Friday, September 02, 2005


Buddha and pig sharing water, DC

Whitley's Streiber's Unknown Country Website has a very curious and unusual article entitled: Is New Orleans Worse Than We're Being Told?

And if you believe what is stated in the article, then things in New Orleans are more catastrophic than they are being portrayed in the Media.

How Catastrophic?

~ TV outlets abroad are reportedly showing video of large numbers of floating bodies, and just as the US media did not show people jumping from windows in the World Trade Center on 911, it may be that we're being spared the worst.

~ Russian and Chinese intelligence analysts are calling it a "dead city."

~ Some reports estimate that as many as 50,000 people may be dead.

~ It may be impossible to get an accurate count of the dead because alligators are devouring the corpses.

More people may have died as a result of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans than the total number of deaths that have occurred in Iraq since the beginning of the War. Just goes to show you the
power of Nature's Fury when fully unleashed.

My Friends, we are just Big Thinking Ants scurrying about the Earth's surface dodging Mother Nature's Giant Magnifying Glass...

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