Monday, September 26, 2005


Graveyard Golden By MG


Hammorabi Sam comes through with one of his weakest efforts yet, a lame call for the British Troops to apologize and rebuild the prison they broke in to in Basra to rescue their illegally-held comrades:

The way that the British tanks stormed the main prison in Basra and the escape of 150 terrorists from it will not settled if it is not cleared by clear investigations.

The incidence ended however it will act as a source for inflammation which may lead to a cascade of events ended with serious consequences. These consequences are not only going to involve the British troops but the whole process of more peaceful situation there.

The two soldiers appeared like spies in their acts. The way they released was not acceptable. It will put the life of these troops in danger and dismantle the sort of trust built over the last 3 years with the local population.

The tension increased more today and it is wrong to assume that it is going to die so easily unless clear and acceptable explanation reached.

One of the best way to build bridges back is to apologize to the local population of Basra by the representative of the British troop clearly and official to the local authorities there. Another way is for the troops to rebuild or pay for rebuilding what it destroyed.

Sam is promptly Crucified, Ripped Apart~ and rightly so by his Commentators -- except for
the Dhimmi Euro Trash types like Bruno and Robin H -- who realize that Basra has been taken over and converted in to Little Iranistahn, a Vassal State of the Terrorist-Supporting Nation of Iran, where
no Rule of Law prevails, except for the Word of the Mullahs and the Might of the Shia Militias...


The decent people of Basra are being terrorized and oppressed by the various Shia militias who have imposed a Taliban-like theocratic rule. If you think that the Brits, or any other civilized people, will tolerate their countrymen being held captive by the Shia savages, you are delusional. Time to step on a whole lot of Shia cockroaches. God Save the Queen


I think that Mookie is causing a real problem down in Basra. Perhaps he should publically apologize for the killing of the good cleric Al Khoei before he asks for an apology from the Brits. Perhaps he should apologize for killing all those innocent Shiia in Najef. Tina


Sam, While the Brittish soldiers were parked at the police station negotiating the release of the two British soldiers, rioting erupted out front. Rocks and molotov cocktails were being hurled at the tbe British. The British officers were not going to leave their two people behind in the middle of that riot. It was entirely possible that the two British people could have died if the police station was over run by the riot and the rioters killed the British men. They had to get the men out of the riot. RG


Sam, I must disagree. The agreement the Iraqi government signed requires the Iraqi government to turn over coalition soldiers immediately to the respective government. The "officials" in Basra failed to do that--even after being asked at the highest levels of government. The British therefore used the smallest amount of force needed to guarantee mission success and reduce loss of human life. The destruction of property is not a factor here; the coalition most likely built the facility that was damaged anyway. We can build it again for you. The accidental freeing of other prisoners (if it happened) is indeed sad, but most prisoners are recaptured quickly. If you don't want the British or the Americans in Iraq, then ask us to leave. Original Jeff


I say good for the British. There are too many groups in Basra acting for interests other than the greater good of Iraq. You have the SCIRI and Sadr groups and their respective militias, running around beating up defenseless Iraqi civilians. They are acting on their own agendas and not that of the Iraqi nation. The British did good to get their soldiers out of there, you just don't know who will do what to them. Actually, the Brits probably did know, and that's why they acted strongly to get their soldiers. And Sam, in addition to the known explicit violence, these groups are engaging in corruption of the civil institutions. The greater problem down there is someting other than whatever the British are doing. Bobby


Well that's a very one sided post you put up there, basically you have assumed that the British are to blame for everything. Heres the other side: Basra's local authorities including the police has a major problem which is infiltration by local militias. This flies in the face of attempts to democratise Iraqs institutions. The SAS guys in question had the local police under surveilance for involvement with Shia militia (Sadr's thugs), and they were captured by the very people that they were investigating. The British tried to negotiate their release but the Shia militia organised 100's of their supporters to show up and cause a disturbance. The upshot was a riot with molotov cocktails. The British troops showed immense restriant and not a little courage in the face of deliberate provocation. With the situation spiralling out of control and the police "officials" illegally blocking the release of the captured troops (Sadr wanted them as hostages to the release of a couple of his top boys recently arrested by British forces) the decision was made to take them back by force. And where were they when they were rescued? In "police" hands? No, in the hands of Sadr's thugs. These problems are not being caused by the Brits but rather by attempts by local warlords like Sadr to exert their power over local institutions. Hes just trying to get power mate, and he doesn't give a damn about the democratisation of Iraq. We do. Which one do you want? Zeb


The Iraqi Interior ministery ordered the police in Basra to release the 2 British hostages ,but the police refused to do so !? why ? Simply .....this is the word of the head of the police in Basra (I could trust only 25% of my police force ..meant they obey his orders only the few in establishing law and order , many too scared and the Sadri plus in control roaming the land !) The Iraqi giornalist working for a western media ,as we know afew days ago ....he was brobing the Sadri infiltration in the Basra police force ...he did n't last they killed within couple days ! truth


Teety teety mithil ma rihti jiti The Arab calture and politicians in ME always they blamed Israel for any thing ,even when is not raining ,or not getting with the we have the same thing happening in Basra this time used by some hard line Shiaa to draw attention away and focus from the real issue !which are peopl's suffring ,restriction on individual liberties ,smuggling ,ignoring local econemy by leaving it too dependent on the Iranians ,imposing religious restrictions on all students both males and females.....etc A spoksman in the city police claimed the 2 Brits were Israeli agents !ha ha ha old one ! That is why we have an Iraqi proverb for or when things not that easy to change and to mask the individuals inadequecies and shortcomes as this style basicly based on lies ,and more lies blaming always others ....Teety teety mithil ma rihti jiti truth

Not Sam's most thought-out post...

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