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Bebe Chameau

Denise Bryson, Tranvestite DEA Agent:
"Coop, I may dress like a girl, but I still
put my panties on one leg at a time. Know,
what I mean, Coop?"

Agent Cooper: "Not exactly."

Twin Peaks

Yes, it's the Second October Issue of the Largest
Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage

The ITM Boys are talking Constitution, Art, and Poetry. The Poetry is good, the Art is better, the Constitution was bad, but improved, as it seems changeable day-by-day. Check Mo & O out for yourselves, including their fine Comments section, one of the liveliest in the Iraqi Blogosphere.

Rose From Baghdad Now Abu Dhabi And Who Knows Where Else In The Future exhibits a lack of Cultural Relativism, casting doubt on the qualifications of the non-Arab Nannies in Abu
Dhabi to babysit her daughter:

I have started looking for a job but I'm facing
some problems:

First one is the long working hours and that means my daughter will be alone for a long time. She will start her school in the next few days but she will come back at 1:30 and she will be alone. I know you will say bring her a babysitter, this is what I was thinking about. But again I'm facing another problem: Are they qualified enough to raise my daughter and spend hours with her alone everyday? Here in UAE all of the babysitters and housemaids are either from India or Philippine and all of them from the poor uneducated levels, so How can I let them raise my daughter?

Sure, everyone wants the best child care for their
son or daughter, but does this smack a bit of
Racism or Arab Elitism?

Afghan Warrior
gives us the 411 on the first Suicide Bomb Attack against the Afghan National Army. The ANA seems to be exacting a high toll against the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies, and the bad
guys these days seem limited to small scale and suicide attacks.

Saint Fay , whom I pray to, to win the Mega Millions -- and it hasn't happened yet, so Fay you had better become more holy -- is doing a stupendous job in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, which came barrelling down with a vengenance right for where
she was. Naturally, Fay survived the blustery winds
and rain, and has the pictures to prove it. Fay also has excellent coverage on the events in Basra. Just scroll down.

New Lebanese Blogger Elie of Lebanon Diary hasn't
written much, but there's enough there to suggest the head-spinning complexity of Lebanese politics and the political milieu it inhabits.

The erudite Dr. Hanoudi of Hanoudi Letter fame sees the hand of the United States shaping the new Iraqi Consitution and excluding the Sunnis, who could plunge the country in to another Saddam type personality:

The signed draft was reached after very acrimonious deliberations which actively involved the Americans from behind the scenes [the Americans always denied any active involvement in the proceedings], because of the failure of the locals to compromise and reach the necessary consensus President Bush interjected himself in the proceedings with a last minute phone call to one of the important Shiite leaders exhorting him to assist in concluding the exercise and to come out with a document acceptable to the Sunnis. The Sunnis who have been practically excluded by the Americans themselves from the nation building efforts and who have in turn almost totally boycotted the process and the last election in particular, but who were now holding a very significant trump card and were in a position very seriously threatening to the American efforts intended to build a new political structure in place of the one which was dismantled after the fall down of Saddam. The Sunnis could throw all the American efforts into the air and plunge the country into a very serious political and administrative vacuum, a very serious crisis with extremely dangerous and unpredictable consequences which might turn the country into another Yugoslavia or encourage the emergence of a new Saddam.

I don't know. Dr Hanoudi's writing from Amman, which I always call "Club Med for the Baathists." The Jarrars too are in Amman, before they all go on welfare, and move to the U.S. 'Nuff said.

The Wondrous Sandmonkey
is tossing feces at a number of targets -- Britain and the Piglet Ban, Venezuela and the Garbage for Food Program, how to pick up Asian Chicks -- and hitting the mark.

Aristides commenting at the Belmont Club, provides one of the best summaries and interpretations of President Bush's speech today on the War On Terror and Iraq:

Bush's NED speech today had many interesting overtones, and almost as many interesting undertones, regarding our approach to the War on Terror.

Here's what I was able to cull in one sitting:

1. Much stronger emphasis on Islam, both as the enemy and the ally. For the first time that I can recall, Bush engaged Muslims using Suras from the Koran. Also, he specifically highlighted the enemy's perversion and exploitation of the religion.

2. Bush spent much time on a theme comparing Communism and Radical Islam--their disregard for individual worth, political ambitions for a few elites under the banner of a fight for the many oppressed, internal contradictions, indescriminate killings, etc. Attendant was a complete refutation of communism. Carefully aimed, I would say.

3. For the first time in two years, Bush reaffirmed his comment that he will not distinguish between terrorists and those who support them. Syria and Iran were called out specifically, and strong threats were made. Those sentences might be the most consequential of the entire speech, they were so strong. I'm talking Sept. 20th, 2001 strong.

4. Bush addressed the terrorists' claims one by one, knocking them down in turn. An example: "Zarqawi says that Americans are a breed of cowards. But it is cowardice to kill children and the elderly with car bombs. It is cowardice to decapitate unarmed captives, or kill teachers at school, or murder the innocent as they leave their worship at a mosque. It was courage that liberated 50 million people..." and so on. It must be noted that this is the language of our enemy.

5. Bush defeated any further suggestion of a quick retreat from Iraq with one question: "Will America be more or less safe if we allow an enemy, with the stated goal of destroying our country, to rule over the people, the territory, and the resources of Iraq?"

6. Rights of women, rights of women, rights of women. As a side note, Iraq's interior minister called out the House of Saud (from Gatewaypundit):

Saud's comments also drew a harsh attack from Iraq's interior minister, who said Iraqis would "not accept a Bedouin on a camel teaching us about human rights and democracy."

Interior Minister Bayan Baqer Sulagh said the oil-rich Sunni-ruled kingdom had several problems of its own to take care of. "Saudis should first allow women to drive, as is the case in Iraq," he said, adding that "four million Shia live like second-class citizens in the Saudi kingdom."

Is this not a momentous event in the history of memetic cross-pollination?

Now that's Analysis!

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