Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who is Niki Akhavan?

Niki Akhavan is an Iranian-born naturalized American citizen currently either engaged to or married to the Palestinian (from Jenin, he says) Raed Jarrar.

Remember the elections in Iraq in January where millions of Iraqis braved getting blown up by Zarqawi's headslicers to vote?

Well, what did Niki Akhavan think about those historic elections? In an entry for the blog No War on Iran!, she writes:
The nauseating spectacularization and fetishization of the recent Iraqi elections seems to have hoodwinked many into casting away any doubts they may have had about the U.S. project in Iraq (and I am not speaking here of the U.S. public alone, the majority of the Euro press shared in the uncritical praise of the elections). Rice has to act quick to get support for the next U.S. invasion before the Iraqi election results are announced and its disastrous consequences unleashed.
Nauseating spectacularization and fetishization?!

Heh heh. Oh, MY!

It looks like Raed Jarrar's BELOVED is actually a CHOMSKY-BOT!

Maybe she's also a FEM-BOT!

Raed, watch out for those 30-caliber nipples!

Austin Powers, CUE THE MUSIC!

"Those boots are made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do.
One of these days, these boots
are gonna walk all over you!"


Question: Can Niki Akhavan be considered a friend of Iraqis when she belittles the actions of over EIGHT MILLION IRAQIS when they voted on January 30, 2005?


UPDATE: I've just been informed by attornies representing Raed Jarrar that I will be sued in a court of law for making false statements relating to the caliber of Niki Akhavan's mammary aureoles. According to his lawyers, Raed Jarrar is in possession of paperwork guaranteeing that they are in fact "45-caliber" and not "30-caliber." As conveyed to me through his lawyers, Raed Jarrar has demanded that I immediately retract the erroneous "30-caliber" claim or face immediate legal action.

Stay tuned for the next episode of As Our Litigious World Turns.


Okay, I'm absolutely shameless. Agreed. But I have to give all of you another chance to read a little fairytale I wrote last December -- no snickering in the back of the room, please.

Make That a Thousand and TWO Nights.

Instead of the Prince in the story, you can picture almost any member of the MSM or the Democratic Party and get yourself an ear-to-ear grin. Guaranteed.


CMAR II, this one is for you. I'm still smiling at your dead-on assessment of the rise (and fall?) of the bloglife of Jeffrey -- New York:

The Two Faces of Dr. Evil.


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