Friday, September 30, 2005

What Other Iraqi/Kurdish/Mideast Bloggers Could Be Joining Raed & Niki In Their "Hello Frisco" Love Nest?

Mini-Katrina Wipes Out My Grape Arbor - Photo and Loss By MG

What Other Iraqi/Kurdish/Mideast Bloggers Could Be Joining Raed & Niki In Their "Hello Frisco" Love Nest?

The Happy Couple, Living It Up Big Time in the
Love Shack in the hills of San Fran, where nary a Cockroach shall appear, because they're already there cohabitating. The two of them, Raed and
Niki deeply pondering, cooking up ways to grift
the American system.

And who among the Iraqi - Kurdish - Middle Eastern Community of Bloggers could be joining the Happy Couple in their Bush-Hating, Mullah-Supporting
ways at the edge of the Pacific?

Salam Pax - A Big Time YES to Dear Raed! He'll whip out the Leather Pants, catch the first Virgin Flight to parts West, and pop open the can of instant gerbils. It's Love Raed - Niki - Salam style, with Niki sandwiched between Raed and Salam - 'Scuse me, while I get out the spray can of disinfectant.

Emigre - Yes! While the Iraqi Blog Count maven isn't technically in the Mid East -- as she's currently residing in the Land of Mu under the Pacific Ocean --her lips are surgically attached to Raed's ass. So it's a package deal, where Raed goes, she goes.

Ritzy Mabrouk - The Sexy Egyptian Fashion Plate wants The Lights and Fame and Instant Adoration that comes from being a Movie Goddess, so away to the USA, she'll be coming. Hollywood beckons and bounds, and she knows the right way to accessorize herself to the top. A Starlet Is Born!

Khalid Jarrar - Right now Khalid's filming: "I Was A Teenage Terrorist" for Oliver Stone, but when he's done with the flick, don't be surprised if he joins his brother for some Rice A Roni, the San Francisco Treat. Just bring a razor along Khalid, so as not to scare the Locals.

Kurdo - Certainly. Where do you think Kurdo has
been on hiatus all this time? Well, I'll tell you. Off at a secret location in the Hills overlooking San Fran building the Raed-Niki Love Nest, complete with a Master Bedroom with a heart-shaped revolving bed, mirrors on the ceiling, and a velvet Elvis. Those Palestinians are really into Velvet Elvii and pictures of those Dogs Playing Cards.

Omar - The ITM Blogging Superstar is feeling his oats these days, deleting a few messages, filling in a few cavities, changing his Look, he's the Suave Fadhil Brother. While he could make a break for America if things become bleaker in Iraq, living with Raed and Niki, that's pushing it, since they despise each other.

Sandmonkey - Sam would love to come back to the States and could marry one of those Missile Dick Chicks he meets in San Fran in one of those Lost Wages Quickie Drive-Through Weddings/Divorces to
get his green card. Good drugs there in Frisco,
Sam, most of the Moonbat population seems to be
on them.

Fayrouz - Absolutely not! She's quite happy with husband Mark in Beaumont, even if there's coral reefs growing in her bathtub. By next week, she'll no longer need the glass-bottomed boat to get to the bathroom. Harpoon the toilet paper that's floating away Fay! Ahhh, we're just teasing you, Fay.

Ladybird - Yes. She's currently an Encyclopedia of Anti-Amerikkkan Conspiracy Theories. Someone cracked open her skull sometime in the last Decade and poured in a wide load of America Hate and Despair. Her Woe is dense, denser, densest than Element 201 on a bad half life day, so she'd fit in perfectly with the radioactive couple.

Medya - Vegetarian Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants. Lots of them in Frisco. Woowee,
Medya's coming to finally eat a good meal.

Sam From Hammorabi - Says there's Dirty Stinking Scum Cockroaches Criminal Terrorist Wahabbis in those San Francisco hills and he wants no part of them.

Riverbend - Yes, most assuredly so. She would parachute right into San Francisco to join the twosome if she could leave her home in Iraq without a Male Escort. It be a Menage a Twits for sure in the Great Satan, once Riverbend arrives.

Delal - Hey, didn't Delal have a hit song with "Groove Is In Your, Heart?" Delal won't
be joining the Raed - Niki lovefest anytime soon.

The Religous Policeman - Did I ever tell you about my name for Saudi Arabia? Sodomy Arabia. An entire nation of men holding hands and women seperated from the men, holding each other. Peculiar things happen I think. All those women gathered together, their hormones synchronizing. When those Abbeyas come down, it's a renactment of Caligula. What was that about him joining Raed and Niki?

Big Pharaoh - Perhaps! Could he become the Gay Pharaoh? That would be smashing in San Fran. Open a restaurant there under that name. "The Gay Pharaoh," I like it. Big Pharaoh these days has been smoking with Marxists and drinking with Egypt's Homosexual Underground. They're not so underground in the City By The Bay, that's for sure.

Rose From Abu Dhabi - Not unless she can find a babysitter for her daughter.

Najma, the Star From Mosul - Everyone's Favorite Miss Teenage Baathist wouldn't dare venture off to the United States, even if she's a pal of the Jarrars. Americans do Evil Things is her Mantra.
You know this, if you perused her blog, and read
of the latest killing of a Friend, Taxi Driver, Relative, Distant Cousin, Maytag Repairman, Microsoft Executive, the Guy who used to play Chatchi on Happy Days, all killed by American Soldiers. Strangely enough, the terrorist insurgents never seem to kill anyone Najma knows.

Nickie Goomba - The Italian Stallion is going to
have both my legs broken and make two horses heads appear in my bed for even suggesting this.

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