Friday, October 21, 2005

Juan Cole, Friend of Neocons



A Neocon OPERATIVE??!!


All this week IraqPundit has been providing his readers with detailed glosses of Juan Cole's daily pronouncements on all matters Iraqi. Today IraqPundit reviews the bug-eyed professor's claims made about the kidnapping of Rory Carroll, the Guardian journalist based in Baghdad.
The view from Ann Arbor again differs from reality. The professor argues on his blog today that his take was the correct one about the kidnapped Guardian reporter. That is, he says the guy was kidnapped by some faction and that he was released after some negotiations took place. Cole must be getting annoyed by IraqPundit and other critics. Because yesterday this site said Cole was wrong to single out the Sadr gang as one that could engage in negotiations. He had this to say about the now released correspondent:

"One thing this episode demonstrates is that even hard line Iraqi factions can sometimes be negotiated with, which is at least a somewhat hopeful sign."

Never mind what really happened, Cole claims he knows more than either officials in Iraq, where the incident took place, or the kidnapped reporter himself.

(Heh heh -- Ed.)

What Cole doesn't know is that there are thugs of all stripes roaming in Iraq, kidnapping whoever for money. They try to sell the kidnapped victim to the highest bidder in some political faction.

Cole might say that IraqPundit is wrong and that Francis Brooke is a liar and that Carroll is still dizzy and confused from the ordeal. Cole might insist that Carroll was in the hands of Sadr thugs. Well, anything could be true. But even if it was, there were no negotiations. If Carroll was in the hands of the Sadr gang, Chalabi would simply have to order his release. If that did happen and Cole argues that Sadr and the gang are noble defenders of Iraq, Cole would be siding with Chalabi, because Chalabi speaks for Sadr. And if Cole sides with Chalabi, that means he sides with the neocons!



RIVERBEND, the Doleful Dame of Baghdad, has just FAINTED!


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