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Bumblebee & Sunflower By MG

Yes, it's the October Issue of the Largest
Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage

Out-There Lefty Saudi Blogger Jo from the Kingdom of Lunacy sounds like she's drinking the Death Cult Koolaid, when she says that if the US takes over the Eastern Saudi Oil Fields, a scenario mentioned in a John R. Bradley article, the Moslem World and She are going to put on an Old-Fashioned Butt-Kicking against the U.S.:

Yes, America might be the only super power at the moment, but HELLO two billion Muslims will not hesitate to open a can of whoop arse for our America "liberators"! And let me just say this, I will DEFINITLY be one of them. The current conversion rate among the 3 leading religions is 3:1 for ISLAM. So PUHHH-LEASE you think you can take us on?!? You can't even take on the insurgency in Iraq and you actually think you can come n take on the mother that breeds them?!

Would that be the first war Moslems have won,
not fighting other Moslems? Honey, the 9th Century was 1200 years ago, just stick to smashing planes
in to buildings like your fellow Saudis.

Iraqi Ali Ali from Little Snippet
says his fellow Iraqi Bloggers are amazing:

I don’t know how to describe the Iraqi Blogs out there. Here are some words: (Amazing, brave, strong, daring, free, witty, dazzling, ordinary, and extraordinary) I think this is the biggest revolution driven by the ordinary Iraqi people in recent history. It’s a wonderful and amazing movement that should be considered as an example for the entire world.

I was scanning through few of the hundreds or perhaps thousands of Iraqi blogs and I couldn’t believe the amazing skills that some of those young Iraqi writers have and how intelligent and daring are the opinions they are posting out there...

Want to learn about the Assyrian Genocide? Rose
from Beth-Nahrain has info on Historian Rosie Malek-Younan, whom has written The Crimson Field, a historic novel about the Death and Persecution of 750,000 Assyrian Christians
in Iran, Turkey, and Iraq by the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

The Great Ritzy Mabrouk
has news that the Tragic Kingdom of Sodomy Arabia
has neutered Blogger and Flickr. No more Saudi
Religous Policemen accidentally stumbling upon
those Nude Erotic pics that can be found at Flickr (that we all accidentally stumble upon) or visiting their fellow Religous Policeman blog.

The Sensual Kudish Lilly, who really digs those Bodice-Ripping Novels, angrily slams an article written about Turkish "mistakes":

["Turkey admits its "mistakes" toward Kurds"]

^That's one of the latest headline news in the USA!
It's about time that Turkey admits to what they've done wrong and where they've gone wrong with the Kurds. But headlines like this are all bullshit (excuse my language)The soul reason as to Turkey admitting anything from the start it to KISS ASS because they only know how to do that to finally reach their goal and be admitted finally into the EUROPEAN UNION! On the other hand it sure has worked all their ass kissing is working and they will be in the EU finally!

I wonder why we(Kurds) never thinking about Kissing ass to get what we want in this world. To make some understand what really kissing ass means just look at in these terms quoted "However, please note that true kiss asses don't refer to kissing ass as kissing ass; it is properly called "playing politics." The way I see it, kissing ass and lying sure gets you what you want and sure helps in many ways. AnywayZ kissing ass wouldn't be lying in so many words. It's just getting and needing what you want. Also doing it by such means as doing that is not a bad idea since Turkey seems to be a perfect example of kissing ass!

Hiwa tells us about the famous Afghan Girl with the Green Eyes who
went to Mecca:

did you hear the amazing story of world's famous photographer Steve McCurry's best photo of the Afghan girl at the time of the Afghan Soviet war?

when National Geographic had asked her what was her wish? she had said she wished to go to Haj, so the magazine arranged for her family of 7 people to go as she wished! my interest is, I remember reading
my Sabah newspaper in Turkey as I saw the news of Steve just found her and I was amazed by her eyes
as well! so here it is, I read the news with huge excitement!

Delal over at Turkish Delight doesn't like Cindy Sheehan.
Hey, join the crowd, and she tells us why:

Cindy Sheehan drives me nuts. She is out of control. The recent pictures of her getting arrested in front of the white house, smiling as she is being hauled away, telling the cameras that the world is watching. She formed an ILLEGAL protest, plus she became a security threat by blocking the areas in front of the white house with the press crowd that follows her around. If I was a terrorist and wanted to strike terror into the hearts of a lot of Americans, I would have staged something at that fiasco she created. The panik would be huge! And the police there would be focused on crowd control not trying to help people. When you are protesting in DC, you want the police on your side, not against you. That, and poor Cindy, is not the prettiest of "faces of the anti-war movement" they could have found. Cindy is not the Mom stereotype at all, and that is really who you need to have if you want any credibilty with the public. The term is typecasting, all the Hollywood people should know what that is.

Has the Kurdistan Bloggers Union gone in the tank or what? Does anyone post there anymore? Update Kurdish types, update. And did someone kidnap Dilnareen? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Over at From Holland To Kurdistan Vlad "The Impaler" Poetin remembers the "Great" Kurdish singer Merziye Feriqi who passed away in September. I never heard of this Kurdish songbird before, but I bet she could have given Brittany Spears a run for her money, whether she was wearing spandex or not.

Akba from Iraq Rising
hasn't posted since August, but found the
present draft of the Iraqi Constitution "dangerous".

Dr. Truth Teller from a A Family In Mosul in comments to Free Writer is really drinking the Konspiracy Koolaid:

Truth teller said...
(quoting Free Writer): "Then why don't you use it to locate "Al-Zarkawi " website adminstration and all other terrorist's websites,?!! instead of letting them advertise themselves every day and recruiting more brain-washed young men ??!!!!"

I think the answer to your question is very obvious, those websites are an American protected websites, created and maintained to keep the chaos going on, so the occupation can stay in Iraq for ever.
"ever heard of Juan Posada Carriles, of death squads, of all the criminal 'false flag' operations the US have been operating all through the word in the past decades?"

My Response to Dr Truth:

Come on Dr. Truth, you're being silly, and silly
is my department.

The US wants out of Iraq as soon as possible, as there are bigger fish to fry in Iran, and China
down the line.

Your fellow Sunnis are responsible for the chaos, not the US, and this is a problem with you haughty Sunni types, you refuse to accept the reality,
that you've lost your dominant position in Iraq
and continue to fight a losing battle against the Shia and Kurds.

By the way, will you be emigrating to the US, your fellow Sunni Patriot Raed Jarrar did?

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