried?

In fact Dr. Ferret-face is already declaring that "This is further evidence that it is impossible to hold a proper trial of Saddam in Iraq in present circumstances. "

No, of course not, Whiskers. We should send him to Belgium where he can add his to Milosevic's never-ending trial (going on 4 years now with I've-lost-track-of-the-number of judges presiding so far) that is likely to give the term "trial of the century" a more literal meaning.

As Cole would do, after citing a few smarmy irrelevant references, I would conclude that "it hard to say with any certainty but my 'gut' tells me this murder has Saddam's fingerprints all over it."

But of course, I don't know who perpetrated this hideous and -- from the point of view of someone who wants Saddam to receive a fair trial as quickly as possible so he can be executed -- extremely disruptive murder. It is another terrorist attack, whoever did it. It would not the first time that a defense attorney was wrongfully condemned as an accomplice in the actions of his client, and there are surely a cornucopia of Iraqis who think Bader (and anyone 'defending him') deserves a couple bullets in the head.

And let's face it, the murder of Bader's attorney will probably not be sufficient to halt Saddam's trial, but the affect on Bader's trial is bound to be noticed by Saddam's Orphans busily causing mayhem throughout Iraq. In that case, Saddam's attorney better look to his own.

But if this has to do with the Saddam-trial, I have to wonder, why Bader's attorney of all people? His client wasn't even in the dock with Saddam this week. Which means, of course, that this murder might have nothing to do with Bader at all.

WHOA!! WAITADADGUMMINUTE CMAR II! Slow down there! Back up a bit! You just said that Saddam's lawyer might be in danger from the saddamites and jihadis being coordinated by Saddam's former inner circle! Doesn't that prove that his trial should be taken out of the country??!!

Absolutely not! Nothing Saddam (or those acting in his interest) does should be permitted to slow or disrupt in any way the Iraqi's right to try him, find him guilty, and duly execute him. I expect him to try anything. The garbage about the head-coverings? The nonsense about Saddam refusing to give his name? That judge better get smart and let Saddam & co. know that he is running things.

"Oh you don't want to give your name? Fine. We'll strip you naked on camera and run a DNA test on skin-scrapings from your anus."

"You need head-coverings do you? They're crucial to your 'identity'? Fine. Here are the berets you enjoyed wearing so much for the last 30 years. No one will have any trouble identifying you in those."

When the Charles Manson Family was being tried in California for their mass-murders, they pulled all kinds of stunts to undermine their own defense in order to try to get the trial scrapped and necessitate a new one all over again. The logic being, "Since I've biased the jury against me, the state is obligated to get rid of the jury, and impanel one that isn't biased." But the judge did not lose his cool. He declared that there was no way he was going to permit justice from being carried out due to actions taken by the defendants deliberately to undermine their own cases.

What I'm saying is that the judge in Saddam's trial ought to expect Saddam to pull this kind of crap, and make it increasingly unpleasant for him to keep it up. We need Judge Judy. Not Judge Ito.

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