Monday, October 10, 2005

Najma Votes YES to the TERRORISTS in IRAQ

Even though the insurgents/resistance/terrorists have murdered 5376 Iraqis (1480 Iraqi police/military and 3896 civilians) since April 28 of this year, Najma stands behind the actions of these "mujahidin":
For God's sake, I have a brain.. Insurgents are not helping. But who are the insurgents? Killing Iraqis, destroying homes, kidnapping people.. Their only aim is to terrorize.
But, for that person, who goes out to kill the occupier, I say it now clearly: I'm with the Mujahid..
In a five-month period Najma and Raed's beloved "resistance" have killed 5376 Iraqis.

During that same period, they have killed 389 Coalition soldiers.

Killed in 5 months:
5376 Iraqi citizens.
389 Coalition soldiers.

Who are the "resistance" trying to kill?

Any comments?


New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is frickin' pissed off about the slow response in Pakistan where, according to Nagin, at least "ten billion" people have died. Mayor Nagin is asking anyone who wants to help to send CASH immediately to his office in New Orleans and he'll make sure that at some point those funds will get to the Pakistani officials.


For those of you who have been following Red Six's Falluja narrative from last November, he has a new chapter up over at Armor Geddon. In this scene Red Six decides to take a dump in the middle of the action.
From our left as we faced or south of us, artillery started exploding everywhere.

“Looks like someone figured out where we were getting shot from.”

“Damn, that’s close. Look at all of the shrapnel.” Langford said to me. In the sand in front of us, hundreds of little puffs of dust rose up off the ground as if someone was shooting at the ground rapidly. It was the tiny specks of shrapnel, so small and moving so quickly that it was invisible to the naked eye.

“Well, no better time to take a shit than now.” I said as I put my hands on cupola of the tank commander’s station and did my tricep dip to pop out of the hatch.

“You’re gonna do what?!” SGT P asked me.

“Look, I’ve been holding this shit in forever and I gotta drop a deuce NOW. And SSG Terry is like practically right up against us so I got plenty of cover. Y’know. It’ll be like one of those stories I’ll get to tell my grandkids when I’m old. ‘So no kidding, there I was. We’re in the middle of a kill zone, artillery is dropping on our position and shrapnel is falling everywhere. The tanks are firing and here I am in the sand with my pants around my ankles taking a crap.’ Come on! That’s beautiful.”

“Whatever you say, Sir. But I’m not coming after your crap-covered carcass when you get whacked.” SGT P replied.


PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE ALERT. Over at LadyBaath's my comments are always "moderated," which means Ladybird decides whether or not to allow any of my comments to be posted. Mostly she deletes them. So today I thought I'd post my comment to her blog entry for today right here. (Warning: this comment registered 7.6 on Sandmonkey's Snarkite Scale.)
Hey, I LIKE being an EMPIRE!


Listen, every other country at some time was an empire, right? It’s AMERICA’S turn to kick ass and take names later.

Shit, even MUSLIMS had a half-assed empire at some point in history.



–- from your friendly imperialist, psycho sicko American, Jeffrey — New York

Anyone who says being part of a dominant empire is not a beautiful experience is LYING.

Arabs would LOVE to have an empire, any old half-assed kind of empire. Bin Laden has promised them one, but people watched his Al-Qaeda run or get killed in Afghanistan. So much for Bin Laden’s dreams of Khalifate.
I hereby declare THE SUMMER OF GEORGE (Seinfeld reference, of course).


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