Friday, October 14, 2005

Juan (Ferret-Face) Cole Questions the Authenticity of the Zawahiri Letter

"Mr. Whiskers" cheering on the terrorists

UPDATE: October 15th

In the face of cold hard facts from actual Iraqis that Cole did not have a clue what he was talking about, he has made an unprecedented admission that, well, he was 100% wrong about his reason #1 for alleging that the Zawahiri letter is fake. In typical Cole fashion, he doesn't mention Omar (or "the dentists", as he prefers to call him and his brothers, in typical snide and inaccurate Cole fashion).

Since point #2 is not the least bit fact-based, he apparently did not feel compelled to admit that, since Zarqawi's group is called al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia, it is ludicrous to suggest that there would be hostility between Zarqawi and al-Qaeda.

Also today, Cole continued to outdo himself with a brand-new, even more fatuous reason for why the Zarqawi letter is a fake: because Zawahiri questioned "whether a non-Iraqi should be leading the insurgency". Why is that a problem? Because (according to Cole):

1) Al Qaeda does not think in terms of nationality but of the umma or Muslim community.

2) It reads to [Cole] like an attempt to undermine Zarqawi. And it is an insult.

Gasp! No! really?

These reasons are an outrage to logic, because:

a) A major point of the letter is the issue of Iraqi nationality, its value to the insurgency, and the danger of the terrorists separating themselves from the normal Iraqi citizens; even the "turncoat deviants", the Iraqi Shi'a Arabs.

b) As I pointed-out here, the letter is obviously insulting to Zarqawi on many levels (Zawahiri is clearly aware throughout the letter that he is in danger of stepping over the line), but the priggish Zawahiri can't help attempting to show Zarqawi how much smarter he is. Yes, it undermines Zarqawi: now that the letter is public, Zarqawi can't do anything without appearing to ignore this "wise leader" or acting as his toady. And that, among a laundry list of other reasons, is why Cole's credulous reference to al-Qaeda's denial of the letter's authenticity is positively trivial.

UPDATE: October 14th

Omar from Iraq The Model chimes in regarding Jually Cole's point #1:

That greeting is widely used by Sunni clerics in Iraq, actually the Sheat NEVER mention the "companions of the messenger".
Cole knows nil.

Gosh. What more is there to say?

Dr. Weasel doubts the Zawahiri letter was penned by the famous serial-killer. His reasons are the following:

1) The greeting in the letter "Praise and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, his family, his Companions, and all who follow him" are only used by Shiites generally and the Sunnis who live in Pakistan. Zawahiri is originally from Egypt.

Hmm...interesting point. Where is Zawahiri most likely living now? Yes, yes, you in the back of the room smoking that joint.

Waziristan in the border region of Pakistan near Afghanistan, or possibly the Pakistani disputed region of Kashmir?

Excellent! Essentially, the same region where he's been living for the last 20 years. And what religion are the Taliban, for whom al-Qaeda was the armed force? You! The one wearing the football helmet who came here on the short bus.

Sunni Muslim and ethnically Pashtun of Pakistan?

Yes! Good job going for the extra-points. So someone tell me why our rat-toothed professor is so amazed that Zawahiri used a greeting that is common among his long-time (and current) protectors.
Anyone? Anyone?

[chirp chirp chirp]


It seems expected to me that Zawahiri, who has relied on the material support of Pakistani Sunni heretics for two decades, is not as theologically correct as he ought to be. It suits me fine if there are some straight-jacketed Quran-thumpers in Iraq who are dismayed to learn that.

2) Wormtail says: "The letter then says how much Zawahiri misses meeting with Zarqawi. Zarqawi was not part of al-Qaeda when he was in Afghanistan. He had a rivalry with it. And when he went back to Jordan he did not allow the Jordanian and German chapters of his Tawhid wa Jihad group to send money to Bin Laden. If Zawahiri was going to bring up old times, he would have had to find a way to get past this troubled history"

You have got to be kidding me, Nicodemus. Zarqawi was in Afghanistan from 1999 heading a group that was in friendly competition with al-Qaeda for recruits. After 9-11 and the fall of the Taliban, he was wounded fighting along side or, just as likely, in a merged resistance guessed it: al-Qaeda. Then he was admitted into Iraq where he received medical treatment in a state hospital under the loving eye of Saddam's secret police. Then his little group marched to the border of the No-Fly-Zone where they assumed immediate control of a terrorist group which suddenly had nothing really better to do than attempt assassinations against Kurdish leaders who were otherwise beyond the reach of Saddam's police.

Today, Zarqawi's group calls itself Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia. He seems to have long ago gotten over any "troubled-history".

Jually Cole = Al-Qaeda Stooge

via Miss Marbrouk...

"The Arab League denied Tuesday that [its] Secretary-General Amr Mousa solicited a meeting with ousted President Saddam Hussein during his upcoming visit to Iraq. The director of Mousa's office Hisham Youssef told reporters in Cairo that reports suggesting the secretary general asked to meet Saddam 'are totally untrue.' Iraqi officials said last week that Mousa requested a meeting with Saddam in order to seek his mediation to help curb violence that has been sweeping Iraq since the U.S.-British occupation in April 2003."

After that they will meet with Chuck Berry for help in curbing the recent popularity of Rock-n-Roll music.

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad (formally G in Baghdad) reports on the targeting of journalists in Iraq. (hattip Fayouz)

A mixture of guilt, responsibility and ambition keeps driving Iraqi journalists to push the limits a bit further every time. The intoxication you get from reporting the truths after so many decades of lies is indescribable. You feel you can tell the world what is really happening, but you also feel that you are safe because of the way you look, because of your scruffy beard or your moustache. But far from being immune, the Iraqis are the ones getting killed.

The story launches with Ghaith hearing about the death of a colleague in Basra. I'm sure Dr. Juan Cole will soon be attributing this to an honor killing.

Amarji, the Syrian blogger vents about the Ghazi Kanaan* "suicide":

Patriotism! What a meaningless word this is! What a foul concept! In the name of patriotism we will soon be asked to rally behind a dead regime that can only lead us to the slaughterhouse. And in the name of patriotism we will. Yes, we will all begin to slaughter each other soon, so that a dead regime can "live on." But the bloodlust of that vampire motherland of ours can never be satisfied. Once the slaughter begins it will not stop. But the regime is already dead. The people are already dead. Zombies will be slaughtering each other soon for the sake of a Vampire Queen...

* Syrian Interior Minister who allegedly committed suicide three weeks after being questioned by the U.N. about his possible involvement in the assassination of Rafik Al Hariri in Lebanon. Many M.E bloggers are accusing the Syrian government of assassinating him to cover its involvement.

Congratulations to all Iraqis who will vote today (sun coming up in Iraq soon) on your (potential) Constitution.

Whether the outcome is "Yes" or "No" is really not significant. There are reasons to be happy about either outcome. I wish I could be Iraqi for just one day and vote twice: "Yes" and "No". Either way is a "No" vote to the terrorists and rejectionists.

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